Miscellany 8: Living in a Post-Miscellany Wasteland

(1) July 2018: Twitter and FaceBook stock drop by ~ 20% each! My perspective on this, from a technical securities analysis point of view: Bwaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(2) August 2018: Sudden purge of Alex Jones and Info Wars from several fora, such as YouTube, all on the same day.

Reporting on this in the “mainstream” press often takes the side of the censors by calling Jones a “conspiracy theorist.” Um, what? Several different Internet outlets implemented a coordinated strike against him all at once. That is, they conspired against Jones. Now I’ve never perused his videos, but when his political opponents are overtly conspiring against him, calling him a “conspiracy theorist” is simply hot air.

But that’s not the half of it. Prominent voices accuse the President of the United States of colluding with Russia to subvert our elections. This accusation is coming from some of the same people who are calling Jones a “conspiracy theorist.”

Vox Day is right: Projection is one of the Left’s signature features.

(3) The Left never gives up because for the Left, the existence of people who are free is like a red-hot poker inserted into their eye. Every moment of it is unbearable agony. They will never stop trying to destroy freedom and establish their unlimited domination of other people, any more than you could stop trying to remove a red-hot poker from your eye. They never stop; they only pause to re-group and change strategy.

(4) Epic: Man steals date’s car, then uses it for another date (with her God-sister, LOL).

Talk about outcome independence! Skittles Man, you’ve met your master!

Still hasn’t outdone Bring the Movies man, though, who (inadvertently) got one girl to kill another girl in a rage of jealousy over him.

Note to nice guys: Ya know how girls are always telling you, “I just think of you as a friend”?

Well, try ignoring everything a woman says about how you’re mean to her, and responding with an irrelevant text of “Bring the movies,” and she’ll kill or die for you.

As I’ve said before: Take the red pill orally, or have reality administer it to you by enema.

Related, and hilarious:

(5) MSNBC Analyst Says It’s ‘Unfortunate’ Voters Shape Public Policy

A quote from MSNBC political analyst Elise Jordan on the tax bill:

“And I think it’s unfortunate that we are designing — that we are designing public policy in a way that, you know, comes down to how you voted in an election,” Jordan said.

As recently as 2004, writer Susanna Clarke was able to satirize anti-democracy sentiment in a passage in Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. In the early 1800s in England, a servant has just asked a gentleman named Lascelles for his opinion on an important matter.

“My opinion!” exclaimed Lascelles. He looked all amazement, and only part of it was feigned. “This is the first time I was ever asked my opinion by a footman. Thank you, but I believe I shall decline my share of this…” He thought for a moment, before settling upon the most offensive word in his vocabulary. “…democracy.”

As many people have noted, the more entrenched the left becomes in a society’s institutions, the harder it becomes to make up satire more extreme than reality.

(6) On the Salem witch hunts, this is interesting: http://news.lib.uchicago.edu/blog/2012/10/29/the-salem-witch-trials-a-legal-bibliography-for-halloween/

In Salem, the accusers and alleged victims came from a small group of girls aged nine to 19, including Betty Parris and Abigail Williams. In January 1692, Betty and Abigail had strange fits. Rumors spread through the village attributing the fits to the devil and the work of his evil hands. The accusers claimed the witchcraft came mostly from women, with the notable exception of four-year old Dorcas [Dorothy] Good.

So the majority of accusations came from females and were directed at females. Attention, social power, and the elimination of sociosexual rivals, all in one yummy package! Who would have thought that young females would be disproportionately tempted by that!

What we have here is a holiness spiral, with a particularly heavy accusation spiral as a major component. It might be pointed out that a preponderance of females isn’t always true in such accusation spirals, e.g., it wasn’t true in another witch hunt episode in Europe, IIRC. And we know from our current holiness spiral that men certainly can get involved. BUT, two points:

● Once a holiness spiral – part of which is an accusation spiral – is seriously underway, the incentives start impelling people to make accusations, even if they don’t want to, as a preemptive defense mechanism. That incentive affects everyone, so it’s not surprising that both men and women would participate eventually, even if it started with only females.

● Is there any equal-and-opposite case in which it was men disproportionately making the accusations? There are none that I know of.

I’m not arguing that the main problem in a holiness spiral’s accusation component is a problem with women. It’s a problem with power-mad assholes and the dynamics of positive feedback. Still, I think that it is disproportionately women. That is something to keep in mind as we design strategies and tactics to end the current holiness spiral.

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