Special Elections: Four out of Four

Excellent! As of June 2017, Republicans have won four out of four special elections since the November 2016 election! STILL! NOT! TIRED! OF! WINNING!

The states in which Republican members of the House left to serve in the Trump Administration are Kansas, Montana, South Carolina and, most recently, Georgia.

The Dems are coming up with innumerable excuses for their four straight losses and it has been hilarious. A couple, like hopeless cow Rachel Maddow, have even said it was the weather in the Georgia race. For fuck’s sake, people! You lost four in a row! If that’s not “voters dislike your goals,” then what would be!?

The NYT’s priceless headline: Jon Ossoff, a Democrat, Narrowly Misses Outright Win in Georgia House Race. (No, I’m not going to give them a link.) LOL. They were just tooooooo saaaaaaad to not have the words “Ossoff” and “win” in the same headline, so they forced the weird circumlocution to put the words together. Sane person headline: Handel Wins. Or, Handel Beats Ossoff. (Maybe sounds too close to Handel beats off. How about, Handel Beats Ossoff, Without Lube. Technically true!) Or, if you must focus on the Dem for some reason: Ossoff Loses. Ossoff Looooooossssesssssssss.

Some Dems, in absolute desperation, have been saying that the margin of victory for the GOP candidates has been falling and using that to try to claim a “moral victory” or whatever. One just assumes that this is the usual blatant lying or deliberately misleading BS from the Left, but even if it’s not, it’s exactly what one would expect to see: In the original elections, there was a GOP primary. The GOP candidate most popular among GOP voters got the nomination. Since he was most popular, he got a large number of votes in the general election. Then when he went to DC to serve in the Trump Administration, the next person in line was not as popular among the GOP voters, obviously. So the Dems are saying, “Republican voters don’t like their second choice as much as they like their first choice.” No shit, idiots. And we still whip your asses.

So grok this: Not only can’t the Dems beat the Republicans’ first-best candidate in these races, they can’t even field a candidate to beat the Republicans’ second-best candidate!

Stupid as all this propaganda is, it gets worse. Notice they don’t point out that Handel’s margin of victory was larger than Trump’s margin of victory in November, and thus infer that Republicans’ popularity is rising. And in that particular Georgia district, Trump only beat Felonia von Pantsuit by one point in November 2016, and Handel beat Ossoff by about 4 points in June 2017. So by that metric, there was a 3-point improvement in the GOP’s performance.

Oh, but it gets more ridiculous. In the Georgia race, for example, the Dem in the replacement election, Ossoff, got about the same number of votes (24 fewer, actually) as the Dem in the original election, one Rodney Stooksbury, despite the fact that Stooksbury spent zero dollars in that election! Ossoff spent more than $23 million.

Also, as the foregoing link points out, Democrats didn’t even field a candidate for the district in 2004 or in 2010. So when Dems claim that Republican special election candidates are winning by smaller margins than usual – even if that’s not just the usual leftist lying – it’s compared to Republican victories some of which were blowouts because there wasn’t even a Dem opponent! To coin a phrase: LOL.

In fact, it’s not clear that Rodney Stooksbury exists either. He had no web site, Facebook page, or photo for the press.

So their spinning starts out damn weak, with, “Ha! You didn’t kick our ass as thoroughly as you have in the past!” This is the best attempt to save face they can come up with, which is not surprising since they lost. And it goes from damn weak to unbelievably pathetic when you realize that their complete argument is, “When we actually field a team, you don’t win as thoroughly as when we default due to not showing up!” No kidding.

It’s time to put it to bed, retards. Stop the “trannies in your daughter’s 8th grade bathroom” crap and white genocide vileness. But for this to happen, the old-school leftists who just want more welfare and a 10% larger budget for NPR are going to have to muster the backbone to purge the “trannies and white genocide” crowd from the “Democratic” Party.

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