Miscellany 9: Get a Bigger Miscellany with this One Weird Trick!

1. Prediction: Bill Clinton is the last white man ever to be the Democratic Party’s Presidential nominee.

I wrote that sentence before I learned this:

Yesterday, September 4, 2018, another minority female beat down an experienced white man in a Democrat primary:

Discussion at Vox Pop:

And at iSteve:

A commenter at the iSteve link provides this quote from someone who worked on the victor’s campaign:

“Memo to potential candidates considering a run someday across America: our only paid television ads for the ENTIRE @ayannapressley campaign were on Telemundo and Univision.”

—Alex Goldstein (@alexjgoldstein) September 5, 2018

2. Leftist psychology:

If we refuse assent to reality: if we rebel against the nature of things and choose to think that what we at the moment want is the centre of the universe to which everything else ought to accommodate itself, the first effect on us will be that the whole universe will seem to be filled with an inexplicable hostility. We shall begin to feel that everything has a down on us, and that, being so badly treated, we have a just grievance against things in general. That is… the fall into illusion. If we cherish and fondle that grievance, and would rather wallow in it and vent our irritation in spite and malice than humbly admit we are in the wrong and try to amend our behaviour so as to get back to reality, that is, while it lasts, the deliberate choice, and a foretaste of the experience of Hell.

—Dorothy L. Sayers, Introductory Papers on Dante

Via http://bondwine.com/2013/09/13/sayers-on-hell/

3. So the wackos in England are saying the English were not really white, they were a mix of white and black. Oh… kaaaaaay. Well, great! That means that English imperialism and colonialism, etc., wasn’t a white thing! It was a white AND black thing! Therefore blacks are just as guilty of that as whites. La la la la….

I’m looking forward to blacks offering reparations to the victims of English colonialism in India, the Americas, etc.

4. Barack Obama on John McCain at McCain’s funeral:

“We never doubted we were on the same team.”

Yeah, we knew that, but it’s nice that you finally just gave up and admitted it.

5. Red pill:

In a re-do of the Milgram experiment, half the men AND 100% OF THE WOMEN obeyed an authority telling them to shock a puppy.


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