Arizona, Florida, and Georgia

Why isn’t Trump fighting?

Updates November 21, 2018:

● We’ve won all three races in Florida and Georgia. (Absent some 2000-style false concessions by the Dems. On election night 2000, Gore called Bush to congratulate him on his victory… but it turned out to be a ruse to put the Bush campaign off its guard while the Gore campaign prepared to contest the election. The Gore fraud effort focused on Florida, by the way. In Georgia, the Dem is saying she acknowledges that the Republican won, but that she is not conceding. (WTF?) God, I hate Democrats.)

● We lost Arizona, where the Republican wuss conceded 4/9 of a second after the Dem claimed victory. The Republican candidate is a chick who’s an ex-fighter pilot, allegedly. Really? Because I thought the military trained people to keep fighting when things aren’t going your way, not to surrender the moment your enemy says “boo!”

● Regarding my original “Why isn’t Trump fighting?” he actually said he was open to federal involvement in Florida (though it’s not clear how serious he was):
Thankfully, it’s not necessary.

● Anonymous Conservative over the last week or two has some nice-sounding theories about how “We nailed the fraudsters with a planned sting operation!” but that’s all bullshit. If that were true, we wouldn’t have given up AZ without a fight. And in light of the Sessions firing, it’s plain that such theories are just whistling past the graveyard. Occam’s Razor, people. It probably is what it seems to be on the surface, absent some solid reason to think otherwise.

● Whatever. In the last analysis, we have a stronger majority in the Senate, by at least one Senator and maybe two, depending how Mississippi’s special election on November 27 shakes out. The Republican is favored in that race.

4 thoughts on “Arizona, Florida, and Georgia”

  1. The understanding in the Qanon community is that the midterms were a giant sting operation. There is another theory a few key players they have dirt on are allowed to stay for now. Time will tell if either is at least half-true…


  2. I know that is a leap of faith and those people live in a “Hopium Den”…

    Did you hear about the Florida Governor winning his recount? The margin was so slim that state law in FL required the recount by hand and 1000 damaged ballots got counted or something.


  3. “Did you hear about the Florida Governor winning his recount?”
    Yes, right now things are looking better in Florida in both the Gov. and Senate races. Fingers crossed.


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