Miscellany 7: Murder by Miscellany

1) Washington DC is the psychopath capital of America:

2) POLITICAL ORGASM! Anthony Kennedy to retire from the Supreme Court at end of July.

BOOOOOOOOM. Did you left-wing assholes enjoy the trannies-in-your-daughter’s-school-bathroom/ bake-that-gay-wedding-cake-you-fascist/ all-whites-are-racist party of the last couple of decades? Was it worth it? Was it worth enraging traditional America so that we put Trump into the White House?

Buh-bye. It was not nice knowing you.

Kennedy’s retirement, left-wing salt edition:

The failing New York Times:

If the last few days hadn’t been dispiriting enough… Wednesday afternoon brought the coup de grâce.

Everyone knew it was coming sooner than later, but Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, which he announced in a letter released hours after the court had issued its final rulings of the term, is still crushing. It sends a stark message to the tens of millions of Americans… the court is very likely to lock in an unmoderated, hard-right majority for the rest of most of our lives.

It is a dark moment in the history of the court and the nation, and it’s about to get a lot darker.

LOL. And this is the New York Times, which is supposed to be the nation’s “serious” left-wing voice.

3) Identity politics gives it to white Dems, good and hard. One prominent example: Latin-American woman and self-described socialist wins Dem primary from presumptive House Dem leader, who was a 56-year-old white man:

The Washington Post (forgot the link, no loss):

In her shocking primary upset of Nancy Pelosi’s heir apparent, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just did Democrats a big favor… progressive, young, female and nonwhite. It is no accident that Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old Latina, is all four.

A majority of House Democrats are either women, people of color or gay…

Crowley lost because of the changing demographics in his district, which had been redrawn considerably after 2010 and is now only 18 percent white…

And Pat Buchanan at The American Conservative:

…the crushing defeat of 10-term incumbent Joe Crowley, who had aspired to succeed Pelosi and become speaker of the House… Ocasio-Cortez ran as a Latina, a person of color, a millennial and militant socialist who lived in her district, and painted Crowley as a white male with lots of PAC money…

Columnist Dana Milbank, who sees it as progress, writes, “A majority of House Democrats are … women, people of color or gay.”

These rising forces in the Democratic coalition are looking to bury the Democratic Party of yesterday, where white males and older ethnic groups—Irish, Italians, Poles and Jews—were dominant.

…The new demography of the Democratic Party brought about the defeat of Crowley. A majority white district when he first ran, the Bronx-Queens district he now represents is only one-sixth white.

The Irish and Italians have moved out or passed on. And Archie Bunker? He rests in peace in Calvary Cemetery. Like his party.

The bill is starting to come due to the white left for their choice to rely on identity politics. As I’ve said before, white leftists are so unbelievably stupid that they actually thought that minorities thirst to be ruled by white leftists. Ah, no. They voted for white leftists when the demographics of the USA were such that the only realistic choices were white lefties or white righties. Now they have the choice of voting for their own ethnic groups.

As Spinoza said: To understand infinity, contemplate the extent of [left-wing] stupidity.

4) Now that summer’s here, the fascist “anti-fascists” are getting uppity again. Luckily, sane people in Portland kicked antifa ass a couple of days ago.

The link also includes a bonus link to video of one Antifa fuckhead getting knocked out with one punch, sweet!

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