President Trump: A month-four assessment

Where are the death camps for women, blacks, Muslims, and gays? The Left said there’d be death camps!

MSN: Women fear for their lives after Trump’s victory

Baltimore Sun: Pepsico employees fear for their lives after Trump victory (Yeah, it’s Vox, but I couldn’t resist this one):

Melissia Hill was eating crepes with her 5-year-old son, Phoenix, at a Brooklyn café this summer when he asked her, “Is Donald Trump a bad person? Because I heard that if he becomes president, all the black and brown people have to leave and we’re going to become slaves.”

Brought to you by the people who coined the phrase “Speaking Truth to Power.”


Toronto Star:

She told the kids about the checks and balances confronting an American president (until the Left spent 8 years ripping them down. – N.), about the difference between politicians’ campaign rhetoric and behaviour in office. They were unconvinced, and they were terrified.

One asked, she said, “Can he make us leave?” Another: “What country would we go to?” And then, afterward, from a wide-eyed little boy: “Can he kill us?”

Yes, “wide-eyed little boy,” Trump is going to kill you. Just kidding. Probably, no one’s even going to aim a machine gun at you, unless your name is Elian Gonzales. (Ah, the Bill Clinton years: a bottomless well of material.)

DNC meeting: Black Americans have “justified fear” of being killed after Trump’s election

Another candidate said black Americans are now living with “justified fear” of being killed after Donald Trump was elected president.

Raymond Buckley, the chairman for the New Hampshire Democratic Party, told a story about how, in the midst of “grieving” on Election Day, he received a call from his black niece, who feared for her life after Trump’s victory.

Who do these people think they’re fooling with all this drama queenery, anyway? But make no mistake, they are feeling fear about something: Fear that since Trump will do none of this – except that part about enforcing immigration law (horrors!) – the scare tactics won’t work in the 2020 election. Come to think of it, this is another reason they’ve been pimping the impeachment thing lately. They are going to have a much more difficult time of it in 2020, even if they have the sense not to run one of the most corrupt politicians of the 20th century as their candidate.

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