The Left’s Rhetoric of Murder

The Left takes another rhetorical step toward attempted genocide:

Utterly vile little Antifa scumbucket, speaking (after being arrested) about the right:

Their existence itself is violent … so I don’t think using force or violence to oppose them is unethical.

This is the language of genocide. To say that a person’s very existence is violence is to try to construct a rationale for killing them. Note she didn’t claim a conditional right to attack people, as in “We have the right to attack them if they do such-and-such.” She claimed an unconditional right to attack people, as in, “The very fact that they exist gives us the right to attack them.” Plainly they are going to try it eventually. They’re going to try to kill us. So we are going to have no choice but to kill them in self-defense.

Hard to believe, but still harder to see how this plays out any other way.

It’s inevitable, because obviously we’re not going to let them kill us; we’re going to defend ourselves. Equally obviously, they’re not going to back down. The Left is designed as a machine that doesn’t back down. Vox Day didn’t articulate “SJWs always double down” as one of the Three Laws of SJWs for nothing.

Wow. That really is sad. It’s all so avoidable. All the leftists have to do is not try to kill us. But they’re not willing to forbear. They’re actually going to try to genocide whites in a majority-white nation. Wow. There’s only one way that ends.

And if you doubt this is going to “all whites” as opposed to just “politically incorrect whites” eventually, consider two facts: (1) Most whites are already deeply incorrect by the standards of the Left. The clear majority of whites voted for Trump, e.g. (2) Just think about the rhetoric of the Left, which is increasingly “ALL whites are guilty of racism and oppression.” See my post The Left, Summarized of a few days ago.

Also note something else: This rhetoric is the rhetoric of someone who literally cannot imagine the people she intends to be her victims fighting back. In a majority-X nation, you don’t say, on the record, “I have an unlimited right to attack all X’s” unless you simply cannot imagine a scenario in which X’s fight back. (Would you walk into a room full of a hundred hockey players and announce, “I have an unlimited right to kill all hockey players”?) This utterly insane failure of foresight and realism is another reason they won’t back down, and another reason that civil war is inevitable.

Some of the more sane, or less-insane, leftists are already starting to be like, “Um, guys…?” to the rest of them, and actually expressing doubts in public. (The situation has become extreme indeed when even leftists are willing to deviate from their herd.) But it’s too late. The momentum has gone past a certain tipping point. It’s now too late to stop the rush into civil war; we can only fight it out.

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