Pro-Natalist Ben Gadwin

I just serendipitously found Ben Gadwin’s excellent pro-natalist Twitter account,

Update: Some of his stuff is actually kinda weird, like his notion that he’ll give all his wealth to his first-born son and nothing to any of his other children. WTF? And I don’t trust this:

Four dates a day? On average? Hard to take that seriously, even if he’s independently wealthy and doesn’t have to work.

A random selection of good stuff from it:


If your religion doesn’t build healthy, loving, ambitious, and large families that want to spread life to the stars, there’s something wrong with it.


Dates in Western Europe vs Eastern Europe (I wish I was making these up):
Western Europe: “I’m studying political science. It’s fascinating. I’m learning about critical theory and how capitalism oppresses all of us.”
Eastern Europe: “Feminists are crazy. Why would I want a job when I can stay at home, cook, and raise kids?”

3) Some stories still have happy endings:

Son of psychotically evil woman, who tried to turn him into a girl, will be allowed to attend school as a boy. Next step: Applying the death penalty to his “mother” (who is not even his actual, biological mother).

4) A sad case:

Creator of Sex and the City, single at 60, regrets choosing a career over children as she is now “truly alone.”

5) Normie/Rebel


Not sure I’d even fuck the girl on the left. Holy moly, would I fuck the girl on the right, and I’d cum so hard I’d blow the top of her head off like a shotgun.

3 thoughts on “Pro-Natalist Ben Gadwin”

  1. The big deal is most men will pump and dump the one on the left – they want to marry and pump the one on the right. They would easily, effortlessly love the one on the right, they are incapable of loving the one on the left. FWIW we’re making inroads – more women are understanding this – still a LONG way to go though.
    RE: female freaks. Constantly find myself pointing out to my older sons and wife the disparity between young male and female partners in public. Just last night for example. Normal looking, average dude with two kids – the wife is a fat freak, squeezed into short-shorts 8 sizes too small, heavily tatted legs, blue-hair, black metal lip rings. A circus freak. This sort of couple is the norm particularly among non-UMC people. A normal, average man who is a SMV 5 has to marry an SMV 1 female if you want to marry reasonably young.


  2. As far as pumping & dumping the one on the left, I’d be scared of catching an STD.

    I frequently see the mis-match in attractiveness of men and women in couples. It’s hypergamy plus, presumably, some attractive women being off the market because they’re in soft harems, or are holding themselves off the market in the hope of joining a soft harem.

    Also, women usually let themselves go after a couple of kids. That’s practically a proverb. They don’t resist the dessert tray once they’ve caught a husband.


  3. The one on the left is also much more likely to be crazy so it would be more likely to end badly for you (stalker, rape accusation).

    I have the same reaction – when I see a heavily tatted woman I think “dirty with STDs” (we called it VD back in my day).


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