Trump will not be impeached over “Russia”

Any leftists who are still clinging to this vain hope are forgetting one important thing:

Articles of impeachment must actually allege a specific crime.

Articles of impeachment can’t say, “Some of us have a vague feeling that Trump might have done something sort of dodgy. Which may have involved Russia somehow.”

They have to say something like, “On August 28, 2016, Donald Trump met with the Russian ambassador, Sergey SmirnoffVodka, and…” and the rest of the sentence must allege something that is (1) specific and (2) a crime.

Since no such crimes were ever committed, they can’t do this.

Make no mistake, the left would do this if they could. It’s not like they’re constrained by honesty. But they can’t.

The reason they can’t is that major-party U.S. Presidential candidates are some of the most scrutinized people in the world. From the moment it became clear that Trump had locked down the Republican nomination – and realistically, months before that – his whereabouts are a matter of public record for literally every day. And for many days, every hour.

How is the left going to allege something specific that isn’t obviously false based on the actual record – which is now publicly available via the Net? They’d love to pull a 1984 and simply edit the past, but they can’t do that.

Supposing he did meet with some dignitary from Russia – and of course, meeting with a foreign official would be a perfectly normal thing for a person in government, or prospectively in government, to do. They can’t say, “We have video, without sound, of Trump and the Russian guy laughing together in a way that strikes us as conspiratorial.”

Since Trump did not, in actual reality, conspire with anyone to fix the election (WTF?), they can’t “prove” that he did. (I can’t believe we’re even talking about allegations that are pure fabrications. It is a testament to the delusionality of the left that they can induce us to refute assertions that are literally pure fabulism, made up, out of whole cloth, and paid for, by the opposing party. Jaysus!)

What is actually going on is that the left is trying to keep their base riled up in general, and for the 2018 mid-term elections in particular. This strategy relies on deliberate vagueness, misleading wording, and the general fact that leftist voters are low-information and don’t actually care about truth.

But if the House of Representatives actually tries to move articles of impeachment along, then suddenly the normals will start paying attention. Impeachment is a Big Deal. It’s not an everyday occurrence. That’s when the normals who aren’t paying attention right now, and have never even heard of the Steele “dossier,” suddenly start paying close attention and learn that it was literally a work of fiction commissioned and paid for by the Democratic Party.

Impeachment is when normals get interested in the details. And when they plunge into the details, of course, those that still think there might be some fire in all the smoke realize that there isn’t; there’s just smoke, created by the left’s smoke machine.

The left’s strategy here requires a certain amount of attention by people. It’s obviously no good for them if no one is paying any attention. But it also is lethal for them when people start paying close attention and realize that there is literally nothing there. The left’s strategy requires a certain level of vague, half-listening-with-one-ear attention. That low level of attention cannot survive the introduction of articles of impeachment.

So the only question is, will they give up on all this after the 2018 mid-term elections, or will they keep going? This depends both on whatever strategy they think they have and on their emotions. Journalists, in particular, seem to be in a psychologically non-normal state over Trump’s election, so they may never be able to let this go.

But they can’t and won’t impeach the T-Dawg on “Russia.” They’d have more luck with some parking ticket, something that he actually did. Or they’d have more luck alleging that something legal that he did, is actually illegal. What they can’t and never will do is introduce articles of impeachment about the utterly insane “election fixing” horseshit.

Note I’m not saying they won’t try to impeach him over something – of course they will, if they have the numbers in the House; Trump’s election has them absolutely frantic. I’m saying that it won’t be about the retarded “election meddling” thing.

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