Still More Political Miscellany, OK and Mr. Cellany

The Atlantic actually calls out the violent left:

Hecklers see Trump supporter sporting an Israeli flag, tell him to “get the fuck out” of Boston:

College student: I feel unsafe and unwelcome because someone threw a banana peel into a tree!
The energetic encouragement of insanity in the modern educational system is something we are going to have to address eventually.

As one commenter at Vox Popoli says about the DACA illegals,

“So their parents committed a crime and the children should be rewarded? I guess if my father robs a bank I can keep the money since I did nothing wrong.”

Exactly. We’ve had enough of that shit. That fact that some woman in another country fell on her back and spread her legs for some dude doesn’t make me obligated to care for their kid. It’s the fucking parents’ obligation to take care of their damn kid.

Syllogism a la mode: I once had a kid. I then dropped him off in your yard. Therefore, you’re obligated to let the kid live in your house for the rest of his life. You cannot even pretend that this is a morally serious argument.

James Comey started drafting statement exonerating Hillary Clinton before FBI interviewed her, aides.
(Warning before you click: Obnoxious ads all over the place.)

Former FBI Director James Comey started to draft a statement exonerating Hillary Clinton in the bureau’s investigation into her use of a private email server before the FBI interviewed her or her key witnesses, the Senate Judiciary Committee said Thursday.

“Conclusion first, fact-gathering second,” is how Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham characterized Comey’s investigation.

The Judiciary Committee reviewed transcripts, which were heavily redacted, indicating Comey began drafting the exoneration statement in April or May 2016, before the FBI interviewed up to 17 key witnesses, including Clinton and some of her close aides.

I also learned from this link that

Democrats in Congress alleged last fall that Comey’s actions in the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s email use violated the Hatch Act, which caused the Office of Special Counsel to launch an investigation.

Now there’s something the leftist media hasn’t been mentioning during the “It was corrupt to fire Comey!” nonsense!

At Salon, of all places:
“Time to give up on identity politics: It’s dragging the progressive agenda down.”

Subheading: “Identity politics has only served to disempower the left and fuel the rise of white nationalism. Can we move on?”

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