“Escalation traps”

Xenosystems quotes Richard Fernandez:

It will inevitably occur to someone that the advantage in an escalation trap belongs to the side which cares about America less since there is no point at which it will desist for pity’s sake.

The quote gets it backward. We have the advantage in this situation precisely because we know the other side means to destroy us: We have nothing to gain from backing down and everything to lose. Backing down means we’re destroyed, not just as a culture, but in the literal sense too. It has become obvious in recent years that the left plans to commit genocide against native western populations if they can get away with it.

Indeed, one of the many reasons that Trump’s election has alarmed them so deeply is that it signals that more of those populations have figured out what their plans are. (This is one of the reasons that the standard “That’s racist!” attacks had no effect with white voters.) The left knows what it means for them if a critical mass – and it doesn’t have to be 50% by any means – of traditional western populations figure out what they intend.

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