“Private-Sector Blacklisting is OK!”

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of flap from SJWs and SJW appeasers to the effect that when private companies enforce disgusting SJW practices, like firing you for your non-SJW political views, that’s OK. “After all,” the party line goes, “it’s not the government, so it doesn’t count as censorship or any other kind of oppression.”

Blatant horsehit.

1. Coming from people who say that disagreeing with them is oppression, rape and violence, this is rather rich.

You say that disagreeing with you is oppression, but ruining someone’s career isn’t. You can see why we’re not listening to you, or trying to “engage” in “debate” with you any more.

(And the left wonders why they lost the election. The question is why they ever win.)

Coming from people who call everyone they don’t like Nazis, and then say “It’s good to punch Nazis,” this is rather rich. If you’re advocating physical assault against those who have different opinions, you’re not a judge of what’s oppression.

2. It’s quite the do-si-do! The leftist line for time out of mind has been “private-sector oppression is worse than government oppression.” Now that they have the upper hand in much of the private sector, boy did that meme go away fast.

3. “Yeah,” they say, “but the right’s also doing a do-si-do. They’re the ones who used to say that if it’s not the government, it’s not oppression. Now they’re flipping.” WROOOOOONG. You lose; thanks for playing. We can call out disgusting behavior without saying that it’s oppression. And we’re not advocating having the government shoot SJWs (yet – keep physically attacking us and we’ll see); just doing to them what they’re doing to us: blackballing, boycotts, etc. If these things are OK because they’re private sector, well, then they’re OK when we do them. So too bad.

Additionally, turnabout is always fair play. If you shoot at me, then I have the right to shoot at you.

4. The entire premise is false anyway, because all this stuff IS supported by the government, in at least two ways:

(A) Government-supported universities, which are relentlessly leftist/SJW. They are, indeed, the headquarters of SJWism. Students graduate from college having gone through four years of one-sided anti-white propaganda. Then they get a job in corporate HR and put white applicants’ resumes on the bottom of the pile, as they’ve been indoctrinated to do. Without the many billions of dollars in student loans, grant funding for academic research, etc., at least half of the university system would collapse. And consider the “dear colleague” letter that was sent to colleges during the Obama Administration. It basically required a one-sided presumption of guilt and limited opportunities for defense of young men accused of everything from “sexual harassment” to outright rape.

(B) Then there’s the government in general: “discrimination” lawsuits, sexual harassment lawsuits, what counts as “harassment,” etc., are all totally biased to policies and interest groups of the left. A man accused of sexual harassment is not, on average, treated the same way that a woman is. Chicago’s mayor said that Chick-Fil-A “didn’t support Chicago values” and briefly wanted them denied the right to open a business in that city. The same with Boston. The New York State government’s policy is that it won’t pay for state employee travel on official state business to states that don’t have the politically correct position on gay marriage and transvestite bathrooms. Etc. There’s an entire government apparatus that coercively enforces and furthers the SJW project.

So the entire premise of the bullshit argument is blatantly false. All this crap IS being enforced, supported, and spread by the government.


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