More Political Miscellany

Good news, at least judging by bad guys’ appalled reaction, in a poll on Charlottesville:
Americans were polled about the violence in Charlottesville, and the answers are ugly

On the subject of Charlottesville:
What is a neo-Confederate? I’ve encountered the term here and there on the Net after the Charlottesville imbroglio. Is it someone who advocates re-legalizing race-based slavery? (Are there any such?) Or someone who wants to secede? Or what? If the latter, are leftists advocating Calexit neo-Confederates? Or is it anyone who doesn’t think Confederate statues should be torn down? In which case a strong majority of the US are neo-Confederates.

Study tries to find racial bias in Oakland police, fails, asserts it anyway:

The Carlos Slim Blog, formerly known as the New York Times, is annoyed that it can’t find evidence of Trump racism:

The solar eclipse was racist!

From the comments in the Atlantic piece being discussed:
“I vaguely remember when The Atlantic wasn’t a shrieking hive of retardation.”

USA Today annoyed by lack of Nazi regalia in Charlottesville:

GQ annoyed by lack of Nazi dress in Charlottesville:
“In Charlottesville, demonstrators turned out in polos and khakis. But their seemingly innocuous clothes spoke volumes.”

Don’t be fooled by their seemingly innocuous polo shirts and khakis!

Speaking of shrieking hives of retardation.

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