The Role of Ideology in Leftist Violence

At some of us had a debate about the role of sincerely held beliefs among leftists, particularly in the left’s internal power struggles. At first the debate shed rather more heat than light, but it was ultimately worth it because it culminated in the following very good comment from the blog proprietor.

While one should not treat the claim that the owner of an applecart is oppressing the proletariat, causing global warming, or whatever, as sincerely held, nor suppose they give a tinker’s dam about the sufferings of the proletariat or the temperature of the earth, one does need to take seriously what their story implies about what apple cart they are coordinating to knock over, and what mob they are assembling to knock it over.

These are not individual conflicts, Stalin versus Trotsky, but struggles over Schelling points for group coordination.

Trotsky was a purer communist than Stalin, because his communism was unconstrained by practical economic considerations. Since there had been repeated cycles of the ever lefter grabbing power from the insufficiently left, his purity was likely to result in him grabbing power from Stalin, which was undoubtedly the real motive behind such lunatic purity and the real reason for Stalin crushing the Trots – but such purity was likely to result in someone grabbing power from Stalin, regardless of what happened to Trotsky. The ideas, rather than Trotsky himself, were the threat.

Ideas matter. And they still matter even when they should not be taken seriously. They may not be the real motives for the left’s actions, but they are the real mechanism for left coordination to take action.

The details of Trotsky’s superior purity are irrelevant, uninteresting, hypocritical, and not sincerely held. And in this sense, it would be pointless to pay attention to the ideological argument. But the argument was real enough regardless. Stalin was impure, because concerned with practical consequences. His reasoning that Trotskyism was “objectively fascist” was that it was likely to have stupid and disastrous practical consequences that the fascists would be happy about.

Consider the question, “Are internal power struggles among leftists about ideology?” As with Hofstadter’s Godel, Escher, Bach, the correct answer to this question is not “Yes” or “No” but “Mu.”

The left’s attitude toward ideas is on the whole one of brutally amoral cynicism. Yet they can take conflicts over ideological questions very seriously indeed. This is because the stakes are often life and death. If you don’t already know, look up what happened to Robespierre and Trotsky. (I could tell you, but it will have more impact if you discover it yourself.) It is not only that the “ideas” are used as weapons to justify taking power, killing people, etc. They are also used as coordination mechanisms to settle on just who is going to be attacked in the first place.

The particular ideology the left coordinates on determines who is going to be attacked, and at the same time, why they are going to be attacked. In fact the Why determines the Who: If “racism” is the big problem, then it’s whites who are to be attacked; if pollution is the problem, then corporations. If “left deviationists,” then Trotsky. Etc.

The ideologies are both the terrain on which the ideological battle is fought and the weapons with which it is fought. They are at the same time the prize for which such battles are fought, since the winner of the ideological battle has won the power to coordinate and direct violence.

So again: “Are internal power struggles among leftists about ideology?” From a behavioral empiricist point of view, all that is going on is that evil people are engaging in gang war, both against targets in the broader society and against each other. But because coordination is all-important in war, an immense amount of energy is devoted to proving that one’s own gang has the correct ideology and opposing gangs are incorrect. It must be so, because the stakes are life and death.

Thus the apparent paradox:

Leftists, who are utterly cynical in terms of taking ideas seriously, treat ideas with the seriousness of a gutter knife fight.

Miscellany 30: Miscellany Beats Four Aces

(1) Summer 2022: I just found out that General Butt Naked is an actual person!!!

Until then I thought “General Butt Naked” was just a metaphor that Jim of Jim’s Blog had made up.

Actual quote: “When I’m naked I activate my spiritual powers faster.”

O brave new world, that has such people in’t.

(2) LOL: Boston Pride committee acknowledges its systemic racism and disbands over QTBIPOC criticism

July 2021

Boston Pride, a group advocating for the LGBTQIA+ agenda, acknowledged systemic racism within its own organization and disbanded.

The board of directors released a statement explaining the reasons for their disbanding…

“It is clear to us that our community needs and wants change without the involvement of Boston Pride. We have heard the concerns of the QTBIPOC community and others. We care too much to stand in the way,” the statement continued.

“Therefore, Boston Pride is dissolving,” they added. “There will be no further events or programming planned, and the board is taking steps to close down the organization.”

Related: Another leftist group commits suicide over self-confessed “racism”: Auckland chapter of New Zealand’s School Strike 4 Climate group admits racism and disbands

(3) Vox Day quotes an article that says,

The Dalai Lama has sparked controversy after he once again defended White nationalism. [Eye roll.] The elderly monk agreed with the statement that, “white people have a right to exist in their own countries.” Explaining himself, he stated, “I do not think a world without white people would be complete. We should celebrate the whole world’s diversity and that of course means nations being their own. I do not think a France without the French would be a good thing, but completely the opposite. I love all people.”

