There are not going to be any “Durham arrests”

“Durham’s investigation! Secret indictments! Mass arrests! Any day now! Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnny day now!”

STOP THIS FUCKING BULLSHIT. We have been hearing this sort of bullshit for four years. How long does it take for you to learn?

Remember the “thousands of arrests from sealed indictments” that the Q crowd was expecting for Christmas 2017? For fuck’s sake, get a clue.

Just stop. There is not going to be a wave of mass arrests. You know this. We are going to have to defeat the anti-democracy totalitarian insurrectionists the hard and unpleasant way.

And that’s what we’ve been planning for anyway. Ever since it became clear that the left will start a civil war rather than let Trump have another four years. So, weird though it is to say it, a bloody, hard-fought civil war is simply business as usual. Or rather, business as planned.

At Jim’s blog the proprietor recently said,

“If a storm of top level arrests, it is on. If no top level arrests, we have a problem.”

Nah. If no top level arrests, things go as everyone has been expecting, civil war. Not fun, but not a surprise either: it’s what everyone (on both the left and right) who has been paying attention is expecting and planning for.

Mass arrests of leftists in our current political regime is an unthinkable event. It can’t happen. However, our current political regime is not long for this world. Sometime after November 3rd, and possibly not until after January 20th, mass arrests of someone will become not only thinkable but inevitable. There will be mass arrests of either Democrats or Republicans, and probably both.

In the meantime there is no chance that there will be a wave of mass arrests from Durham’s investigation. You know this already, dear reader, but sometimes it can firm up one’s focus to hear something said out loud. You’re welcome.

Continue planning as you were.

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