Frame Tests and the Fate of the West, Part 1

This post provides an example of a double standard in female frame-testing of men. Its main point is to illustrate a problem to be discussed further in a second post. (Frame testing is when a woman tests a man to see if he’s a strong male or a weak male, for mating purposes. It’s a fundamental aspect of female sexual psychology.)

Photos of “tough guy” female Swedish politicians, then photos of them walking with smiles past a Muslim man, while they wear hijabs or whatever.

Then there’s Canadian tough guy lesbian politician, who visited a mosque and was told by the imam, you have to sit quietly in the corner because the men are praying, and you have to wear a hijab, and you have to sit aside there until we let you know we’re finished. And she did! This lesbian feminist meekly sat there, as ordered by a man. (Link with photo.)

Now what would happen if a white Christian pastor said the same thing to her? He’d just be ignored. Possibly, she’d tell her security forces to press the issue, and he’d have to admit her or risk being injured in an ensuing scuffle. Certainly, at a minimum she’d walk out, there’d be a media firestorm, and the pastor would be subjected to social media death threats and almost certainly dismissed from his church.

So it’s not just a matter of western men having enough balls to tell a woman to sit aside while the men pray. It’s that a white western non-Muslim man knows that she wouldn’t comply with that order if it comes from him. So it becomes, not a matter of cowardice, but of simple time-wasting. Why waste time pushing an issue where the best possible outcome is that the woman refuses and nothing else happens?

Well, maybe we should. Maybe we should push the issue, not because women shouldn’t be present when men are praying, but to force the hypocrisy and double-standard into the limelight. (Yes, I know that hypocrisy doesn’t bother the Left. But the point of such a move would not be to get leftists to change their minds. The point would be to present an outrageous double standard to the public. Make the left repudiate the hypocrisy or, since they almost certainly won’t, make them take the reputational damage of defending it.)

Anyway, you see part of the problem here; there’s a certain circularity to this frame test (a.k.a. shit test):

The Canadian female politician submitted to the Muslim man because that’s what one does in Canada now.
And that’s what one does in Canada now because refusing to submit to him will just get you kicked out of the mosque.
And you’ll get kicked out of the mosque because you won’t resist when the Muslim man kicks you out.
And you won’t resist because that’s just not what a liberal woman does in Canada when confronted by a firm Muslim man.

Yes, this goes in a circle. That’s part of my point. Western women give in to foreign invaders, but not to their own men. (They persecute their own men using the government and other socially powerful mechanisms.) And they do this because Muslim men are more powerful (at least in this sense). And Muslim men are more powerful because women give in to them, but not to their own men.

All the while western women sneer at western men for not being powerful enough. But it’s the women’s own behavior that creates the unequal social power! What exactly do you expect us to do, honey? Do you want a white Christian priest to pick a fight with five of your armed security guards? WTF? How is that a reasonable fight to expect him to win?
(And do you seriously not notice the fucking circularity in your own fucktarded shit test?)

You see the problem? If women were aware of shit testing at a conscious level and understood what a moronic shit test this sort of thing is, they’d stop it. BUT THEY AREN’T. THE FEMALE BRAIN DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY. They’re just shit testing, automatically, as required by their genetic hardwiring. Hence the outrageous double standard and flinging of a shit test that it’s absurd to expect a priest to be able to pass.

Thus the problem: In a scenario with a white Christian priest, The woman seriously wants him to lose. She’s fighting to win! She has armed security guards with her precisely to make this happen! She is NOT subconsciously thinking, “I hope he beats me.” No, she’s trying to beat him. Yes, it’s crazy, but that’s the nature of shit tests.

A sane woman would think, “Why the fuck am I doing this?” and stop it. But sane left-wing women aren’t exactly in large supply.

This is why female sexual psychology is a devastating force for any society that does not control it. Every traditional society has kept women out of important decision-making positions. These examples illustrate why: Women are too inclined to submit to male invaders showing strong frame, while shit testing their own men, with whom they are more familiar. If the native men allow this to go on long enough, it creates a full-bore invasion.

“But how,” you ask, “did men historically understand this, and move to keep women away from this kind of power?”

The fearsome answer: Not all of them did.

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