Going on, he stated that, “I can understand the sadness and despair of Europeans and Americans who worry about losing their countries. Immigrants should return to their own countries, especially those who are from safe places. When I travel to Berlin, I wonder, where are the Germans? I weep for what they have lost.”

(4) Commenter Fireball at, on J. K. Rowling getting daily death threats because of her opposition to the trans thing:

“The old leftists always forget that the revolution doesn’t stop where they are comfortable with it.”

Speaking of which: Police remove lesbians from LBGT parade in Cardiff because they confronted transvestites.

What you did to us is now being done to you. You normalized the politics of “Shut up, you bigot!” And now the politics you created are coming for you.

And again: Women’s rights activists are ‘silenced’ by trans-rights mob clad in black as Bristol anarchists tell feminists they are ‘next’…

And again: The Revolution does not stop where you are comfortable with it.

(5) Oh my God: In Iowa, a man gets sentenced to 1 year in prison for stealing a rainbow gay flag… and another 15 years in prison for burning it, as a “hate crime.”

(6) The three suspected shooters in this mass shooting are all black. Three people were murdered and 14 more were injured. For some reason, there is no front-page coverage of this in the national media. Huh.

For those who will yawn and say, “More leftist hypocrisy, so what?” the response is, Yeah, you may already know that, but somewhere out there are a fuck-ton of 18-year-olds whose political beliefs are just starting to form, and who don’t know it yet. The more we mention this sort of thing, the more those youngsters will happen upon it. One doesn’t call out leftist hypocrisy to shame leftists into stopping the hypocrisy. (As if.) One calls out leftist hypocrisy to draw it to the attention of those whose political beliefs haven’t jelled yet.

(7) “Isolated.” A ton of leftist rhetoric involves this as some sort of “threat.” That reveals what they fear. The latest example as of this writing in 2022 is Vladimir Putin, but there are tons of examples, e.g. Britain during the Brexit debates, etc.

Here’s an example regarding Putin: It has a screen grab of a tweet in which one Teri Schultz writes,

Estonian Premier @kajakallas is exasperated that Vladimir Putin’s phone line is so busy:

“If you really want him to get the message that he’s isolated,” she says, boiling it down. “Don’t. Call. Him.”


“In candid interviews and fly-on-the-wall footage captured by director Amanda Micheli in the summer of 2019, [Jennifer] Lopez tries to keep mum about speculation she’s the “front-runner” to headline the [Superbowl] halftime show. So when the announcement comes that September she’ll be joined by Shakira, Lopez’s team calls it a slight against both women, suggesting that the NFL doesn’t believe Latinas can command the world’s biggest stage solo.”

You cannot appease the woke. Putting not one but two Latinas onstage didn’t quell the accusations of being anti-Latina. And putting three, or three hundred, wouldn’t have done so either. The Left cannot be appeased. It can only be defeated.

Defeating the Leftist Memeplex

At, commenter Contaminated NEET says,

Leftism is weaponized envy, right? It’s all about knocking over applecarts to gather other people’s apples. Well, there are always going to be people with a lot more apples than the rest of us, and those without so many apples are going to envy and resent them for it. Leftism taps into this power. It’s not just a set of memes that happened to be lying around when the holiness spiral started; it’s a set of memes that justifies and harnesses envy on a mass scale. It’s an extremely powerful and well-adapted memeplex, a miracle of evolution; only the great world religions come close.

And at he says (referencing Gnon, the backwards acronym for Nature or Nature’s God):

We like to say we’re the people who face reality in all its harshness; we try to act with the will of Gnon, rather than against it. Well, Gnon says that Leftist egalitarian nonsense is a really good way to organize and motivate large numbers of people so you can seize power, and nobody has ever found a way to beat it. Nobody out here in NRx land has looked that forbidden eldritch truth in the face.

True. But Gnon—that is, observed reality—also tells us that leftism is not a way to keep power once you’ve gotten it, because “betray and backstab everybody else” is not a tenable grounding for a cohesive ruling elite. Leftism always fails because you can’t create cohesion based on an ideology of “Fuck cohesion.” Cf. the fates of Robespierre, Trotsky, etc.

This is not to deny the real truth and force of Contaminated NEET’s points. It is true, as he says, that leftism is “an extremely powerful and well-adapted memeplex, a miracle of [memetic] evolution.”

But while leftism is an impressively highly evolved memeplex for taking power, it is only for taking power; it can’t hold on to it on significant timescales. And there is no danger that leftists, having seized power, will then switch to an ideology of loyalty and actually practice what they preach, because leftism is primarily a personality type, not an ideology. “But wait!” you cry. “Doesn’t that contradict everything you’ve been saying about what an impressively evolved memeplex leftism is?” No, because the memeplex is only an excrescence of the personality type. Leftists couldn’t change what they are even if they wanted to. And if they could see the benefits of mutual loyalty, they wouldn’t be leftists in the first place.

