A Woman Fumbles with Female Sexuality

The authoress of the excerpted post wants you to believe that women would find this guy attractive because he seems like a stable Dad type.

This chick tries to figure out a certain aspect of female sexuality, the attracted-to-irresponsible-cads thing. I quote from her post (editing for brevity) and add a some comments. An interesting aspect of it is that she seems to be honestly trying to figure herself out, but she fails disastrously. It’s amazing how opaque evolution has made women to themselves.

Or maybe she’s just lying. As always on these topics, it’s hard to tell; the distinction between female deception of men, and female self-deception, is fuzzy.

Fuckers Vs. Raisers

One day in a stereotypical medieval town, a bard comes through.

This is a very sexy bard, violet-eyed, good with a lute, and experienced in the ways of women. During his short stay he sleeps with four of the village wenches, and then bounces off to a new village, to seduce more wenches. Years later, a new child with violet eyes is running around. Life goes on.

There are two sexual strategies for men – Fucking and Raising. Fuckers, like our friend the Bard, do the ol’ fuck-and-run. Move frequently, shoot seed everywhere, and hope that this results in violet-eyed toddlers getting raised by other men. Raisers, by contrast, shoot seed into comparatively few women and end up raising the children they produce.

My question then is why are women attracted to Fuckers? Is there any female advantage to this?

Your scenario itself answers this: If you have a caddish violet-eyed son by this man, that son will run around all over the world spraying his, and therefore your, genes around. It’s not a mystery.

Having a child by a Fucker is dangerous – if she doesn’t have a Raiser lined up, then she’s on her own, and historically this is Very Bad News. If she does have a Raiser and he finds out the child isn’t his, again – Very Bad News.

Sure, it has potential downsides, but it also has potential upsides.

So when the Bard fingers his lute, why do all the women around him sigh?

I think their sighs don’t have anything to do with the fact he’s a Fucker – I think it’s because his traits, if they were present in a Raiser, would be ideal. He’s presenting confidence, skill, and high social standing. If a Raiser like that moved into town, all of the women would be trying to wife themselves at him like crazy. The Bard also is a potential Raiser in the women’s eyes, and he probably has to emphasize that idea in order to get her to sleep with him.

Sorry, no. Common experience refutes this idea. Here’s a question for you ladies: What would be your reaction to each of the following statements by the bard? The context is that you’ve been talking to him one-on-one after his performance at the tavern, for about half an hour, and so far you think he’s sooooooo dreamy! Statement #1: “I’m basically looking for a wife. I’m a solid guy, and I want a family.” Statement #2: You ask him if he has a girlfriend, and he gives a knowing smirk and says, “I’m not really the boyfriend type.” The question for you ladies – no lying! – is, Which statement would get your pussy wet? WAIT, STOP! I didn’t ask, Which statement do you think SHOULD get you wet, but Which statement would actually, in reality, get you wet? Never mind; don’t bother answering; every man who studies women objectively already knows the answer.
I have more to say about this at the end of this post.

This is maybe where the trope of “guy tells girl he loves her in order to sleep with her” comes from. [That is in fact the exact opposite of what works in seducing a woman.] Women don’t want to fuck Fuckers [This statement is an outrageous falsehood], but they will fuck Fuckers disguised as Raisers.

Okay I am done writing now but I don’t know how to do a closing paragraph. I don’t really want to learn.

LOL, I like her last two sentences.

Anyway, on Fuckers vs. Raisers, where she says that what a woman really wants is a raiser, and that fuckers only get sex by presenting themselves as raisers: This is blatantly false. I was in five or six bands in high school and college. Yes, this is great for your sex life. But while it’s good for getting laid in any situation, where it works like a nuclear dynamite LSD supernova is when you’re never going to be in that town again, and the girl knows it. It’s a whole ’nother fucking dimension when you’re playing a one-night-only gig. You have to beat the pussy off with a bat in those circumstances.

No girl in those situations was ever under any delusions that I was going to stick around later than the next morning at latest. But they threw themselves at me.

If you haven’t taken the red pill yet, grok that women are sexual creatures. Whenever they act like they’re “offended” that “women are sexualized,” etc., They. Are. Lying. Their. Asses. Off. They are lying. They’re lyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying.

Women in reality are much closer to women in porn than is commonly admitted by women, or understood by men.

