The Role of Ideology in Leftist Violence

At some of us had a debate about the role of sincerely held beliefs among leftists, particularly in the left’s internal power struggles. At first the debate shed rather more heat than light, but it was ultimately worth it because it culminated in the following very good comment from the blog proprietor.

While one should not treat the claim that the owner of an applecart is oppressing the proletariat, causing global warming, or whatever, as sincerely held, nor suppose they give a tinker’s dam about the sufferings of the proletariat or the temperature of the earth, one does need to take seriously what their story implies about what apple cart they are coordinating to knock over, and what mob they are assembling to knock it over.

These are not individual conflicts, Stalin versus Trotsky, but struggles over Schelling points for group coordination.

Trotsky was a purer communist than Stalin, because his communism was unconstrained by practical economic considerations. Since there had been repeated cycles of the ever lefter grabbing power from the insufficiently left, his purity was likely to result in him grabbing power from Stalin, which was undoubtedly the real motive behind such lunatic purity and the real reason for Stalin crushing the Trots – but such purity was likely to result in someone grabbing power from Stalin, regardless of what happened to Trotsky. The ideas, rather than Trotsky himself, were the threat.

Ideas matter. And they still matter even when they should not be taken seriously. They may not be the real motives for the left’s actions, but they are the real mechanism for left coordination to take action.

The details of Trotsky’s superior purity are irrelevant, uninteresting, hypocritical, and not sincerely held. And in this sense, it would be pointless to pay attention to the ideological argument. But the argument was real enough regardless. Stalin was impure, because concerned with practical consequences. His reasoning that Trotskyism was “objectively fascist” was that it was likely to have stupid and disastrous practical consequences that the fascists would be happy about.

Consider the question, “Are internal power struggles among leftists about ideology?” As with Hofstadter’s Godel, Escher, Bach, the correct answer to this question is not “Yes” or “No” but “Mu.”

The left’s attitude toward ideas is on the whole one of brutally amoral cynicism. Yet they can take conflicts over ideological questions very seriously indeed. This is because the stakes are often life and death. If you don’t already know, look up what happened to Robespierre and Trotsky. (I could tell you, but it will have more impact if you discover it yourself.) It is not only that the “ideas” are used as weapons to justify taking power, killing people, etc. They are also used as coordination mechanisms to settle on just who is going to be attacked in the first place.

The particular ideology the left coordinates on determines who is going to be attacked, and at the same time, why they are going to be attacked. In fact the Why determines the Who: If “racism” is the big problem, then it’s whites who are to be attacked; if pollution is the problem, then corporations. If “left deviationists,” then Trotsky. Etc.

The ideologies are both the terrain on which the ideological battle is fought and the weapons with which it is fought. They are at the same time the prize for which such battles are fought, since the winner of the ideological battle has won the power to coordinate and direct violence.

So again: “Are internal power struggles among leftists about ideology?” From a behavioral empiricist point of view, all that is going on is that evil people are engaging in gang war, both against targets in the broader society and against each other. But because coordination is all-important in war, an immense amount of energy is devoted to proving that one’s own gang has the correct ideology and opposing gangs are incorrect. It must be so, because the stakes are life and death.

Thus the apparent paradox:

Leftists, who are utterly cynical in terms of taking ideas seriously, treat ideas with the seriousness of a gutter knife fight.

Defeating the Leftist Memeplex

At, commenter Contaminated NEET says,

Leftism is weaponized envy, right? It’s all about knocking over applecarts to gather other people’s apples. Well, there are always going to be people with a lot more apples than the rest of us, and those without so many apples are going to envy and resent them for it. Leftism taps into this power. It’s not just a set of memes that happened to be lying around when the holiness spiral started; it’s a set of memes that justifies and harnesses envy on a mass scale. It’s an extremely powerful and well-adapted memeplex, a miracle of evolution; only the great world religions come close.

And at he says (referencing Gnon, the backwards acronym for Nature or Nature’s God):

We like to say we’re the people who face reality in all its harshness; we try to act with the will of Gnon, rather than against it. Well, Gnon says that Leftist egalitarian nonsense is a really good way to organize and motivate large numbers of people so you can seize power, and nobody has ever found a way to beat it. Nobody out here in NRx land has looked that forbidden eldritch truth in the face.

True. But Gnon—that is, observed reality—also tells us that leftism is not a way to keep power once you’ve gotten it, because “betray and backstab everybody else” is not a tenable grounding for a cohesive ruling elite. Leftism always fails because you can’t create cohesion based on an ideology of “Fuck cohesion.” Cf. the fates of Robespierre, Trotsky, etc.