But just letting leftists take power and waiting them out while they destroy themselves is not a good strategy, since they have a tendency to destroy everything else too. They slaughter people by the millions when they can, as the history of the twentieth century attests.

The leftist delight in genocide is especially chilling with respect to my nation, the USA, since our defining characteristic is that we do everything big.

So we are in world in which genocidal maniacs are more than halfway to absolute power, and just waiting them out isn’t really a good plan. Can we do better? Hmm.

I don’t think anyone has found a reliable, replicable way to beat leftism before it takes absolute power. To be sure, leftism collapses all the time, from its own insane unworkability, because “Fuck loyalty” is not an ideology that can sustain loyalty, “Kill people with stuff and take all their stuff” is not a long-run workable economic system, etc. But no one that I know of has ever actually beaten leftism before it takes total power— in a systematic, replicable way— as opposed to just waiting until it wins and then dies off due to its own unworkability. Perhaps this has happened and we don’t know about it precisely because it creates historical epochs with normal human society instead of leftism. We need to go digging into history to see if this has happened. Otherwise, we need to find a way to do it.

We’re just going to have to be the first, folks. No one ever walked on the moon until people walked on the moon. Let it be said, decades from now, that no one ever found a way to defeat the left before they took absolute power, until some people defeated the left before they took absolute power.

A major problem is that the lies of leftism— like “We just want to liberate everybody; we believe in freedom”— are not obviously lies until the left is in power, when they enslave everyone, and then it’s too late. We need, among other things, a way to teach every kid the actual historical record of leftism, that when they’re in power they enslave, torture, imprison, and mass-murder enormous numbers of people. And we have to do this in face of two opposing facts: One, leftists are experts at infiltrating institutions like educational institutions, so they simply squelch any attempt to teach children the horrors of leftism. Two, most people find it difficult to believe in the existence of pathological liars. The idea that someone like Noam Chomsky would bald-facedly deny the murders of the Khmer Rouge regime, even though he knew that happened, is not in most people’s headspace. Again and again the lying nature of leftists must be rubbed in people’s faces.

How can we do this? That’s one of the most important questions to be answered. We need to spread truth in the teeth of the fact that leftists are instinctive pathological liars and instinctive infiltrators, and they are instinctive censors; they have no compunctions about silencing those who would expose their plans.

Barring that, we’ll have to basically become preppers and try the “wait it out” strategy, for lack of an alternative.

SJW Attack on a Black Female Author of Gay Porn

If you think your demographic characteristics or your “Love wins” bumper sticker make you safe, you are dangerously out of contact with current reality.

Another day, another surreal accusation of hateful statements against…Gypsies?


The author, Stephanie Burke, is a long-time attendee and panelist at Fantasy/SciFi conventions like the one in Baltimore, Balticon. At the latest Balticon she was falsely accused of various statements of the type that that politically correct people like to screech about. I say she was falsely accused because the recording of one panel she spoke at turned up nothing “offensive,” a witness at another panel recalled nothing “offensive,” and when she requested to know the evidence against her, the accuser laughed in her face.

After being falsely and frivolously accused of making objectionable statements, she was roughly and loudly removed from yet another panel where she was scheduled to speak, in view of many audience members. Burke generally had her name dragged through the mud with bizarre accusations about insulting Gypsies and transgenders, the latter being particularly weird since she says she has a “transgendered daughter” herself.

Burke is a black woman with a transgendered child and she has written a book of gay porn gay romance. Here’s the link at Amazon (where it’s categorized as “Fantasy” for some reason). She also claims to have neurological issues, so she could play the “ablest” card.

None of this protected her.

In case you’re a leftist who is just starting to explore “right-wing” thought, or who wound up here by accident, this is why we have sayings like “The Left always eats its own,” “The Revolution devours its children,” etc. That last saying came from Jacques Mallet du Pan’s observations on the French Revolution in response to events like Robespierre being executed without trial by his fellow leftist revolutionaries, shortly after he recommended that… “counterrevolutionaries” be executed without trial. LOL. And remember how Trotsky died. These sayings exist because they’re true.

I imagine Stephanie Burke thought herself absolutely bulletproof: She’s a female, black, gay-porn writing, mother of a transgender, with neurological issues. Yet all that amounted to nothing. She might as well have been a straight white man in a MAGA hat.

Each individual leftist always has a bizarre fantasy that the revolution will stop precisely where he wants it to stop. Of course this is ridiculous. Leftism is a machine and once you’ve started it rolling downhill you cannot stop it where you please. Yes, this applies to you.

Or, to switch metaphors:

It’s easy to invite a vampire into your house, but getting it to leave again is another matter.

