Hillary Clinton: Loser

Via Amanda Green at Sarah Hoyt’s site, some choice quotes from Hillary Clinton’s book about the 2016 election:




For weeks, I had been carrying around heavy binders full of memos relating to the transition and the first decisions I would have to make as President-Elect. There were Cabinet Secretaries to pick, a White House staff to hire, and a legislative agenda to begin working on with Congress.

LOL. I love how she admits that he was just assuming she was going to win. She really has lost her touch, politically (assuming she ever had it and it wasn’t just the media protecting her). The correct thing to say, in this sort of situation, is something like, “I knew that the outcome was uncertain and you can never take anything for granted.” In other words, you’re supposed to try to NOT make yourself look like an overly cocky asshole. Duh.

Another amusing quote:

I also think about the strong headwinds we faced, including the rise of tribal politics in America and across the globe, the restlessness of a country looking for change, excessive coverage of my emails, the unprecedented late intervention by the director of the FBI, the sophisticated misinformation campaign directed from the Kremlin, and the avalanche of fake news. Those aren’t excuses…

LOL!!! “Excuse excuse excuse. Those aren’t excuses.”

This is another reason she lost: Even her base got fed up with the insults to their intelligence.

PS: Dear reader, you have no idea how hard it was to resist applying the “Fiction” tag to a post about Hillary’s book.

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