This is not to deny the real truth and force of Contaminated NEET’s points. It is true, as he says, that leftism is “an extremely powerful and well-adapted memeplex, a miracle of [memetic] evolution.”

But while leftism is an impressively highly evolved memeplex for taking power, it is only for taking power; it can’t hold on to it on significant timescales. And there is no danger that leftists, having seized power, will then switch to an ideology of loyalty and actually practice what they preach, because leftism is primarily a personality type, not an ideology. “But wait!” you cry. “Doesn’t that contradict everything you’ve been saying about what an impressively evolved memeplex leftism is?” No, because the memeplex is only an excrescence of the personality type. Leftists couldn’t change what they are even if they wanted to. And if they could see the benefits of mutual loyalty, they wouldn’t be leftists in the first place.

But just letting leftists take power and waiting them out while they destroy themselves is not a good strategy, since they have a tendency to destroy everything else too. They slaughter people by the millions when they can, as the history of the twentieth century attests.

The leftist delight in genocide is especially chilling with respect to my nation, the USA, since our defining characteristic is that we do everything big.

So we are in world in which genocidal maniacs are more than halfway to absolute power, and just waiting them out isn’t really a good plan. Can we do better? Hmm.

I don’t think anyone has found a reliable, replicable way to beat leftism before it takes absolute power. To be sure, leftism collapses all the time, from its own insane unworkability, because “Fuck loyalty” is not an ideology that can sustain loyalty, “Kill people with stuff and take all their stuff” is not a long-run workable economic system, etc. But no one that I know of has ever actually beaten leftism before it takes total power— in a systematic, replicable way— as opposed to just waiting until it wins and then dies off due to its own unworkability. Perhaps this has happened and we don’t know about it precisely because it creates historical epochs with normal human society instead of leftism. We need to go digging into history to see if this has happened. Otherwise, we need to find a way to do it.

We’re just going to have to be the first, folks. No one ever walked on the moon until people walked on the moon. Let it be said, decades from now, that no one ever found a way to defeat the left before they took absolute power, until some people defeated the left before they took absolute power.

A major problem is that the lies of leftism— like “We just want to liberate everybody; we believe in freedom”— are not obviously lies until the left is in power, when they enslave everyone, and then it’s too late. We need, among other things, a way to teach every kid the actual historical record of leftism, that when they’re in power they enslave, torture, imprison, and mass-murder enormous numbers of people. And we have to do this in face of two opposing facts: One, leftists are experts at infiltrating institutions like educational institutions, so they simply squelch any attempt to teach children the horrors of leftism. Two, most people find it difficult to believe in the existence of pathological liars. The idea that someone like Noam Chomsky would bald-facedly deny the murders of the Khmer Rouge regime, even though he knew that happened, is not in most people’s headspace. Again and again the lying nature of leftists must be rubbed in people’s faces.

How can we do this? That’s one of the most important questions to be answered. We need to spread truth in the teeth of the fact that leftists are instinctive pathological liars and instinctive infiltrators, and they are instinctive censors; they have no compunctions about silencing those who would expose their plans.

Barring that, we’ll have to basically become preppers and try the “wait it out” strategy, for lack of an alternative.

Even Deep State Analysts See the Slide to Civil War

“We actually know now that the two best predictors of whether violence is likely to happen are, whether a country is an anocracy, and that’s a fancy term for a partial democracy, and whether ethnic entrepreneurs have emerged in a country that are using racial, religious, or ethnic divisions to try to gain political power,” Professor Barbara Walter of the University of California at San Diego told CNN last week. “And the amazing thing about the United States is that both of these factors currently exist, and they have emerged at a surprisingly fast rate.”

Walter serves on the CIA’s Political Instability Task Force, which assesses the health of countries around the world. The task force isn’t allowed to turn its gaze on its home country, but Walter did so on her own (she has a book on the topic coming out in January).

“The United States is pretty close to being at high risk of civil war,” she concluded.

UPDATE: I got this book from the library and lasted about ten minutes. It’s just leftist rhetoric saying, “We’re heading into a civil war and it’s all the right’s fault.” Don’t read it, or if you do, get it from your library; no need to give this leftist asshole any money. By the way, she works for the CIA, a terrifying fact.