“My god is stronger than your god!”

Severian at Founding Questions has recently been thinking about Julian Jaynes’s “bicameral mind” theory. Halfway through the book I’ve decided I’m not a fan of Jaynes – his logical leaps based on irrelevant evidence can be quite, er, impressive. But as he notes, his theory has different parts, and some may be sorta true for some people even if other aspects are completely false. One part is that people in olden times used to hallucinate voices which they interpreted as instructions from gods or kings.

This part could apply in particular to leftists, by which I mean street-level leftists (not the leadership). Leftists were hit with the tag “NPC”— “non-player character”— for a reason. They can’t think, they have no desire to think, they don’t even know what thinking is. They just look around for authority to obey.

(Women are particularly notorious for this, among red-pilled men, but it’s a general phenomenon on the left.)

Leftists only care about which god/king is the strongest, and which god/king is the strongest is decided by which one has more adherents.

(Or perhaps it’s power-weighted adherents that matters. One famous sports star has as much weight as ten regular people, or whatever.)

This certainly could be one way of accounting for leftists’ baffling and infuriating total indifference to fact, truth, common sense, or even internal consistency. They simply don’t care about those things. They’re just looking around for the most powerful god. And the most powerful god is the one whose voice is most powerful. This accounts for the fact that to them, what’s on TV is what matters, pretty much by definition. TV is the voice of the god in modern society. If you’re saying something that’s opposed to TV, you’re opposing the only thing that matters, the voice of Authority. Leftists are utterly baffled by why you’d want to do that.

This is one of the reasons that their opposition to President Trump was so shriekingly disproportionate. Imagine that nothing matters to you but obeying and publicly repeating what Authority says. As long as Harvard, the New York Times, and the President all speak with one voice, no problem. But if Harvard and the New York Times say one thing and the President says the opposite… Disaster! Catastrophe! The end of the world! Two camps, both of indisputable Authority, saying opposite things! You don’t know whom to obey! This is what leftists have in place of cognitive dissonance. And it’s agonizing for them. Hypocrisy obviously does not bother them in the least. Saying that white people who flee black neighborhoods are evil, while being a white person fleeing a black neighborhood, doesn’t even register with them. But not knowing who to obey, that is the worst emotional and intellectual torture that it is possible for them to experience. And yet… of course they know that really it was Trump who was out of step with True Authority: He disagreed with what “journalists” and college professors said! That is literally the most heretical of all possible heresies! But still, the Presidency is nevertheless very real, undeniably important and valid Authority. Anything to stop this pain of divided Authority!

This explains the enraging tendency for leftists, noted by pretty much every person on the right, to be utterly immune to fact and logic 99% of the time… and if you do, miraculously, manage to wrest a concession about some issue from them, the next time you see them they’ll have done a complete memory wipe of the debate and tell you they kicked your ass in that debate. All the facts, logic, reason, arguments that you marshaled will have been forgotten, absolutely forgotten. Why? And how? Simple: They don’t actually care about any of those things. The voice of Authority is telling them something different from what you proved yesterday, ergo you cannot have proved it.

Today you get one of them to admit that, say, government policies were the preponderant cause of the mortgage bubble and collapse of circa 2008. “Thank God!” you think. “That took seven hours of debate but at least I made a tiny dent in leftism.” But lo and behold! When you see him the next day he tells you that you proved no such thing and that the mortgage collapse was entirely caused by greedy white male capitalist loan officers. He totally denies everything that he conceded less than 24 hours before, to an utterly shameless extent that would be gaslighting if he were doing it on purpose. But that’s not really what’s going on; he’s not thinking “Bwah ha ha; I shall now gaslight this person.” What’s going on is that within 5 seconds of leaving your presence he reboots and reinstalls the Official Party Line of Authority, and the Official Party Line of Authority is that the mortgage meltdown was caused by greedy white male capitalist loan officers.

(If he’s not totally goodthinkful leftist— that is, if facts sorta enter his head, in a dim way, once or twice a year— the rebooting may require that he hop onto the Net and read a sentence or two of some Op-Ed that appeared on CNN’s web site, which reminds him of what Authority’s official position is.)

Authority’s official position is a substitute for the truth in his little leftist NPC mind. It is isomorphic to the truth in the NPC mental topology. We have truth; they have “what Authority says.”

Authority’s Official Party Line is not necessarily truth— which does not exist in any important sense in the leftist mind— rather, Authority’s Official Party Line is What We Are Saying. What We Say is what Authority Says. Repeating What Authority Says is What We Do and the truth of the claims assertions propositions strings of words is not even a question that it occurs to leftists to ask, let alone care about.

We have truth; leftists have What Authority Says.

