From: Mrs. Stanton, Middle School Music Director
To: Michael Porkwit, 7th grade
Re: The Winter Holiday Concert


This is just a quick memo regarding last night’s Winter Holiday Concert. It’s great to see students participating with such high energy. We teachers love to see that, and so do the parents! A couple of notes for future reference:

1) On the carol “Sing We Now of Christmas”: The first line, as you apparently know, is

Sing we now of Christmas, sing we now noel.

However, the second line is not,

If you don’t freakin’ like it, you can go to hell.

2) Backstage before the concert, Mr. Brandwich, in dressing like an elf and skipping about, was trying to be festive, not “as gay as a dancing lord.” (That remark would have been detention material, by the way, but no one wanted to ruin the holiday mood.)

3) At the conclusion of the performance, when the audience is applauding, it is traditional to simply smile and bow. It is not necessary to seize the microphone from the conductor and shout, “Word to your mama!” You will recall there was a confused pause in the applauding at that point in time.

With attention to these simple matters, next year’s concert can be just as memorable and more enjoyable for everyone,

Thanking you,
Mrs. Stanton

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