Dana Milbank, Washington Post douchebag, also discusses Walter’s findings in a recent Op-Ed piece. Because Milbank is a howling cunt, he of course blames the slide toward civil war on “Trump” and “Trump supporters.”

A nation heading toward civil war:

The Two Most Likely Outcomes: Junta or Government as LARP

The pessimistic crowd thinks, or claims to think, that the left could successfully genocide traditional Americans. This is utterly detached from reality. Keep in mind that there are about 2.2 million members of the armed forces – counting reservists – and about 145 million Americans who report having a gun in their household. There are north of 390 million firearms in the US. People who say we can’t successfully fight without a leader are neglecting the role of sheer brute-force quantity.

Example: Two professional soldiers who have been training together for years and are total bad-ass professionals, against a million other people, who are not bad-ass professionals. Who do you think will win?

Right. So we agree on the basic point and we’re just quibbling about where the line is. (“We’re just haggling over the price,” as the old joke has it.) (1)

145 million divided by 2.2 million equals about 66. We don’t have to ensure that we take casualties at a ratio less than 1-to-1. We could take casualties at a ratio of 23 to 1… and still have 100 million of us left when the military has literally run out of soldiers! We could take casualties at 46 to 1 and still have 50 million of us left when the military is gone!

But of course even this take is absurdly pessimistic, since a large fraction of the soldiers – probably a majority – are not going to participate in a genocide of incorrect Americans and would in fact fight it. The notion that white army guys are going to round up white Americans and genocide them is fucking ridiculous on its face.

By the way, the military has a dictum for officers: “Never give an order that won’t be obeyed.” Obviously the existence of this dictum implies that orders are disobeyed sometimes. And the dictum is a response to disobedience of orders that fall well short of “genocide all politically incorrect people.”

Yes, you in the back, what’s your question? “Dude, what about the officer purge that the Biden Administration is trying to do right now?!” That’s the officers, not the guys with guns.

Most people who have thought seriously about this danger, e.g. the commentariat at Eric Raymond’s blog, including the ex-mil people, have always said the citizens would win. I mention Raymond’s blog for no particular reason, except that IIRC it’s where an ex-mil guy once weighed in with this fact: When the US military runs war games for this scenario the US civilian population always wins.

Yes it’s outrageous that they’d run such war games, but the results are encouraging.

I also think the pessimists and I have different goals in mind. My victory is preventing genocide, not to personally survive. I mean, I want to survive, of course, but my main concern is that the good guys prevail in the end. I get the sense that the “Waaaaah, we can’t win” crowd is actually thinking, “There’s no guarantee of a victory in which I, personally, am not injured or killed.” Of course there isn’t. We are contemplating total war. The question is which side is going to win, not whether one side is going to win without suffering so much as a scratch.

If you’re hoping for a victory in which you have no danger, I’ll just remind you that these are basically Communists straight out of the twentieth century: The first thing they’ll do if we don’t resist them will be to genocide us. Keep that in mind and let it stiffen your resolve. I get the sense that a lot of the “Wah, it’s no use fighting” crowd (wussies) are too young to actually remember the Cold War, the reality of the Soviet Union. They really will kill you. It’s the first thing they’ll do if they have the power to do it. In the last century they murdered as many as 100 million people all over the world. The first sign that the hard left has taken over a nation is mass-scale slaughter. So firm up your spine, because we have nothing to lose by, um, vigorously resisting them if and when they come for us.

How did 20th-century governments accomplish such megadeath? Lots of disarmed populations and, I think more importantly, the fact that people simply couldn’t believe that they’d do it. We have like 400 million firearms, and the history of the twentieth century. When the Sargent says to his soldiers, “Round these people up into the cattle cars for relocation,” both the soldiers and the people they’re ordered to round up know what it means: Take them to death camps for genocide. The soldiers will mostly disobey, and the people will resist because they know they’ll be murdered if they don’t.

We know that left-wing governments really will genocide their own populations. Attempts to do this can no longer be protected by the population’s sheer disbelief that a government would do such a thing.

It’s the same situation if they’re “only” coming to take your guns. They’re re-branded 20th century communists: Why do you think they want to disarm you?

Another thought: Unlike the goal of people like e.g. the Jimmists, my goal is not to take control of the government, nice though that would be. It’s to avoid being genocided. To do that we don’t actually need to get Chuck Schumer out of the Senate, etc. We just need to become a sufficiently hard target so that the bad guys with guns stop trying to kill us.

