The Russia thing is perfect for President Trump

The Russia thing is perfect for President Trump. The reason: Since no such thing ever happened, it keeps his enemies distracted chasing fantasies. This prevents them from focusing their energies on something that might actually damage him.

They might as well be trying to prove that he killed a unicorn.

So we shouldn’t let the fact that these blatantly false accusations are an unjust outrage blind us to the pleasant reality: The left-wing fuckwits have really shot themselves in the dick on this one. Of all the things they could have chosen to go after, it was something with no basis in reality, LOL!

Trump couldn’t have arranged things better if he’d tried. Once I got over my anger at the sheer evil of their intentions, I thought of it this way:

Imagine that this was actually enginered by Trump. It would be utterly brilliant. Go back to late 2016. He knows that once he’s sworn in, the entire reigning institutional structure of our society will try to take him down. He knows they’re going to try something. So what does he do? He arranges to have them going after something that has no chance of getting him. The man’s brilliant. It’s the sort of thing he’d do. I know he didn’t actually do it; I know that Hillary Clinton and the Dems did it. But they couldn’t have handed him a bigger gift if they’d tried.

Sometimes I think there really is a God. Seriously. I’ve been wondering lately.

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