Miscellany: Civil War Pre-Game Show edition

1. Jim:

  1. For my normie readers: Will the left really go there; will they really take our cold civil war hot? Of course they will. They have been going there; the George Floyd riots earlier this year were a training exercise for this moment.

The higher-ups like Hillary Clinton and George Soros (or whoever is giving the orders to Antifa etc.) are absolutely convinced that they’re untouchable. They believe themselves to be taking no risks at all in taking the civil war hot. They think they can leave all the physical risk to their street thugs.

And many of the thugs themselves are so mentally damaged that they have no sense of personal risk and will absolutely escalate violence up to the lethal level. Watch the video of the assailants of Kyle Rittenhouse. One of them, earlier that night, walked up to a man holding a firearm and dared him, “Shoot me!” Later that evening, two people attacked Rittenhouse while he was holding a rifle, one kicking him in the face, and another hitting him on the head with a skateboard. Rittenhouse then killed them both. To his attackers it was inconceivable that he would actually use his weapon, even in self-defense. These people are mentally broken; their cognitive modules that handle risk assessment are damaged or missing. So they cannot be deterred by fear, so they will attack us, and we will have to actually kill them in self-defense.

  1. Why is the left going for it now? Why not just wait another four years?

Partly they’re worried that four more years of Trump could set them back a generation. For example, another Trump Supreme Court appointment could scuttle them for the foreseeable future. (Ginsburg can’t last forever. UPDATE: And here we are! I must have written that only a week or two before she died.)

More than that, though, I think it’s that they’re worrying about dying before they get their planned Communist takeover. Leftists in a certain age range – e.g. Soros, Hillary Clinton – have been planning this since at least the 1960s. Soros is 90 years old; he might not be alive four years from now. And leftists slightly younger than him are already too old to really enjoy an absolute dictatorship even if they were to get one now! Another four years of waiting?! Hillary! will be 77 after the election of 2024! They are staring directly at the prospect of their lifetime of planning communist revolution either being ruined or being delayed until after they’re dead. They have to go for it now.

  1. In the comments at Vox Popoli, in the irresolution of the day after Election Day 2020, Ransom Smith quotes someone else as saying,

“I am freaking out a bit.”

To which Ransom responds,

“Stop wimping out.
We knew this was war.
We knew the likelihood of an all out knuckle dragger.
And frankly better than I could have asked for, because conflict breeds success.”

That’s a good mindset. We on the right need to all-out embrace conflict.

We’ve been holding ourselves back for a long time. For how long have we tried to settle our difference with the left with words? Or with votes? Unfortunately – for us but more for them – the left interprets this as weakness. They are, I think, about to find out otherwise.

  1. At another Vox Pop thread a commenter says,

“That article someone linked to Moldbug talking about the election makes some reasonable points, that there are multiple Rubicons to be crossed, and to be successful you may have to have the balls to cross them all.”

God, Moldbug is such a fucking idiot.

The idea of multiple Rubicons to be crossed is self-contradictory. The whole point of crossing the Rubicon is that once you’ve done it you’ve condemned yourself to death if you lose. From then on it’s win or die.

The idea of second, third, etc. Rubicons amounts to saying, “And if you cross THIS one and lose, then you’ll be EVEN MORE dead!”

Retarded. Moldbug is, and always was, an idiot. People on the right seriously need to stop fellating this guy.

  1. From the Wikipedia article on the Spanish civil war, a quote from a history book:
    The frequent overt violations of the law, assaults on property, and political violence in Spain … (included) a wave of arson and destruction of property… widespread censorship… virtual impunity for criminal action by members of Popular Front [i.e. leftist] parties, manipulation and politicisation of justice, arbitrary dissolution of rightist organisations… and a substantial growth in political violence…
    Sound familiar?

Here’s the InfoGalactic page: http://infogalactic.com/info/Spanish_Civil_War

  1. We cannot settle our differences with the left through debate because (a) they censor us, and (b) they always lie.

We cannot settle our differences with the left through voting because they always commit electoral fraud.

We cannot deter them from attacking us – literally, physically – because the parts of their brains that handle risk assessment are non-functional.

We cannot surrender – even if we wanted to – because if we do they will genocide us.


2 thoughts on “Miscellany: Civil War Pre-Game Show edition”

  1. The “shoot me” guy in Kenosha knew with almost 100% certainty that the right-wing guys weren’t going to assassinate him at point blank range on camera. Dunno about skateboard guy but the guy that got his arm blown half off was trying to shoot him first but hesitated out of fear.


  2. “The “shoot me” guy in Kenosha knew with almost 100% certainty that the right-wing guys weren’t going to assassinate him at point blank range on camera.”
    True. Yet it’s an imprudent move, small risk but nothing or not much to gain.
    The pics I’ve seen have the skateboard guy hitting him on the side/back of the head with the edge of the skateboard. Hitting someone on the back of the head near the neck junction is forbidden in pro boxing, IIRC, because it can be lethal.


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