The Rules of Trump

Not that Time magazine is a trustworthy source in general, but these Rules of Trump match his empirical behavior:

One senior White House official recently outlined the three rules of Trump for a group of reporters: When you’re right, you fight. Controversy elevates message. And never apologize. All of these rules have survived his time in office, if in slightly more modest forms. After bringing new levels of combativeness to the political process, “the only way you survive is to be combative,” Trump says now. “I’ll read stories in the New York Times that are so one-sided. Hey, I know when I am successful. I know victory.”

Of course, the statement that it’s Trump who’s “bringing new levels of combativeness to the political process” is 200-proof horeshit – he’s just responding to the left’s off-their-meds attacks on him – but the three rules are good, especially the first and last.

Paul Ryan the Betrayal Fetishist

In William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer one of the villains has a particularly sick fetish: He gets off on betraying people.

There is no doubt that this describes Paul Ryan and other Republican traitors. The risks they take with their political careers are far beyond the bounds of common sense. Some of them, indeed, were successfully primaried by the Tea Party during its heyday.

Cool logic cannot explain the persistence and depth of their betrayals of their base. Something else is going on there, something darker, the province of pathological psychology.

Build the Wall, Donald

Nothing else matters. As you know, the recently negotiated budget deal has no funding for a new wall, just some money to repair existing stretches of wall where they’re decaying. And we don’t even know if it’s enough money to keep up with the rate of decay.

Stop listening to Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, who try to scare you with the threat of a shutdown. It’s too late to avoid a crisis. The country is already in crisis.

The situation is serious. This isn’t “politics.” Your Administration is our last chance to save the country without a literal civil war.

Build the Wall.