Fighting Out the Election: The Supreme Court and After

I’m not sure whether Trump should take this shit to the Supreme Court.

Let’s do a head count.

For my non-US readers, who might have heard a lot of leftist bullshit to the effect that the United States Supreme Court has a 6-3 split in favor of right-wingers: remember, the left brazenly lies about everything. The actual distribution of Supreme Court justices is as follows:

Firmly leftist: Roberts, Kagan, Sotomayor, Breyer.

Firmly rightist: Thomas, Alito.

Kinda right-leaning, sorta: Kavanaugh, Gorsuch.

Roberts, as I remarked recently, always votes with the left when (a) it is important and (b) his vote will make a difference to the outcome. The left loves to call him “conservative” to warp people’s perception of where the political center is.

Finally, we have…

Unknown: Barrett.

Amy C. Barrett was just appointed to the Court last month and hasn’t participated in any Court decisions yet. So we lack data. But there is hair-raising evidence that she has a strong desire to virtue-signal to her left: She’s a white female who adopted two black children. Such virtue signaling is seriously worrisome: That’s the kind of person who would have orgasms at the thought of ruling against Trump so she can prove to the world how totally objective she is. “Look at me! I’m sooooo principled and objective! I even fucked over the guy who appointed me and everyone who voted for him!” Of course it’s actually unprincipled, since we’re fighting for the remaining shreds of democracy and freedom, but let’s not suppose that reality intrudes much into the thoughts of virtue signalers.

If Trump appeals an electoral case to the Supreme Court and loses, it might not look good(*) if he then says, “Ah, the Supreme Court doesn’t matter, fuck ’em.” The problem is that appealing to the Court concedes that the Court has authority in the relevant matter. So it looks silly to then say, “You’re wrong”… unless they are blatantly wrong. It is actually possible to reject their decision on those grounds. He should prepare for that by wording his case, or rather his tweets (etc.) that go along with it, in such a way to leave himself room to maneuver.

(* …to praetorians and other people who are prepared to engage in violent conflict, who will matter disproportionately when the civil war goes full-on hot. Making sure we have a good head count among those prepared to deploy force is not virtue signaling.)

The legalisms are of decreasing relevance anyway.

One way or another, this will get more violent. It’s been violent since this summer, and the left never backs down. As someone said recently, we’re past the event horizon of civil war: It hasn’t full-on started yet, but it is now inevitable, inescapable.

Since escalating violence will inexorably happen, we might as well proceed with Trump as Commander-In-Chief.

2 thoughts on “Fighting Out the Election: The Supreme Court and After”

  1. Speculating what Trump should or should not do is rather pointless. Anyway, I do not think the problem is as severe as you fear because there is not one case to go to SCOTUS, but (I assume) one case for every contested state.

    If SCOTUS finds fraud in a first state to be decided all is well. If not there is still time to change the strategy. If contesting the result of one state was not successful, everyone can still claim that there was fraud in a lot of other states without contradicting SCOTUS


  2. “Speculating what Trump should or should not do is rather pointless.”
    Don’t overthink it. The entire point of a blog is to spew one’s opinions around.

    “there is not one case to go to SCOTUS, but (I assume) one case for every contested state.”
    I suppose, good.


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