An example. Remember when you got up this morning. Think about the shirt you’re wearing now (shirt, dress, blouse, whatever). Remember how, before you put it on, you counted every thread in it to make sure that it doesn’t have a prime number of threads? Wait, what? You didn’t do that? It didn’t even OCCUR to you to do that? The thought never even entered your head? That’s how leftists are about the truth of the claims wordstrings they repeat. It literally never enters their heads to care whether they’re true or not. If they think about it at all, they think WE’RE the weird ones because we care about truth!

This also accounts for the bizarre leftist tactic in debate of saying “No one else agrees with you.” To them this is a devastating nuclear bomb. They expect you to be crushed. Or at least to care. That we brush it off and go on talking about facts probably baffles and frustrates them as much as their total indifference to facts baffles and frustrates us.

So we won’t make progress in defeating the broad mass of the leftist cadre until we take over the educational system and the media. Yikes. That’s not going to happen short of a no-foolin’ civil war. Luckily— “luckily,” snort— the left is bumbling us into one with their insanity and hysterical refusal to compromise about anything ever. Also, the domestic situation will be shaken up enormously, natch, if we get involved with a war with Russia, the world’s largest nuclear power. And that could happen if our insane NPCs don’t back off. And so far they’re refusing to back off…

Unexpected Admissions from the Media

March – early April 2022 we’re seeing some surprising admissions from the media: First they— including the New York Times and Washington Post— admit that the Hunter Biden story was legit. Here’s the New York Post discussing the other papers’ motives for acknowledging the story:

Then the Clinton campaign gets fined by the Federal Election Commission for electoral violations regarding the fake Steele dossier… and the media reports this!

From an article by Eric Tucker, Associated Press, circa March 20, 2022. Oligarchs drop their lawsuit over Trump dossier. (There’s that word “oligarchs” again. Empirically, it means: A rich person who’s a citizen of a country we’re currently doing a two-minute hate on.) There are a few interesting admissions in this article, all within one paragraph:

The Steele dossier has been largely discredited since its publication, with core aspects of the material exposed as unsupported and unproven rumors. A special counsel assigned to investigate the origins of the Trump-Russia probe has charged one of Steele’s sources for the dossier with lying to the FBI, and has also charged a cybersecurity lawyer who worked for Hillary Clinton’s campaign with lying to the FBI during a 2016 meeting in which he relayed concerns about Alfa Bank.

Here’s another piece, by Jill Colvin of the Associated Press, March 31, 2022: DNC, Clinton campaign agree to Steele dossier funding fine:

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee have agreed to pay $113,000 to settle a Federal Election Commission investigation into whether they violated campaign finance law by misreporting spending on research that eventually became the infamous Steele dossier…

Documents have shown the FBI invested significant resources attempting to corroborate the dossier and relied substantially on it to obtain surveillance warrants targeting former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

But the dossier has been largely discredited since its publication, with core aspects of the material exposed as unsupported and unproven rumors. A special counsel assigned to investigate the origins of the Trump-Russia probe charged one of Steele’s sources with lying to the FBI and charged a cybersecurity lawyer who worked for Clinton’s campaign with lying to the FBI during a 2016 meeting in which he relayed concerns about the Russia-based Alfa Bank.

What the hell is going on?

If you were naive you’d say, “The truth has to come out sooner or later, and for the left this is a good time to release it, because we’re now well after the time the 2020 election can be contested, and well before the 2024 election, and everybody is currently distracted by the Russia-Ukraine thing.” But that’s wrong because no, the truth does not have to come out sooner or later, not in the minds of the NPCs who are the media’s main target audience. The media doesn’t “have to” admit anything ever.

This isn’t, say, 1999, when the Internet was big enough to affect our politics and hadn’t yet been corralled into controlled spaces like Twitter, etc.

So I have three guesses hypotheses. They all involve a ramping up of factional war within the left. One hypothesis is that first some anti-Biden faction struck at the Biden faction by reviving the Hunter Biden story. Then the Biden camp, believing— rightly or wrongly— that the Clinton camp did that, struck at the Clinton camp by spreading the news that the Steele dossier was bullshit and that the Clinton camp has been fined for it.

My second hypothesis is that this is an anti-white faction within the left striking out at both the Clinton camp and the Biden camp to hasten the demise of white influence within the Democratic party.

Or maybe it’s the Kamala Harris faction— there is a Kamala Harris faction, I guess?— getting potentially inconvenient Dems out of her way for Her Turn.

Or maybe something else. But this definitely smells like intra-left fighting to me.

As I’ve remarked before, We now read the news like the citizens of the Soviet Union read their news.

Those of us with a clue do, anyway. One reads that the FEC has fined Clinton and asks, “How the fuck did THAT story get approved for publication? Who has both the power and motivation to do that?”

