A Strangely Good Sign

The Deep State is desperately trying to impeach Trump and kill other Republicans. For examples, the 97 GOP House members on the train that hit the garbage truck, and the Katie Arrington crash from a few days ago.

This is very bad, obviously.

But it’s also a good sign because it shows how desperate they are. They would not be going this far out on the tree limb otherwise.

In particular: It gives me hope that they had an unalterable timetable for their takeover attempt which President Trump may permanently disrupt.

That is, their timetable is not the sort of thing that you can push the pause button on, let go dormant for some number of years, then re-start.

Otherwise, there’s no explanation for their hate, rage, terror, and desperation. After all, if they had no particular timetable, they could just wait.

Trump will have either four or eight years. But they are terrified at the very idea of just four years! He could permanently kill their plans. They themselves, by their behavior, reveal that they think so.

So yes, the impeachment attempt and the attempted murders are very bad, of course.

Yet they are also a sign that things are getting better.

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