Entryism, part whatever of an ongoing series

Slate Star Codex:

Bloomberg notes that There’s No Shame In Joining The Trump Administration if your goal is harm reduction, and if you agree you can apply here. If you have some kind of useful political/administrative experience, this might be an unusually easy route to getting a position of power where you can do useful things like lobby for foreign aid and alleviate the effects of various Trump policies.

In other words, infiltrate the just-elected administration to disrupt and subvert it. Fortunately, the Electoral College shenanigans must have put the incoming administration on notice about its opponents’ attitude toward elections they don’t win.

Ah, I remember well – it seems like just a couple of months ago! – when the left pretended to be was shocked that a person might not accept the election’s outcome unconditionally.

UPDATE: From the same link, Drama Queen Alert:

A few people emailed me to say that they have friends or family members who attempted suicide for Trump-related reasons. I’m really sorry about that and I hope they’re okay. If you or someone you know is considering suicide, consider checking out the National Suicide Hotline at [phone number omitted so drama queens don’t clog up the system’s resources – N.], which also has a special webpage on election-related suicidality.

Is there a person so dead of soul that they don’t find this hilarious? To paraphrase Oscar Wilde: One would have to have a heart of stone to read these thespian antics without dissolving into tears…of laughter.

“I’m so terrified that Trump is going to kill me, that… I’m going to kill myself!” You cannot buy comedy like this.

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