Does the world seem more evil over time?

This post starts out darker than usual. At the end, it turns out, there’s a logical explanation for the phenomenon.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Well, in one sense it’s totally obvious: You’re not going to be aware of less evil over time; that wouldn’t make sense.

For me it went like this:

It starts with the realization that the media and the universities are a passel of utterly evil liars.

Then you realize that women prefer jerks to nice guys. (Yes, I hammer on this a lot, but it’s important to emphasize this truth. Not just because booty! but also because Game is one of the things that’s destroying the Left, particularly in its feminist manifestation.)

Then you realize that every single leftist who ever claimed to value facts, logic, science, reason, and just plain old reality was lying his ass off. They just claimed they wanted a debate because it kept us looking up facts while they were infiltrating our institutions, letting a flood of invaders into our countries, and just generally making war on us. It was a deception that was put forth as a political and martial strategy.

And the same goes for their claims that they valued freedom of speech. They actually said this, and put forward every indication of really meaning it, back in the 1960s and 1970s, or so I’m told. But it was all a lie designed to get us to let our guard down. As soon as they had a significant amount of power in, e.g., the universities, they said, “Ha! Suckers! Now that we have power… we don’t believe in freedom of speech and we will try to silence everyone who disagrees with us!”

Then you realize that the Republican/Democrat thing really is all one big Uniparty. I mean, I actually thought there were differences between Dems and Repubs. Or maybe there were, in the past, but that has changed in recent decades. Watching the GOPe betray its base on immigration, try to thwart President Trump at every turn, and try to scuttle Roy Moore’s Senate run are only the latest manifestations.

When I first realized that the world was like an ever-unfolding onion of evil, I felt sick. Was there no end to it? Was I living in some sort of Satanic experiment in which the Devil was studying the effect on a person of having pleasant illusions stripped away over and over again?

Nope. I had this simple insight:

Evil is revealed gradually over time because the more extreme the evil is, the more it tries to hide itself, so the more time it takes to uncover the truth.

(OK, chicks digging jerks isn’t evil per se, but you know what I mean. We’re talking about things that are nasty here, from boinking jerks to truly evil things.)

In other words, the difficulty of seeing the truth about a particular matter is not randomly assigned to that matter. It’s endogenous: The nastier the truth is, the more the perpetrators will try to hide it. If you shoplifted $2.00 of stuff you’d go through a certain amount of effort to hide it. But if you killed someone, you’d go through a hell of a lot more effort to hide that.

And it’s the other way around for good institutions, good people, etc.: They’re generally not gradually revealed over time because they don’t try to hide themselves. Why would they? They’re right in the open from the get-go! So there’s no gradual revealing of good that matches the gradual revealing of evil.

When I realized this I emerged into the bright clear sunlight of reason. Whew! It all does make sense. The universe is not that insane and evil. This is exactly what one would expect to see in an imperfect but sane universe!

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