Red Pill in Fiction, part like, whatever

Here is a set of blurbs for an erotic fantasy trilogy, Alpha Trio by Ana Vela. Alpha Trio refers to a trio of brothers who hunt vampires or whatever; each book in the trilogy centers on one of the brothers.

He was a pussy-magnet alpha male. But he was no match for the power of…The Snowflake!

Judging from the summaries, the central theme of these books is that a woman finds an alpha male – defined by physical toughness, elite status in a particular skill or profession, and the ability to bed lots of women – and makes him infatuated with her, the one special snowflake.

Particularly interesting is the admission of the desirability of social proof. As you can read below, two of the summaries explicitly state that the hero bangs lots of other chicks before the oh-so-special and irresistible snowflake heroine arrives and captures his [redacted] no, not that body part, his heart.

From the above Amazon link:

Vol. 1 – Cats & Dogs
Among the hidden world of the supernatural, the secret Shifter police squad known as the Alpha Trio is renowned for their fierce expertise. Only the best fighters ever rise to join their storied ranks.

Emilian Lupei and his brothers are the best of the best…

While sampling the night life… a gorgeous young woman stumbles into Emilian’s path and it’s just his luck that she’s being chased by a vampire.

…will he be able to keep his hands off Cat, the luscious human woman…?

Vol. 2 – The New Girl
The undisputed captain of the secret Shifter police squad known as The Alpha Trio, Andrei ‘Drei’ Lupei is not used to being ignored.

Everyone, from the new recruits, to his brothers, to the women he beds and forgets, fall in line. Everyone, that is, except the gorgeous, redheaded, and very human bartender at his favorite club. [See, the special snowflake refuses to fall into the alpha’s bed at the drop of a hat. Thus she captures his interest with her mysterious Yikes I’m gonna hurl. Be right back. Where was I? Oh yeah. This is a very common motif in female porn romance fiction: The hero prongs megatons of chicks, but falls for our heroine because she’s immune to his charms. Ladies, this is the most astoundingly ill-advised strategy. The problem is all the girls you’re competing with who will happily jump into the sack. Furthermore, a guy knows that other guys are getting laid, so if you say, “Yer not gettin’ any, pal!” he knows he’s being ripped off and will go elsewhere. At least, that’s what I always have done. (Then they try to get back with you. Every. Single. Time. Women!)]

Cassandra knows more than she should about the Lupei brothers and the shadow world they inhabit… Drei should be worrying about what the vampires have planned… but all he can think about is the alluring and mysterious Cassandra. And she knows it.

Will his new obsession bring danger to the Alpha Trio…?

[Alpha men who get tons of pussy don’t get one-itis. Honestly. Ladies, your fantasy that an alpha with a notch count well into the double digits will get one-itis for you is like my fantasy about boinking Adriana Lima: Fun as a fantasy, but don’t expect it to happen.]

Vol. 3 – A Special Taste
Grigore Lupei is the youngest member of Alpha Trio, the secret Shifter police squad. He’s always been the joker, the charmer, the fun one.

Lately though, seeing with his older brothers with their gorgeous Mates, wallowing in happiness and reeking of sex, is starting to take its toll. It’s getting harder for him to pretend he’s happy with a string of meaningless conquests when what he really wants is something like what Drei and Em have found.

[Will no one save me from lots of sex with a constantly-refreshed string of hot chicks all the time? Why does this keep happening to me!?]

But spending time at the bottom of a bottle is a dangerous prospect for a someone in Grig’s line of work, especially with the vampires plotting to kidnap Cat, Em’s human Mate, to use for their nefarious purposes…

[Nefarious. Nefarious. Nefarious. Nefariousnefariousnefarious. The word has lost all meaning.]

Until a vision with silky black hair, plump red lips, and a deadly blade [OK, I admit this is kind of turning me on] shows up to save him. Kall says she can help Grig and his brothers stop the vampire threat once and for all – but can he trust the mysterious, dangerous stranger?

[Please tell me she’s dressed in tight black leather. BTW, mysterious stranger is fine, but mysterious dangerous stranger is pure female projection. Men are not attracted to dangerous women the way women are attracted to dangerous men. That’s not a thing in a typical man’s headspace.]

Will she bring peace and safety to the Alpha Trio…or something else entirely?

[I’m guessing she’ll bring… sex. Could you go back to the part about the silky black hair and plump red lips?]

Well. What does this sort of thing tell us? Women are often remarkably revealing (intentionally or not) about their desires when they write fiction for other women. In particular, you can see major themes of female attraction here: social proof, social dominance, etc. One major warning: In much of this kind of fiction, the ending has the unattainable alpha male breaking down and falling helplessly in love with the one special snowflake. See, e.g., the absolutely vomit-inducing scene between Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder at the end of Reality Bites. WOMEN DO NOT REALLY WANT THIS; SOME JUST BELIEVE ON A CONSCIOUS LEVEL THAT THEY DO. Here is where experience must outweigh women’s words. (And it is why material like the above must be used only for illustrative purposes, NEVER as the primary source of knowledge about women.) In reality, if a man becomes a woman’s emotional love slave or whatever, she has only contempt and disgust for him. As Roissy once said, “Women do not understand their own attraction mechanism.” Empiricism uber alles!

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