As is so frequently the case, this post is a fantastic lesson in female delusionality about themselves. “I don’t want a fucker,” she tells herself. “I want a raiser!” Sure, if she’s had a couple of kids by a thug who jetted and now needs a sucker to help support them. But that’s not what she wants sexually. There’s a reason she had a couple of kids by the fly-by-night thug, and NO it wasn’t that she was deceived into thinking he was a raiser. If that were true she would have had the kids by an actual raiser. Funny how most of the time in those situations, the father is a fucker. So she was deceived, was she? Fuckers are better at presenting themselves as raisers than actual raisers are? LOL, no.

Why Women Should Love Game

What makes this photo hot? You already know, of course, but I’ll say it at the end of this post anyway.

Game constitutes the advent of a New Era. You have to spell New Era with capitals because it is a fundamental change in the nature of society. It is the return after a long hiatus of the age when men understood women just as well as women understood men.

Women have always known that men want young, beautiful pussy.

Now men know that women don’t want nice; they want alpha.

It is natural that women feel threatened by this development. It was an enormous advantage to women when they understood men but men did not understand them. By spreading the lie that women preferred beta behaviors (they expressed it more politely than that), women were able to accomplish two very valuable things for themselves:

(1) They were able to trick the betas into revealing themselves, so the women could avoid them and only have sex with alphas.

(2) They were able to get many things from supplicating betas: Free drinks, free car rides, free help moving furniture, the appalling emotional tampon aspect of their relationships with their beta male “friends,” etc.

So it is understandable that as women see this era slipping away, they will experience the anger and denial that often accompany loss. It is also natural that women will try to fight a holding action by engaging in intellectual counterwarfare to try to confuse the issue: “That only works on a small fraction of women with low self-esteem,” “That only works when women are young; it doesn’t work after college,” etc.

Yes, these reactions are natural, but actually women should be glad for the advent of game.


Because game constitutes the return of the Great Game.

The Great Game was the game of flirting and coyness, subtlety and indirection, pursuing and fleeing, and yes, some deception and lying, that was commonly understood in centuries past.

From now on, ladies, you’ll have worthy opponents in this game.

Finally! Think of it! As the new knowledge spreads, more and more men will actually be adept at the Great Dance. It’s possible that someday soon, the majority of men will know how to play the game! Think of the excitement! Think of the thrill of the chase and the counter-chase! Think of…


For ladies, there will be drama. The worst soap opera won’t hold a candle to your romance and sex life when much of the male sex has absorbed the lessons of game. What happens when most men, or even just a quarter of them, act like aloof, indifferent assholes? Oh my, the drama! Oh my, the heightened heart rate! Oh my, the damp panties! (Heh. Weren’t expecting me to say that last one, were you? You should have expected it: men who know Game know you.)

Remember how it was 15 or even 10 years ago? Men would do crazy things like offering to buy you drinks. Apparently some chicks could actually prompt a man by saying, “Want to buy me a drink?” and some would say, “Sure! What will you have?” (WTF?) If you’ve ever done this, ladies, that wasn’t really the answer you were hoping for, even if you told yourself it was. If men supplicate to you in ways like this (many men still do, even today), really you feel draining boredom and contempt for them.

Game is teaching men not to act like this. As the knowledge spreads, if you act like you expect a man to e.g., buy you a drink, more and more of them will snort and say “As if!” Think of the fun! Worthy opponents. All. Over. The. Place.

There are of course men who can’t or won’t see the truth of all this, for whatever reasons. But they out-select themselves from relevance in the sexual marketplace.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “But I liked the world in which most men could be manipulated with ease.” Yes, you did in a way, but it was your laziness that liked it. Admit it: the feelings of bored contempt you had for most men were not enjoyable. From now on, you’ll be tested, stretched. Too many men will be playing at too high a level for you to be a relationship couch potato. You will have to stretch your abilities and your knowledge of the opposite sex to the utmost in this new world. You think you don’t want such a world—your laziness resists—but really you yearn for it.

Everything we know about you, ladies, makes it obvious that you yearn for it. The general effectiveness of Game… the grouchiness and pissiness of women dealing with betas… their animated happiness when they’re interacting with alphas… the way a girl’s eyes sparkle sometimes when a man negs her.

Once you’re pulled off the couch and forced to test yourself, to get some exercise…

…you’ll realize you’ve never felt more alive.

In the photo: It’s the way their hands are.