The “Divorce” Thing Won’t Work

Recently the proposal for national divorce between Left and Right is bandied about more and more. Here’s the most recent example.

I’m glad to see that people on the right, judging by the comments at Vox Popoli, for example, are not falling for this delusion.

The divorce idea won’t work, for many reasons.

1) The Left doesn’t want it to work. Their entire thing is that they’re sado-control freaks. They don’t really believe in global warming or that it’s morally imperative to call a man in a dress a woman. Their thing is that they want to rule you against your will. That’s the whole point of leftism. They want to do things to you that you hate but are powerless to stop. That’s why we have to fight and defeat them. Please don’t think that they actually believe the things they say, e.g. that anyone who disagrees with Barack Obama about anything is a racist or whatever. What they want is to rule you against your will, without your consent, over your helpless objections. That’s their fantasy and their goal.

There is no other explanation for their insanity. Every other potential explanation fails. In their world you should not be allowed to call a male-to-female transvestite “him”… but you should be allowed to infect him with HIV without his knowledge. (See the movement to decriminalize knowingly infecting others with HIV without telling them.) Now ponder: Is there any way that a sane person could actually believe either of those things? Let alone both of them? That laws should prevent you from hurting someone’s feelings, but it’s OK to kill them? Please! Stop falling for the Left’s pretense that they believe whatever they claim to believe. They don’t.

A quick review of history reminds us that the bullshit rationales frequently change, but the last line of the argument is always the same:

“… therefore, it’s necessary to create an all-powerful totalitarian government and put me and people like me in charge of it.”

It used to be socialism, then it was briefly environmentalism, now it’s “You’re racist!” But the “conclusion” of the “argument” never changes.

This takes me to my next point.

2) The Left does not voluntarily let go of power.

They have stepped down, e.g., Obama leaving the White House in January 2017, because they knew there was no alternative. But when they think they have enough power to continue holding onto that power, as in the U.S.S.R., they don’t relinquish it until they have no choice, until it’s wrenched from their grasp.

And you think the Left is going to voluntarily let the Right walk away. No, not in a million years.

3) The Left is the parasite class. We, the hosts, will thrive without them. But they will not be better off without us. Parasites do not voluntarily let their hosts cast them off and escape.

The high-functioning ones who aren’t themselves directly dependent on welfare – Democrat politicians, e.g. – have parasites as their main constituency. And they can’t promise an ever-increasing rain of welfare goodies to a country composed of 90% parasites. There won’t be enough non-parasites to pay for it all!

4) If we did manage to break the country up into Right-Wing U.S.A. and Left-Wing U.S.A., they’d immediately start the subversion process against us, just as the U.S.S.R. did, and as many hostile foreign powers have done. They wouldn’t just leave us alone! People like them never have before! They always make it necessary to fight and defeat them.

5) Plus, we’d have even longer borders to defend. The invasion situation is an existential disaster for our country now. How would we survive if we had to, e.g., defend the entire border between California and the rest of the nation, in addition to what we’re trying to defend now? Be realistic.

6) Plus, how the fuck are we supposed to actually accomplish the ejection of leftists without civil war? Leftists aren’t going to voluntarily self-deport, for all the reasons I just mentioned. Additionally, you can’t tell a left-winger from a white right-winger just by looking, and they love infiltration and subversion from within. You know what leftists would really love? Staying in the Right-Wing U.S.A. and subverting its laws, culture, and new constitution right from the get-go. That would give these people screaming orgasms!

So we’d have to eject them after a period of naked violence. But the entire point of the divorce idea is to avoid a civil war, right? But implementing it would require a civil war! I’m not saying a civil war is avoidable. Au contraire, my entire point is that it’s not. It’s important to be realistic about that.

7) If the Left got a piece of the U.S.A., that would just be another advance and a secure base of operations from which they would launch their crusade to carve off even more of the U.S.A. That’s what they’ve always done for the last century or so. Victory doesn’t satisfy them; it just encourages them and sets up their next offensive.

E.g., the day after the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is mandated by the Constitution (WTF?), the New York Times ran an editorial saying, Now on to the next campaign for gay rights.

It’s hard to think of something that would encourage them, energize them, and jack up their morale more, than carving off a piece of the United States of America itself. This nation, with its limited government, individual self-reliance, and gun-owning, freely-speaking people, has always been the Number One Enemy of the Left. If we lose a significant piece of our territory to them, that would be extremely bad for us in terms of the way it would energize them.

Furthermore, it would be just another instance of left-wing incrementalism. That’s how they try to accomplish all their goals, ever since they realized that outright Communist revolution was not going to happen in the U.S.A. Incrementalism is how they’re trying to kill off the Second Amendment, for example, as you might have noticed.

They want you to think that if you just appease them by carving off a chunk of your nation and ceding it to them, they’ll go away. Trust me, they laugh every time they read a right-winger write something like that. They’ll laugh at your naivete. Then they’ll take another piece. Then another…

No, the only way this ends is with a pile of bodies.

I don’t like it either! I had an entire life plan, and it did not involve a civil war started by power-mad psychotics! But we need to accept the hard fact that it’s now absolutely inevitable.

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