Socialism Turns 100

This year is the hundredth anniversary of socialism as a significant political force in the modern world. The horrifying evil began in 1917 with Russia’s Soviet revolution.

One hundred years of peace, prosperity, and freedom!

Hi to all the prosperous and free people in Venezuela, Cuba, the USSR, Cambodia, and North Korea!

(Yes, I’m aware that the USSR doesn’t exist any more. Thank God.)

Memo to leftists: Even though it’s a hundred years old, don’t forget to claim that it’s “progressive” and “revolutionary.”

Really, socialism only had a run of 72 years as an aggressive, expanding force in world history: From Russia’s revolution in 1917 to Germans attacking the Berlin Wall with sledgehammers in November 1989. If we allow ourselves a little poetic license, though, we might say that socialism had a hundred-year run: from the Russian revolution of 1917 to the collapse of Venezuelan socialism in 2017.

I remember that when Venezuelan socialism was just getting off the ground, a newspaper interviewed some moronic young western leftist who supported Chavez. His rationale for supporting a system that always leads to genocide-scale mass murder: “We need alternatives to neoliberalism.”

Global body count of this “alternative to neoliberalism”: At least 100 million people murdered.

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