(Postscript: Kamala Harris getting the Big Prize would be very, very, very, very bad. But there would be a tiny silver lining, the smallest possible silver lining, a “quantum of solace,” if I may swipe a phrase from a Bond flick: Watching Hillary Clinton’s head explode literally, yes literally, like in that movie Scanners from decades ago, when some female other than Herself Clinton becomes the first woman President. Imagine Hillary seething with rage at that election result! I really hope that Harris never gets the Presidency (just saying it is scary). But if she does, God forbid, I hope she invites the Clintons to the inauguration.)

Leftists Eaten by Monsters They Created (part of an occasional series)

(Part 1 here.)

Robespierre: “We need a Reign of Terror.” French revolutionaries: “Okay! Au revoir, Robsy!”

Here’s a link at of some examples of communists killing leftist intellectuals:

The litany is depressing. Especially for any tenured radical drawing taxpayer money to cheer on the violence. Mao famously boasted of “burying 46,000 scholars alive” meaning he shipped them wholesale to concentration camps so they would shut up and die. Pol Pot’s radical communist movement famously executed intellectuals in the thousands, extending to anybody who wore glasses.

…This gives no pleasure to point out. [LOL, speak for yourself, dude.] None of us want radical leftists hanging from lampposts [that depends; did they assassinate people for having “wrong” politics? Cough Michael Reinoehl, cough], or executed in Che’s office for his entertainment.

LOL, lefties who supported the Castro regime can’t complain if they’re “executed in Che’s office for his entertainment.”

And then there’s Maximilien Robespierre.

Robespierre, a bloodthirsty power-mad leftist, explicitly argued that Louis XVI should not even be allowed the benefit of a trial for his alleged crimes:

Louis was a king, and our republic is established… Louis cannot therefore be judged; he already is judged. He is condemned, or the republic cannot be absolved. To propose to have a trial of Louis XVI, in whatever manner one may, is to retrogress to royal despotism and constitutionality; it is a counter-revolutionary idea… if Louis may still be given a trial, he may be absolved, and innocent. What am I to say? He is presumed to be so until he is judged. But if Louis is absolved, if he may be presumed innocent, what becomes of the revolution?

Note that Robespierre literally argues that Louis shouldn’t get a trial because he might be found innocent. There are few better examples of poetic justice in history, than Robespierre being executed by the revolution of which he was a leader.

It’s particularly delicious in that his execution came after he pulled a U-turn on his opposition to the death penalty for Louis:

As for myself, I abhor the death penalty… the death penalty is in general a crime, unjustifiable by the indestructible principles of nature, except in cases protecting the safety of individuals or the society altogether… But for a king dethroned in the bosom of a revolution, which is as yet cemented only by laws; a king whose name attracts the scourge of war upon a troubled nation; neither prison, nor exile can render his existence inconsequential to public happiness… With regret I pronounce this fatal truth: Louis must die so that the nation may live.

“With regret” my ass. He’s thirsting to see Louis executed.

Note too the recognition that the King was a natural coordination point/Schelling point for a possible counter-revolution. Robespierre lays down a lot of high-falutin’ language about “protecting the safety of society,” but much of what he’s really saying is, “People opposed to our rule might be able to resist our dominance more effectively if this guy is alive, so let’s kill him.”

After the politics of the Revolution escaped his influence, Robespierre, advocate of the Reign of Terror, was arrested and, the next day, executed without trial.

Bonus: There was an attempted Epsteining of Robespierre before his official execution:

Robespierre tried to kill himself with a pistol but managed only to shatter his lower jaw, although some eyewitnesses claimed that Robespierre was shot by Charles-André Merda.

Merda himself claimed to have shot Robespierre, so there would seem to be little doubt about the attempted Epsteining. Some things about the left never change. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose!

One could add innumerable other examples; Trotsky comes to mind. Maybe I’ll get to him in the future; watch this space!

But let’s get a little closer to home.

2020: Left-wing holiness spiral accelerates: NYT editor pressured into resigning after allowing thoughts his SJW employees don’t like.

For some reason this song comes to mind.

More examples at Reason magazine:

Anyone who still doubts that woke progressives can pose a material threat to the pursuit of truth should consider the case of David Shor. A week ago, as protests over the unjust police killing of George Floyd took place in major cities across the country, Shor—a 28-year-old political scientist at the Democratic consulting firm Civis Analytics—tweeted… research by Princeton University’s Omar Wasow, who has found that violent protests often backfire whereas nonviolent protests are far more likely to succeed. The impulse behind Shor’s tweet was a perfectly liberal one: He feels progressive reforms are more palatable to the public when protesters eschew violence.

But many progressive activists on social media didn’t care whether the impulse was liberal, or even whether it reflected reality. They denounced Shor as a racist for daring to scrutinize the protesters, even if his aim was to make them more effective. One activist accused Shor of using his “anxiety and ‘intellect’ as a vehicle for anti-blackness.” Then she tagged Civis Analytics, and invited the company to “come get your boy.”