It won’t be long before all of their guys with guns just refuse to continue the attempted slaughter. After the people they try to slaughter have taken down say a third of them, I’m pretty sure the remaining two thirds will suddenly find a lack of interest in obeying orders to attack. Cops and Antifa shock troops will start calling in sick on those days, or they will simply flat-out refuse to follow such orders. What’s Pelosi going to do about it when she orders a bunch of Washington cops to (try to) assassinate some right-wingers and the cops say “No”?

Such outright refusals have happened lots of times, including recently. After one of the BLM episodes in Atlanta in 2020, cops in Atlanta started calling in sick/resigning. Good guy cops in Michigan refused to enforce at least one of Iron Dingbat Whitmer’s orders. And note that the Second Amendment sanctuary town, county, and state idea is spreading, with sheriffs flat-out announcing that they won’t enforce or allow the enforcement of unconstitutional disarmament measures. On the other end, lots of Trump’s Executive Orders, etc, were flat-out defiantly ignored by many people in the executive branch.

There just aren’t that many cops/mils who genuinely want to genocide people of incorrect skin color… let alone want to do it enough to risk death for it!

And cops who aren’t even willing to risk their pensions are not going to risk their lives.

So then what happens? One possibility is a palace coup in which the military or law enforcement guys with guns get pissed at the ridiculous orders to risk themselves for leftists’ genocide fantasy, and take out the leftist government. Then we have a military junta government, which compared to off-the-leash leftism is heaven on earth.

Another possibility is this: When the mil and cops stop obeying orders to round us up and kill us, we eventually realize that they’ve stopped and the enforcement mechanism for less extreme leftist edicts is also gone. The federal government becomes ineffectual. Lo, many an edict issues forth from the marble-lined sewer halls of Washington D.C., but the edicts are ignored. This will be an amusing (if you can ignore all the bloodshed that precedes it) new equilibrium: The President, House, and Senate continue to go through exactly the same Executive Orders and “passing of laws” and whatnot that they do today. And the laws are solemnly written into the Congressional Record. And nothing else happens. Joe Senator feels great because the New York Times continues to report, in a serious tone, on the bill he co-sponsored becoming law. And since nothing ever comes of that, except some ink is applied to some paper in Washington, everyone else is happy too.

We’ll have reached the state of Government as LARP.

In other words, we become like tons of other governments in the world. Consider some of the governments in the Americas, for example. Or this delightful factoid I heard about France years ago: Apparently in the early years of this century, some whackjobs in France decided to pass a law banning smoking in restaurants and cafes! (In France!) A few years later, the records for Paris showed that not one, not a single, ticket had been issued to anyone under this law. Enforcement was literally zero.(2) I’m sure that you, dear reader, can think of many examples like this from all over the world.

So in 2023 President Harris signs into law a requirement that every person, upon arriving to school or work in the morning, shout “I love transgenders!” three times. The law is written into the Congressional Record and is never heard from again.

Of course, SJWs will shriek with rage at the lack of compliance. That’s fine. Normal people are happy because it’s not enforced, and SJWs are happy because they have something about which they can shriek with pretend rage. Everybody wins!

(1) Another take on the point that quantity matters: If it doesn’t, then if you’re a right-leaning reader, why are you worried about immigration?

(2) And no, it wasn’t because compliance was 100%, duh. This is France. Glenn Reynolds (or someone) passed along an anecdote in which a guy was smoking in a café and serenely ignoring a French Karen who was telling him she was outraged at him. “You’re outraged,” he repeated blithely, continuing to smoke.

Reflections on the Currrent Situation

Something I wrote on January 9 but am just getting around to posting. I don’t think much has changed since then.

Weirdly, happily, I’m not in despair about the current situation.

Maybe I’m insane or maybe I’m still numb. Or maybe stoic masculine serenity somehow snuck up on me. Though my reaction when I’m stuck behind someone driving 45 mph in a 55 mph zone suggests otherwise. Maybe it’s just that I’m old enough to realize that nothing lasts forever, that “this too shall pass.” Indeed, that was my first post on this blog, which was simply a one-sentence quote of Bertolt Brecht: “Because things are the way they are, they cannot stay the way they are.” And this is especially true of things that set themselves against Gnon, which is the basic nature of the left.

