Blogroll stuff

Why name the sites in your blogroll straightforwardly when you can think up jazzy titles for them?

However: It occurs to me that some people may not mouseover the links to see the actual URL to which each link will take you, but take the descriptions I’ve given them as their actual names. So in the interest of clarity, here they are, in the order in which they appear on my blogroll (which means, random order):

1. A shock to the system. Vox Popoli, the blog of the infamous Vox Day.

2. Red pill, concentrated dose (Pregnant women and wussies should not imbibe). Chateau Heartiste. Originally a pure Game blog, now includes at least as much political stuff. Exemplifies a journey many men have made in the last decade or so.

3. r/K theory. Some but not all of this makes sense. A.K.A. Anonymous Conservative, whose particular interest is the evolutionary psychology of leftism and conservatism.

4. Old skool libertarianism, if that blows your skirt up. Alias Eric Raymond (the “open source” guy). Five-word summary of his worldview and writing style: A hardcore Robert Heinlein fan.
(I may remove this link in the future. I’m part of a rapidly-growing group, ex-libertarians who are “ex” because “official” libertarianism lost us over one issue: Immigration.)

5. Unauthorized opinions. A.K.A. Jim. The description I’ve given it says it all. On red pill topics, 200-proof.

6. Getting away from it all, physical version. That would be Bauer. They make ice skates, and hockey equipment in general, you wuss! How could you not know that?! Now get into the weight room, get underneath some iron, and send it up!

7. Getting away from it all, mental version. Wolfram MathWorld. Mathematical truths are not contingent on empirical reality because they’re purely logical. Thus to understand one, even a simple one, is to touch Eternity.

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