January 20, 2017: The Day of the Triggering.

The Senate

The House of Representatives

A majority of Governors

A majority of State Legislatures


UPDATE: Oath of Office January 20, 2017.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us: The Video.

“No, liberals, we’re not going to let you escape this. You solved the Lament Configuration. Enjoy being consumed by the Cenobites.

“But, but… we still have the Supreme Court!”

God-Emperor Trump gets one Court appointment immediately. And another not too long after, since Ruth Bader Asshole can’t last much longer. She’ll turn 84 in March. And Breyer and Kennedy are almost as old.

To trigger you further, note: Ginsberg probably would have stepped down earlier, so Obama could have appointed a replacement for her… but she believed the left-wing propaganda that Hillary Wassername was almost certainly going to win. So she decided to stick it out. WHOOOOOOPS! In other words, it was your side’s swallowing its own propaganda that gives The Donald two (at least) Supreme Court appointments!


Ha ha!

Ha ha ha!

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