Or maybe it’s that illusions are stripped away. After Trump’s surrender, we have learned that we cannot put too much trust in any one person. We learned this lesson at enormous cost. But those are the lessons you don’t forget. Indeed, when he was still sane, back in the GamerGate days, Vox Day repeatedly admonished people on the right not to have identifiable leaders, because that’s an easy attack point for the left. We must be decentralized and robust. And while being able to coordinate is very important, obviously, decentralization and robustness are too. (I wish I could say “I told you so” about this, but while I’ve thought this a lot in the last couple of months, I don’t think I ever said it on the record.)

It’s worth dwelling on this very important point. Especially since we now have no choice anyway. Any emergent leader who supports real democracy and freedom, from now on, is going to be very quickly neutralized by the left. He’ll get the Trump treatment, but faster. The left is now in power in the government, the media, the educational system, the Internet, and the culture in general. Obviously they are not going to simply allow someone like Trump (or what we thought Trump was) to rise to lead us again. We are going to have to fight the fight without a single leader, at least for the time being.

The black pill faction accepts this and whines, “Wah, we have to give up because we don’t have a leader.” If you are part of this faction: Bitch, please. Snap out of it and act like a man. Are you a right-wing man with a decent level of testosterone, or are you a whiny bitch-boy? Look, we all have pessimistic moments. I have them too. But you can’t take those moments and turn them into policy in your mind. You have to get past them. I’ve had moments since the night of November 3 when I was freaking out. I didn’t post at those times so I wouldn’t risk dragging others’ morale down.

It’s OK to have down moments. It’s normal. But you have to let them happen and get past them. Whether it’s fear or other negative emotions, the Litany Against Fear from Dune is apt on these kinds of topics:

“I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.”

Sometimes you have to let yourself experience a negative emotion so you can get past it.

As I wrote on December 23:

“I can’t tell whether Trump is going to do anything outside the system, even though it’s obviously too late to work within the system… If he concedes, don’t react emotionally. (I admit I’m going to have a hard time following my own advice here, but it’s OK to freak out for a couple of days. After that, time to think about how to proceed.)

Remember, if that happens it will just take us back to the scenario that most of the right has been expecting for decades.”

Remember that we never had any reason to realistically expect someone like what we thought Trump was to get into the White House. That was our crazy holy-shit-I-can-hardly-believe-it best-case scenario. Indeed, that it was so unbelievable is the whole reason he was able to win in 2016: The left couldn’t believe it either, so they didn’t do enough electoral fraud.

Don’t slit your freakin’ wrists, OK? If you want to keep your head down for the foreseeable future, that’s reasonable; it’s what I’m planning on doing.

And remember: The basic nature of the left is spitting in the face of Gnon. You can’t do that and get away with it. This a group of people whose moderate wing has the official position that men and women are equivalent! Their middle-of-the-road faction says that it’s good for women to act masculine and for men to act feminine (WTF?), and their extreme wing denies that men and women even exist! Nothing about this level of insanity is remotely sustainable. The left is always, even in their best-case scenario, in the position of a cartoon character who has walked over the edge of the cliff and hasn’t looked down yet. There is no such thing as a leftist regime that isn’t living on borrowed time. They know this too. You can see it in their eyes, even when they win. Have you ever known a leftist who was genuinely relaxed? I haven’t. At best, some of them act relaxed for show. (They do understand the value of propaganda… they have to, since they deny the value of reality.) The question is never whether they’ll fail; it’s only what the particular failure mode will be.

Well, this isn’t good

UPDATE: A couple of minutes after posting this I saw this concession video, which renders the speculations below moot. Among other things, he uses the phrase “new administration,” which is pretty goddamn unambiguous. Also, that’s not enough; he also has to throw his supporters who stormed the capitol over the side. What a contemptible end.


I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. It doesn’t look good. I see three possibilities, with some arguments for and against them:

  1. Trump cucked, exactly as he seemed to.
  2. Trump didn’t cuck, but was outmanuevered by the left, who have arrested him.
  3. Trump is playing 8-dimensional chess and some awesome kinetic stuff is going to happen soon. Ugh, I feel like kind of a whore even writing that, it’s such a stretch.

1. Trump cucked, exactly as he seemed to.

Supporting this view: He issued a deflated video telling everyone to go home. It’s not his words in that clip as much as his body language and tone of voice. He seems… done. Later he issued a tweet that finished, “Remember this day forever!” Those don’t sound like the words of a man whose message is, “We’re done for today boys; see you at the next battle!” They sound like the final words of a man before he rides off into the sunset.

He apparently issued a tweet though his social media director conceding the election, saying “there will be an orderly transition on January 20th.” People who are saying he didn’t really concede seem to be hung up on the fact that he didn’t use any form of the verb “concede.” Jesus, people.