Get him, they did. Civis Analytics promptly fired Shor.

Jim of Jim’s Blog has said that one of the reasons he left communism in his youth was that he noticed that “Right-wingers kill their enemies; left-wingers kill their friends.”

Left-wingers kill everybody, very much including other lefties.

Even Deep State Analysts See the Slide to Civil War

“We actually know now that the two best predictors of whether violence is likely to happen are, whether a country is an anocracy, and that’s a fancy term for a partial democracy, and whether ethnic entrepreneurs have emerged in a country that are using racial, religious, or ethnic divisions to try to gain political power,” Professor Barbara Walter of the University of California at San Diego told CNN last week. “And the amazing thing about the United States is that both of these factors currently exist, and they have emerged at a surprisingly fast rate.”

Walter serves on the CIA’s Political Instability Task Force, which assesses the health of countries around the world. The task force isn’t allowed to turn its gaze on its home country, but Walter did so on her own (she has a book on the topic coming out in January).

“The United States is pretty close to being at high risk of civil war,” she concluded.

UPDATE: I got this book from the library and lasted about ten minutes. It’s just leftist rhetoric saying, “We’re heading into a civil war and it’s all the right’s fault.” Don’t read it, or if you do, get it from your library; no need to give this leftist asshole any money. By the way, she works for the CIA, a terrifying fact.

Dana Milbank, Washington Post douchebag, also discusses Walter’s findings in a recent Op-Ed piece. Because Milbank is a howling cunt, he of course blames the slide toward civil war on “Trump” and “Trump supporters.”

A nation heading toward civil war:

Defining Leftism

At HerbR provides a good list of definitions of leftism:

– De Jouvenel AKA HLvM [high and low vs. the middle]: Elites weaponizing underclass (collectively “left”) against middle class (“right”).
– Cladistic: Leftist ideologies all share common memes and derive from common ancestor(s).
– Social-network: Leftism inferred from personal/institutional ties, parties attended, etc.
– Antinomian: Christian definition, elevating “divine grace” over established law, usually to describe Puritan/Quaker movements.
– Revolutionary: Actual etymology of “Left/Right”, the revolutionaries vs. royalists – more generally, hatred of non “consensual” authority.
– Economic: Leftism as destruction/”redistribution” of capital, rightism as capital creation.
– R/K: Leftism/rightism as manifestations of different reproductive strategies (r and K, like rabbit vs. wolf).
– Status-maximizing: Leftists as “sociopathic status maximizers”, best to just google it.
– Warrior/priest: Jim Lite, leftism as priestly rule, rightism as warrior rule.
– Game-theoretical: Leftism as defect/defect, rightism as cooperate/cooperate.
– Thermodynamic: Leftism as social entropy, that which creates disorder and regresses us to a more primitive state without constant energy input.

But this list isn’t supposed to be a “pick any one you want” buffet, the reason the list exists is that all of the models have some predictive power (some more so than others) and none of them are complete.

Here’s my take on the main (not the only) defining feature of leftism:

Leftists are people who want the unearned.

Welfare recipients are an obvious example but a lot of it is more subtle, e.g. demands for employment via affirmative action.

But it’s not only people who want unearned money, jobs, etc.

It’s also that fat chick who doesn’t want to exercise or go on a diet, and who demands that beauty standards be overturned so that she’s considered attractive (LOL).

It’s that “Oscars So White” movement demanding that more honors for great acting be awarded to black actors. Not with any reason provided, just there “aren’t enough” Oscars awarded to black actors.

It’s people who say the safest possible things in our society and expect to be praised for their courage. An NFL player came out as homosexual a few months ago and articles on his announcement were constantly calling him “brave,” “courageous,” etc., even though there is nothing safer in the current US than announcing that one is homosexual.

Leftist psychology is eternal. C.S. Lewis portrayed the contemptible demand to call playing it safe “courageous” in 1945: In his novel The Great Divorce there’s a conversation in the afterlife between two souls who were friends in life. One was a priest, and they are talking about their attitude toward religious matters when they were alive:

“It all turns on what are honest opinions.” [the non-priest says.]
“Mine certainly were. They were not only honest but heroic. I asserted them fearlessly. When the doctrine of the Resurrection ceased to commend itself to the critical faculties which God had given me, I openly rejected it. I preached my famous sermon. I defied the whole chapter. I took every risk.”
“What risk? What was at all likely to come of it except what actually came — popularity, sales for your books, invitations, and finally a bishopric?”

Lewis wouldn’t have bothered to satirize such outrageous claims of courage unless they were prevalent in his day. This crap didn’t originate with wokeness. Some details of leftist politics change over time, but there is a definite leftist psychology, and its basic features never change.

