“I’m just as good as you! I’m totally just as good as you!”

At John C. Wright’s blog – why have I never linked to this guy before? – Wright shows an excerpt from a recent Marvel comic in which a “bad guy” fights the new, pointlessly female “Thor.”

The “bad” guy says, with unanswerable common sense, “You wanna be a chick superhero? Fine, who the hell cares? But get your own identity.”

To which the female “Thor” responds with, among other things, “Thor is Thor.” Leftists: They lie even when they utter tautologies. Thor is indeed Thor, bitch, and that ain’t you.

She rambles on for a bit, then punches the guy in the jaw, while saying some blather about feminism.

Obviously, this whole white man replacement thing really constitutes the SJWs screaming, “NO! It’s not enough to have a female superhero! It must be a female superhero who shoves aside a male superhero! She must appropriate a man’s identity!”

Thus giving away the game that it’s all about hate. Not the fake accusation of “hate” that the Left always lobs at people who dare to disagree with them, but actual hate.

Of course, the so-called “bad guy” is totally right. Why not just have a heroine? Why does it have to be replacing a hero? It is the equivalent of the scene in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in which Edmund draws spectacles and a moustache on the statue of a lion.

It’s defacement for the sake of defacement. It’s symbolically spitting on people the SJWs hate and fear, because, I guess, they think it will make them feel better. It’s astounding how much space white men take up in the heads of the Left. You don’t constantly protest, “I’m just a good as you! If not better!” against someone unless you’re constantly tortured by the feeling that you’re not as good as them.

Predictably, this never works in assuaging the feelings of inferiority, which is a reason that SJWs are never content, even when they win.

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