Best Bumper Sticker Ever?

Ted Kennedy has killed more people with his car than I have with my gun.

Saw this on a car in Massachusetts years ago.

Obviously it’s a great bumper sticker. It’s short, sweet, instantly understandable, and undeniable. It makes its point in a visceral way. It highlights the hypocrisy of the Left in general and those creatures called the Kennedys in particular. The best rhetoric, as Vox Day points out, is based in truth.

– – – – – – – –

Note: If you’re young you might not actually instantly understand the reference due to the Left’s memory-holing of inconvenient facts. Google Mary Jo Kopechne. The incident being referred to is that Ted Kennedy got drunk one night and left a party with a young woman who was not his wife. Kennedy crashed the car over the side of a bridge and the woman drowned. Kennedy swam to shore, leaving her to die in the car. He did not report the incident to authorities until ten hours later. He not only never went to jail over this, he never even lost his Senate seat. Massachusetts voters were happy to return him to Congress for decades afterward. Keep this in mind the next time a leftist tries to pretend that s/he cares about principle.

The only “punishment” Kennedy ever suffered was that, as with Hillary Clinton’s corruption, it put an end to his chance of becoming President. (Leftists would happily vote for a drunken murderer, but conservatives and moderates wouldn’t.) E.g., he attacked George Bush senior in the 1988 Presidential race by asking, about some scandal, “Where was George?” Republicans devastatingly replied: “Dry, Sober and Home with his Wife.”

Which is another good bumper sticker, now that I think of it.

Well, for people who crave power, being denied the Presidency is something of a punishment. Not enough, but something. So that was that.

Whew! I said one of the virtues of the car/gun bumper sticker was its brevity, then I went off on a long-winded explanation of it! You have to understand that back in the 1990s (in Massachusetts, no less) everyone would have instantly gotten the reference. It required no more explanation than a punch in the face, and was as powerful.

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