Women’s Assessments of Men’s Dad-liness Vary Over Their Menstrual Cycle

A signal flare of a finding, for those who still deny the red pill. USA Today, May 12, 2012. Via Chateau Heartiste.

Excerpts from the article, edited for length:

Hormones make ‘sexy cads’ look like ‘good dads’
by Dan Vergano

What does she see in that bum?

One answer, suggests a series of psychology experiments, is that she isn’t seeing that bad boy straight, and biology may be supplying the rose-colored glasses that makes a “sexy cad” look like a “good dad.”

“Why do women delude themselves about men who are terrible ‘boyfriend’ material,” asks professor Kristina Durante of the University of Texas, lead author of the forthcoming report in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. “It’s not just that they are attracted to them, but they actually see them as different people.”

In the study, Durante and her colleagues sought to explore observations that women were more attracted to stereotypical masculine faces when they were at the most fertile part of the menstrual cycle.

Some evolutionary psychologists have suggested that the high testosterone levels of swoon-worthy men, responsible for those chiseled good looks and come-hither self-confidence, served as a signal of evolutionary fitness and explained the attraction. But at the same time, Durante says, that high testosterone made these cads less-than-reliable mate material, there to help support the survival of offspring.

Instead, women should chase after dull dudes who seem likely to do the dishes and change the diapers, Durante says. But you don’t have to watch Divorce Court every afternoon to know that doesn’t always happen.

We are about to embark upon a mission to… The Red Pill zone. This study is “official science” catching up to the hardcore empiricist knowledge of Game practitioners, who long ago noticed the dual Alpha fucks, Beta bucks mating strategy that (at least some) women employ.

How come? In a simple experiment the team first asked 33 college-age women to take part in a study [involving] fertility tests revealing where they were on their monthly cycle. At both the high fertility and low fertility points of their cycle, the women were randomly shown a biography and photo of a “sexy man,” an award-winning skier and handsome adventurer, or the same for “reliable man,” a hard-working average-looking accountant. Then they asked the women how the men would split the work of parenting, (giving baths, cooking, washing bottles etc.) if they had a baby with him.

Good, old Mr. Reliable. The women estimated he would do around 40% of the household work no matter when they were asked. And the ski champ looked similarly helpful to the women when they were asked at low fertility moments. But the women actually estimated Prince Charming would do as much as 53% of the chores when they were ovulating, a statistically significant difference. The “sexy cad” will be a “good dad,” transformed into a caring father through the miracle of ovulation.

Women are biologically incapable of thinking objectively about certain topics. Official science has now confirmed it. Rather late, and confirming the blatantly obvious, but it’s something. By the way, I’m not saying that men’s ability to think straight is never fucked up by a beautiful face. But that’s been known forever, and is a politically correct thing to say. The finding that women are unable to make good judgments and good choices due to peculiarities of female biology is most definitely not politically correct. It’s startling that this information appeared in a mainstream newspaper.

Interesting, but the men did look different after all. So the researchers hired male actors to play twins, a “sexy cad” and a “good dad.”

“The actors really did a great job, one guy would play a cad and then shave to clean up and play the dad,” Durante says. The “dad” stammered his way through a self-effacing introduction, while the cad charmed them and promised them a good time. This time, the researchers also asked the women if the cad would make a good dad for another woman’s child.

Nope, they answered. For themselves, they thought the bad boy would reform and become a good dad [LOL] just like the first experiment, when they were ovulating. “But not for other women, they could see right through him then,” Durante says.

That’s another interesting finding. When the woman didn’t have skin in the game, she was able to see the realities of the situation. But when the message is, “He’s interested in you, honey!” then she gets all wet and can’t think straight.

The finding supports the notion that young women do delude themselves when the hormones are talking, says UCLA psychologist Martie Haselton.

Ya think?

Here’s the paper, which Heartiste linked to in his May 18, 2012 post that I provided above:

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