WordPress Bans Heartiste

If you have a Net presence, STREISAND the fuckers.

For those who might not know, Chateau Heartiste, originally Roissy in DC, was the major Game/red-pill blogger. In recent years he became more political, as befits someone who has seen through the poisonous lies of feminism.

And the many, many, other lies that are constantly spewed at us.

For WordPress to ban him is either a very bold or very desperate move by the left. It’s hard to tell sometimes.

In any case, they have their censorship. Let’s Streisand them and make sure they pay the maximum price for it.

UPDATE June 1, 2019: Heartiste’s archives can be accessed on the Internet Archive/Wayback Machine, and he’s currently at Gab at gab.com/heartiste.

One of the recent topics of discussion at his Gab account, of course, has been how to get new web hosting that will be censorship-resistant. And if the rest of the dissident right learns the lesson from this incident and we take steps to harden our Net presence, it will make us harder to stifle. This will be ever more important as we get closer to the 2020 election. The left was caught by surprise in 2016. They won’t be in 2020 and will pull out all the stops. That will include a leveling-up of the already significant censorship.

8 thoughts on “WordPress Bans Heartiste”

  1. Karl,
    Shout it out all over the place if you have a Net presence. One example: when I logged in just now, I saw I had twice the number of hits over yesterday and so far today, that I had in *all of May* of last year. Helping to spread the word about what WordPress is doing can only help; it cannot hurt.
    To anticipate the objection, “But it might not help much,” : Who knows? It might, and in any case it’s strictly better than doing nothing.


  2. Yeah it was just quietly put down with no warning or fanfare. Someone knows something, this always happens due to whisper campaigns or behind the scenes fuckery. Either they coordinated a mass-flagging campaign or got someone in wordpress to pull the plug. Has anyone contacted roissy? Roosh forums perhaps?

    Heartiste was huge and they know it, this is a big win for them. Telling the truth about women is just not allowed.


    Welcome dorks, dweebs, and fuckwits. Stick around and you might learn something. And don’t whine about your learning disability; that just means you have to try harder. Life’s tough.


  4. “Telling the truth about women is just not allowed.”

    I suspect Heartiste’s calling out of the native population replacement program was at least as bothersome to them.


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