Leftist Foresight and the Gramscian Long March

There has always been something weird about the Left’s Long March through our institutions, hasn’t there? The infiltration of our educational system, news media, commanding heights of pop culture… That took decades. And yet leftism is the philosophy of impatience, subpar planning, and lack of concern with long-run consequences. How the hell could they have thought up and executed a plan that took decades to come to fruition? A lot of them died – as they knew they must – before it bore fruit. All that toiling for no reward? It makes no sense!

Actually, it does, and the apparent puzzle is only apparent. You see, it didn’t actually require patience and foresight, because the Left loves to propagandize! That’s what they do! Hell, that, thuggishness, entryism/infiltration, and electoral fraud are practically all they do!

From their point of view, what could be better than infiltrating the educational system in order to propagandize!?

Nothing! There’s nothing they love more than propagandizing!

They did the Long March because they liked it in the immediate time frame. It didn’t require patience at all.

Lying to innocent school children, from these bastards’ perspective, is like heaven on earth. If they are in a position to lie, consequence-free, in their propaganda, well, that’s just one long orgasm from their point of view.

This resolves an intellectual puzzle I’ve been wrestling with for a while. It seemed so damned Satanic that people who don’t give a fuck about long-run consequences would have an obsession with long-run consequences right at the locus where it really mattered. It was almost as if they were being guided by Satan to be as socially destructive as possible.

But no; it all makes sense.

This may also somehow suggest ways to intensify and advance the fight against their takeover. Can we remove the pleasure of propagandizing somehow? Or tie it to other activities that the left dislikes? Or address the other side, the targets of their propaganda? Of course, the Net has done a hell of a lot to reduce the demand for the Old Media’s output, so that’s nice. If we could decrease the demand for higher education somehow, that would also be to our advantage.

Obviously, we still have their takeover of the legal system and Hollywood, etc. to deal with, but defeating them in the realms of education and information transmission will by themselves be crucial victories for us. Hell, that might even be enough the win The War.

The Left and Language, Part 89,315

Just came across this from 2014:

“Transgender” “lesbian” accused of “raping” “her” “wife.”


One can’t tell what the actual situation is here from the headline or the article, so one is forced to guess.

My guess, based on the article, is that the accused is actually a male-to-female transvestite and that his accuser is a woman. But one can’t really be sure.

Feminist debate re-enactment with amusing results

Lefty professor organizes a re-enactment of a Trump-Clinton debate with the gender roles reversed. An actor delivers Clinton’s lines; an actress delivers Trump’s lines. The professor expected people to sympathize more with the Clinton lines when they’re uttered by a man (because Clinton was kept down by misogyny!!!!!!), and to sympathize less with the Trump lines when they’re uttered by a woman (misogyny!!!!!!), but that turns out not to be the case, LOL.

In fact, the opposite is the case, so Clinton was actually helped by being a (nominal) female.

Via The Dark Herald.