By the way, if he did cuck, he is going to be Epsteined/Romanoved in short order, almost certainly before the end of this year. His tombstone should say,

Donald J. Trump, 1946 – 2021
Killed by normalcy bias

Against this view: Why didn’t he make an unambiguous statement like, “there will be an orderly transition to a Biden Administration on January 20th”?

Why was the statement from Trump’s social media guy Dan Scavino instead of Trump himself? Why not make an announcement on video or on TV? It’s not like the leftist media wouldn’t cover a concession by Trump! Why no official White House announcement? Instead we get an announcement that can be read as ambiguous by someone who wants to find ambiguity, and is issued by a source other than Trump. It’s all quite weird.

2. Trump didn’t cuck, but was outmaneuvered by the left, who have arrested him.

Supporting this view: Trump hasn’t been seen anywhere in person since yesterday, January 6. (If he has, and there is video with a reliable claim about the date and time, do let me know in the comments.)

And yesterday there was this announcement on the DoD website:

“Chairman Milley and I just spoke separately with the Vice President and with Speaker Pelosi, Leader McConnell, Senator Schumer and Representative Hoyer about the situation at the U.S. Capitol. We have fully activated the D.C. National Guard to assist federal and local law enforcement as they work to peacefully address the situation. We are prepared to provide additional support as necessary and appropriate as requested by local authorities. Our people are sworn to defend the constitution and our democratic form of government and they will act accordingly.”

Note there’s nothing about Trump in that announcement. His absence is glaringly, pointedly, conspicuous. It’s so conspicuous it almost has to be intentional.

And his banning from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram quells any questions about why he’s not posting. Because he was banned, you see! The real reason being that he’s under forced sedation in a windowless basement cell somewhere.

This is another case in which he is going to be Romanoved soon, though at least he’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that he tried.

Against this view: For this to have been pulled off, there would have to be an almost unbelievable amount of treason in the Secret Service: More than half of Secret Service agents would have to be traitors in on the plot. Or, only a select few, but someone was in a position to schedule their hours on duty to put them all on at the same time. That’s less implausible because it would only require one person for scheduling.

Also, in this case they have to hold him incommunicado for at least the next two weeks, until after Biden’s swearing-in ceremony. What’s their believable story for that?

3. Trump is playing 8-dimensional chess and some awesome kinetic stuff is going to happen soon.

Meh. But OK:

Supporting this view: He hasn’t said anything because it’s crucial to avoid any evidence that the Deep State could use to figure out where he is. Any communication could potentially be traced back.

He knows what happened to Epstein and there’s no way he’s stupid enough to miss that the left has the same plan lined up for him. He knows he has nothing to lose by fighting and he has been planning for this since at least Epstein’s murder.

Against this view: There is such a thing as normalcy bias; that’s why the phrase “normalcy bias” exists. And Trump, who was born in 1946, possibly cannot conceive of the idea of the United States of America actually falling to the hard left. It simply isn’t something that his brain can process.

If you had to bet your life, what would you bet? I’d bet on Occam’s Razor, that the whole thing is exactly what it seems to be: Trumped had a failure of brains and balls. He can’t see that we are in the process of a communist takeover, and he can’t allow himself to see that the only way to stop that now involves a lot of bodies dropping. It’s all just too scary and outside the world he knows for him to see it, to allow himself to see it.

True Names

The American Conservative quotes one Maggie Gallagher:

In 2002, the sociologist James Davison Hunter gave an extraordinary talk to Church leaders. Most Christians, he said, think of culture as the values in individual hearts and minds, and imagine therefore that changing culture is the task of evangelising individual hearts and minds. Hunter called this view of culture “pervasive” and completely wrong. “If one is serious about changing the world,” he said, “the first step is to discard this view of culture and how cultures change, for every strategy based upon it will fail – not most strategies, but all strategies.”

Culture, instead, is a form of capital, a kind of power. But what sort of power? “It starts as credibility, an authority one possesses which puts one in a position to be taken seriously,” Hunter said. “It ends as the power to define reality itself. It is the power to name things.”

A culture war is a struggle over who has the power to name what is real.

Is a man in a dress a woman or is he a man in a dress?

Is blatant electoral fraud in which the result radically changes immediately after election observers are kicked out blatant electoral fraud, or is it the legitimate outcome of the election?

And so on.

That last line again:

A culture war is a struggle over who has the power to name what is real.

