The Budget: Why Trump Should Never Back Down on Border Defense

Why Trump should face down Congress if necessary to insist that the next federal budget include funding for the Wall and other anti-immigration measures:

1) The future of our country depends on it so there’s no reason not to. There’s nothing to lose. You understand, God-Emperor? Even if the Left doesn’t back down, even in some worst-case scenario in which their constituencies riot in the streets, that’s not as remotely as bad as what will happen to our nation if we let immigration continue. And they’re already rioting in the streets and shooting at Republican Congressmen. Besides, as the Left gets more violent, as the Berkeley incidents show, the Right gets more violent in response. Violence doesn’t work well for the Left in this country.

2) The Left will be forced to say to Middle America, “We’re holding firm on the budget because we insist on undefended borders,” while Trump says, “I’m holding firm on the budget because I insist on defending our nation’s borders.”

Middle America loves the Trump position. The only people who like the Left’s position already vote for the Left anyway. So again, nothing to lose for us. It’s a losing position for the Left.

3) The Left has to cave in because the longer federal money is held up, the more people who currently benefit from federal money will find other sources of income and realize they’re not dependent on federal money.

That realization will be a political disaster for the Dems. It will liberate a significant set of voters who are currently in thrall to the Dems due to fear. That is, they vote Dem because they fear that if the federal money tap were turned off, their lives would be upended. Once the money tap is turned off, people will find other ways to do what they need to do. People are resourceful and creative. Welfare dependents will get jobs. Single Moms who need day care will convince their bosses to let them bring their kids to work, or start day care collectives with other local parents, etc. Academic biologists who get federal funding for their latest decode-the-genome project will just give up and move on to other research topics. Etc., etc. Of course, not all these people will stop voting Dem, but some will. Some will vote GOP, some will vote for third-party candidates, some will just have no motive to vote at all, etc.

The Dems simply can’t let this happen. Not if they want to survive politically. They can’t afford to lose some of their voters who are currently held captive to them by fear of the unknown. And if the Dems are too stupid to realize that, and they don’t cave in, then so much the better. Then they won’t survive politically!

Note: State government spending can substitute for federal spending to an extent, but not totally. State budgets are already under stress, especially in blue states, exactly the states that would like to keep the money tap flowing. In other words, state spending is supported, directly or indirectly, by federal spending. This fact is relevant for my next point too.

4) Some immigrants only remain in the country due to “welfare” largesse from the federal or state government. Those immigrants will leave when the money tap stops… and Dems can’t have that.

I know what you’re thinking: But if the Dems cave, they lose on immigration anyway. The answer is Yes, but it’s a question of the long term versus the short term. If they cave on the budget they lose the immigration wars slowly over time due to the Wall, increased enforcement, etc. If they don’t cave, and welfare dries up, those marginal immigrants self-deport in a hurry; weeks to months. (We’ve already seen this happen within months of Trump assuming the Presidency.) And once they’re settled back in Mexico are they really going to come North again? Just to possibly have to go back home to Mexico all over again? Doubt it.

For this to matter, it’s not necessary that all or even half of welfare-gobbling immigrants will leave. I don’t know how many will. But many elections are decided pretty closely. Even ten percent of invaders self-deporting could be an immediate political disaster for the Dems.

And remember, we’re talking about the Left here. What wins in a Leftist’s mind when it comes to the short run versus the long run?


And it gets better. Because Lefties mostly don’t care about their “movement.” They’re mostly narcissists who care about themselves. Now it’s one thing to stay in Congress and have your support eroded over time by a gradually smaller fraction of immigrants in the population. (And you can deal with that by simply modifying your positions anyway.) But it’s another thing to lose your seat in Congress in the next election due to a sudden surge in illegals self-deporting. To deal with that, you have to try to win your seat back, against the new incumbent, all over again!

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