On the Syria Thing: Everyone Calm the Fuck Down

Thoughts on the Syria thing, with a detour on immigration that got a little out of hand.

Many on the Alt-Right are flipping their shit over the Syria bombing. For fuck’s sake, people, Trump just bombed an airstrip. (It was evacuated first, by the way.)

One hyperventilating doofus has said something to the effect of, “Oh My God! He’s going to betray all his promises! He hasn’t done anything on immigration either!”

What the unholy fuck?

He put forth two Executive Orders limiting immigration from predominantly Muslim countries. He put forth another EO starting the Wall-building process. Yes, both of the Muslim-nation immigration ones were attacked by dictators in black robes, but guys, THE GOD-EMPEROR WAS OBVIOUSLY WAITING TO APPEAL TO THE SUPREME COURT UNTIL AFTER GORSUCH’S CONFIRMATION. Which was like, 72 hours ago as of this writing. Jesus, calm the fuck down!

Trump will appeal his immigration EOs to the SC. If the SC tries to shoot them down, even with Gorsuch on hand, then my man Trumpy will instruct immigration enforcement officials to ignore the Court’s illegal repudiation of the law. That’s my prediction. I think Trump understands that if we cave on immigration, we’re done.

There’s plenty of room for other kinds of advances on immigration as well. E.g., he could push a law through Congress. Yeah, I know, I know, but hear me out: Congresspunks know at this point that this is the number one issue for much of white America. They enjoy selling out the country, and they like keeping their corporate sponsors happy with cheap immigrant labor, but they like remaining in office even more. In between immigration measures that are useless symbolism, and those that are “too extreme” for the cucks and lefties, there is plenty of scope for making progress.

Hell, just enforcing the immigration laws we have on the books right now would solve a significant amount of the problem. There’s a hell of a lot that the Chief Executive of the Federal government can do about enforcement. Have y’all already forgotten the burst of immigration raids from a few weeks ago?

All this panic, with members of the right running around with their hair on fire, would be hilarious if it weren’t so stupid and counterproductive. Guys, haven’t you learned yet? The man is extremely intelligent and he’s on our side, the side of the nation. He’s been damn perceptive so far about what moves he can make at what speed. Don’t demand total victory within five minutes of his taking the Oath of Office; you’re gonna give yourself a heart attack.

Getting back to the Syria thing: So he bombed a desert airstrip. Who cares? That doesn’t matter unless it gradually leads to a commitment of troops. I think the T-Dawg’s aware of the stupidity of that, given all his tweets on the subject in the past. Also, given all the noise his supporters are making about the bombing. When your own inclinations and your base are pushing you in the same direction, you’re going to move in that direction, absent some huge countervailing factor.

Furthermore, there are a few possibilities that suggest that this was a well-thought-out move. See Vox Day’s blog, for example. The Syria bombing could be:

(a) a way to distract North Korea ahead of a possible move against them by China,
(b) a way to prevent the normalization of using chemical weapons (we really don’t want WMDs normalized; think about it),
(c) a way to establish credible threats with various unfriendly nations and groups. That possibility will meet a annoyed reaction on the right, now that the right has taken a sharp isolationist turn. But guys, you can’t be secure by saying, “I’m nice! I’m harmless! I’ll never use my military!” Not on this planet. One bombing is not a trend, a move to a new pattern of globe-spanning military interventionism. Sheesh.
(d) a way to mollify various saber-rattlers. Now Trumpy is so Alpha he doesn’t really need to mollify jack shit, except for his own base, but if he sees there’s an advantage to doing so – say because it elicits concessions from various folks – then good.
(e) a way to discredit the insane Trump-is-conspiring-with-Russia meme the Left is desperately pushing. (Since Assad is a Russian client.) Now you shouldn’t let your enemies jerk you around by changing your behavior to discredit their lies. But suppose one or more of the above is true. In that case, Trumpy notices some gravy from opposing a Russia-supported regime. He chortles because he was going to do this anyway, and it suddenly has made the ridiculous Trump = Russia BS even harder for the Left to peddle. LOL. I guarantee you, at least one editor of a major Old Media newspaper, upon hearing about the Syria strike, had a major screaming fit. Probably threw objects at the walls, subordinates, etc. “How are we going to peddle the Russia bullshit when Trump just bombed a Russian client!? God DAMN it!” Ha, I can just see it.

So, to summarize: Stop the fucking panic terror. It’s completely irrational.

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