We Need a Counter for Leftist Entryism.

We need a social technology to counter the Left’s social technology of infiltration/entryism. Without a way to block that, it doesn’t matter how successful our Glorious Revolution is, because it will only be a short-run success.

Without a way to defeat entryism, any success we have is written on water.

2 thoughts on “We Need a Counter for Leftist Entryism.”

  1. Left entryism is a big problem that requires people with the spiritual gift of being an asshole to combat if you’re talking about any kind of a religious institution. They need to identify the entryists and make it clear that they’re NOT welcome. Nothing else really suffices. In addition you need power structures that are transparent, leftist entryists are really good at parliamentary maneuvering and taking over poorly advertised committees that actually hold much of the day to day power. In addition to being transparent, your leadership structure also needs to be compact. You need to not multiply committees and other subdivisions that get work done.
    Ideally, you need to massively reduce the role that ‘volunteers’ play in your organization. Paid entryists have a massive advantage in patience and time over your allies. I’ve had some luck with this, but it’s probably not scalable.

    A lot of your younger allies have time, but not money, and the inclination to carry your banner if they can afford to. A lot of your older allies have money but not scads of time. The solution here is to not be niggardly. Find a trusted ‘ward heeler’ who shares your beliefs and convictions and give him ‘walking around money’. With that walking around money, he can give stipends and the like to like minded younger folks if and when they ‘volunteer’. Flood the zone, personnel is policy. You’d be surprised how many more volunteers you can get for your denomination’s summer/recreational/retreat type camp, and that’s where an awful lot of spiritual formation and deciding what’s normative for your denomination takes place.


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