January 20: The Unimaginable Date

The shitstorm that we’re in only has two basic outcomes, either Trump fights (for real) or he doesn’t fight and walks out of the White House, and both outcomes are unimaginable to me.

On the one hand, I can’t imagine Trump fighting.

He has a tendency to wing it instead of preparing, a tendency which has been obvious since his debates with Hillary Clinton in 2016.

He also is laboring under normalcy bias, which has become most evident since the election of November 2020. He really seemed to think the courts would side with him, merely because he has logic, reason, fact, justice, truth, law, and common sense on his side. What planet has the man been living on? This is a Supreme Court that just a few years ago “found” that the Constitution mandates recognition of homosexual marriage.

As I noted in my last post, he whines on Twitter about the brazen corruption of it all. Yes, Donald, everyone knows it’s corrupt, but what are you going to do about it?

Furthermore, he seems to not understand that his supporters in government must be physically protected if they are to do the right thing and support him. When the leftist mob is threatening to kill election officials and their families who don’t cave in to the left, does Trump not understand that some of them will require armed, physical protection to be willing to do the right thing? It’s all well and good to own a firearm, but people have to sleep sometime… and Trump’s average supporter doesn’t have a hundred guys with sniper rifles on the roof of his house protecting him. Does Trump really not get this? He seems not to. And then he whines that people who are being threatened with death aren’t supporting him to the extent that they should. Trump, send federal marshals to protect key people, and arrest those who make the threats. Yes, of course the left and the courts will say this is illegal. Who cares? They say everything you do is illegal. Ignore them. No normal person is going to condemn you for protecting people and prosecuting those who threaten to kill them.

The man seems extremely confused about who the proper first mover is in this scenario. He’s the freakin’ leader. Properly, first he demonstrates that he will fight – not just that he might fight – then the rest of us start fighting. Trump seems to think that the appropriate sequence is, all his supporters start fighting, even if we don’t know that he’s even going to try to protect us or lead us into battle, and then he starts fighting. WHAT THE UNHOLY FUCK?! It’s hard to believe that any functional adult could be so stupid, but it’s also pretty hard to read his recent behavior any other way.

On the other hand, I can’t imagine Trump NOT fighting.

He knows better than anyone that the left cheated. He knows Biden did not win the election. He knows that if he simply leaves the White House on January 20 then he will be letting someone who did not win take the White House.

He must know that this contest is for all the marbles forever. If the left cheated once and got away with it, why wouldn’t they cheat in the future? That they cheated proves they don’t have moral qualms about cheating. That they won proves to them that there is a benefit to cheating. And if they’re allowed to get away with it, it will prove to them that they will suffer no punishment for cheating. Why WOULDN’T they continue to cheat forever?

In fact, they’ll have more incentive to cheat in the future than they did this time, because the risk is proven to be zero. When they cheated this time, they would have (if rational) figured that there was some small probability that they’d be caught and punished. But they judged it was worth the risk and went ahead. Now that they haven’t been punished, even that small probability of punishment has vanished.

Surely all of that is obvious to Trump. It would be obvious to a retarded two-week-old baboon.

Trump certainly knows about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and all the rest who are openly calling for enemies lists of people who supported him.

Leftists are calling for persecution of him and his family after he leaves office. They’re calling him a “traitor” and accusing him of “treason.” For my non-US readers, the punishment for treason in the US is death.

Trump knows about Epstein, who was brazenly murdered in a planned murder in prison, with the guards who turned off the cameras, or allowed the assassins to turn off the cameras, suffering no punishment. And Trump knows the left regards him as a higher-value target than Epstein.

Trump obviously knows about all the assassination attempts against himself that we know of, plus (presumably) more that weren’t made public because that might have exposed vulnerabilities in his security arrangements.

Surely he has advisors who have told him what happened to King Louis XIV during the French Revolution and what happened to Czar Nicholas II during the Soviet Revolution. Surely he has someone who has explained to him what it means when leftists are openly referring to him as a “Romanov.” And even if none of his people caught any of that, he obviously knows what happened to Epstein!

So even if he doesn’t care about democracy – and I’m pretty sure he does – he certainly knows that for him it has come down to only two possibilities, (1) fight and win, or (2) die.

But he’s not acting like he knows it.

What will happen?

The philosopher Celia Green once said that either the universe had a beginning or it didn’t, and either way it is inconceivable to the human mind. This is how I feel about our current situation. On or before January 20, either we will be in hot civil war or we’ll have given up our democracy forever. Each possibility is unimaginable to me, yet one of them is going to happen.

The Bad Outcome is Possible, So Emotionally Brace For It

I can’t tell whether Trump is going to do anything outside the system, even though it’s obviously too late to work within the system. Thus some thoughts on what happens if he walks away without fighting. If he concedes, don’t react emotionally. (I admit I’m going to have a hard time following my own advice here, but it’s OK to freak out for a couple of days. After that, time to think about how to proceed.)

Remember, if that happens it will just take us back to the scenario that most of the right has been expecting for decades. Recall that discussion has always occurred in right-wing forums about what would happen if the left ever really Went For It. (E.g., Eric Raymond’s blog is one place where this discussion has taken place occasionally.) In all those discussions that I recall, it was just assumed that the left wouldn’t try it until a Dem was in the White House. It has been easy to forget that during the Trump years.

And then there’s 2012’s What I Saw At The Coup by Matt Bracken.

Never before 2016 did we even envision the possibility that someone like Trump would actually get to the White House! So if he pussies out it’s just back to how we were thinking about things up until November 2016. Occam’s Razor says to me that Trump wussing out is more probable than not, so we must take that possibility seriously for planning purposes.

What prompts that last sentence? Steel yourself for a black pill before reading, OK?

Here’s Trump’s recent (December 16) tweet about a high school changing its name from Abraham Lincoln High School to something else (because Lincoln was a white supremacist or whatever):

“So ridiculous and unfair. Will people never make a stand!”

He’s the President, and he’s whining that someone should do something.

God help us.

So that’s why we must plan realistically for a Trump concession. By the way, he might leave the White House without officially “conceding,” as if that matters. So…

If God forbid I read a headline like “Trump concedes,” or “Trump leaves White House,” even I will be put on my back foot. But after that, it’s time to dust yourself off and think about what you’re going to do. Are you going to give up? I can’t blame you if you do. One of the thoughts that’s been ringing through my head in the last week or so is, “If even the President – a guy with a security detail and a fucking army – won’t fight, then why the fuck should I stick my neck out?” Mr. Someone Should Do Something seems to think that those of us who don’t have a security force of dozens of guys with machine guns should take risks that he himself is not willing to take. What the fuck?

I don’t even know what I’m going to do in that case. It might be time to just pull your head down and think about personal survival during the Left-Wing Reign of Peace and Happiness.

I’m just saying, don’t make the decision emotionally; let it ride at least a few days.

And God willing, the headline we’ll actually read will be, “Trump has Biden and Harris arrested for electoral fraud,” or something like that.

Whether or not he calls up the militia or whatever, it’s time to start thinking about self-defense and related topics.

Trump, just make a f—ing decision

(1) I hope you’re not thinking, “I can’t go kinetic because then normies will think I’m a dictator.”

Normies don’t matter. Anyone who hasn’t chosen a side by now will never choose a side.

And if the left is allowed to get away with massive vote fraud this time, they’ll do it forever, so if we lose this, we lose forever.

(2) I hope you’re not thinking, “I don’t have enough military guys on my side.”

You have tens of millions of armed and chomping-at-the-bit American citizens who know the left stole the election and are looking to you for the order to start fighting.

(3) I hope you’re not thinking, “I just need a few more days/weeks to get some pieces into position…”

General Patton: “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

And the morale of your troops is crucial in war, and bleeding away awfully fast as we watch your inaction.

(4) I hope you’re not thinking, “Hey, they can’t do that!” Yes, everyone knows the election was fraudulent. The question of our age is whether whining “TOTALLY UNFAIR!!!” on Twitter is going to change anything.

The risk calculus is extremely simple: If we fight, we might lose; if we don’t fight, we definitely will lose.

(5) I’m not assuming you’re going to concede, but if you are— God forbid!— you owe us a concession now. You have a moral obligation to let us know, immediately, that you’re giving up so we can start planning for survival in the New Regime.

But I hope you don’t give up. It’s time, and beyond time, to go to the Outside the Box option.

But one way or another, you are obligated to make a choice.

You’re the President. Who else are you expecting to make this decision?

(6) Leftists are now openly referring to you as a Romanov. Comprehension question: Did the czar’s abdication save him or his family? The answer may surprise you!

I guess if that doesn’t convince you that you have nothing to lose by fighting, then nothing will.

(7) I am the humblest private in your army of millions. It’s sad that I have to tell you this, but:

Jesus, man, just make a fucking decision.