Hilariously Grandiose Commentary on the Gay NFL Guy

Back in July, Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib announced that he is homosexual, thus becoming the first active NFL player to do so. The commentary on this was over the top, as one would expect in CURRENT YEAR. Here are three examples.

Frank Bodani, York Daily Record

“He may well become a beacon for acceptance, in light of his historic Monday announcement regarding his sexual orientation.”

Right, because our society doesn’t have enough acceptance of homosexuality. Meanwhile, back in reality, gay couples are profligately featured on television, both in the programming and in advertisements.

What involves greater risk – THESE DAYS, NOT 100 YEARS AGO – saying you’re homosexual or saying you’re anti-homosexual?

PS: “historic.” Oh, shut up.

“Arians, a York High graduate, owns the most diverse staff in the NFL. His Super Bowl-winning Bucs are the only team with four African-American coordinators and two full-time female coaches.”

Have I been dosed with enough hallucinogens to fell a horse, or did this guy just suggest that there aren’t enough blacks in the NFL?

Then we get a quote from Nassib’s former coach at Penn State, James Franklin:

“Carl’s brave announcement will forge a path for others to be true to their authentic self.”

FOR FUCK’S SAKE! Sometimes I feel like I could handle the propaganda blast if it weren’t so intelligence-insulting. Stop saying that coming out in 2021 is “brave”!

Bodani provides this side note:

“Franklin, meanwhile, is the first African-American head coach in Penn State history.”

Franklin is Penn State coach, and not Joe Paterno, because Paterno was fired for covering up the gay child sex assaults that happened under his watch.
Do an article on that gay guy, Bodani!

Mike Freeman, USA Today

The headline: “Carl Nassib’s coming out doesn’t just make history. Raiders DL [defensive lineman] could save lives.”

Oh for fuck’s sake! “Could save lives.” This is the most grandiose thing you could say. If you’re a leftist, notice that your “thought leaders” aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they’re just trolling you now.

The article begins,
“To fully understand just how brave, how stunning, how historic it is…”
GOD! HELP US! PLEASE! Not so much from the gay as from the screaming insults to our intelligence!

Reality check: In 2021, Nassib’s announcement is not in the least brave, not in the least stunning, and not in the least historic.

So brave! Meanwhile, back in reality, it’s literally the safest thing that a white male could do. He can’t change himself to a female and he can’t change himself to black, so announcing that he’s gay is the only way he can acquire political correctness points.

Actually, according to the reigning ideology, he could change himself to female by simply announcing that he’s female. OK, so it’s one of the two safest things he could do. Being safe, huddling behind an identity politics politically correct SJW victim shield is, speaking precisely, the exact opposite of brave. In our society it is the very definition of riskless playing it safe.

So of course the left claims that it’s “brave,” with their perverted sexual fetish for saying the exact opposite of the truth.

Freeman continues,

“All of those things [“hate,” etc.] likely forced a legion of NFL players to stay cloaked and hide who they truly were. They couldn’t publicly say they were gay because they might be physically attacked in the locker room. Or cut by the team. Or any number of other things that could have destroyed them or their careers.”

“Might be,” “could have…” Typically, the left is trying to get people outraged about things that never actually happened.

“Former NFL player Roy Simmons came out after his NFL career. When he published a memoir in 2006, the NFL denied his application for a radio row Super Bowl credential.”

Bullshit. It’s not clear what this means, but it seems Simmons requested press credentials for the 2006 Superbowl… three days before it (see below). Freeman nastily implies that Simmons’s request was denied because he was homosexual. He offers no evidence to support this claim. He uses the slimy phrasing “When he published a memoir in 2006, the NFL denied his application…” No, it wasn’t denied “when” he published his book. Slimy insinuations without evidence from the left. I’ve been studying leftists for decades and they still disgust me.

Per Wikipedia’s article on Simmons: “In 2006, three days before the Super Bowl, Simmons requested a media credential and two tickets to the game. The NFL denied his request, saying that it had received too many similar requests to accommodate all of them.”

Well, yes, I imagine that the requests for free tickets to the Superbowl— the largest sporting event in the US— far outstrip their availability. Especially if you don’t ask until three days before it! By the way, Wikipedia also mentions that Simmons tried to get all victimy about this, with the help of… wait for it… Gloria Allred, the ambulance-chasing lawyer who is so frequently on the scene when there’s a leftist cause to be litigated.

“What Nassib has done is help make being gay in the NFL less something to fear. But it’s bigger than even that. His announcement may have saved lives.”


“Maybe a troubled LGBTQ teen, some of whom contemplate suicide, according to surveys, will see Nassib’s words and…”


NFL practice squad gay Michael Sam “has said in interviews that the first time he truly understood the power of coming out was after a girl told him his announcement saved her life. She had been bullied and had been on suicide watch.”


“‘I decided to be the shield and the sword,’ Sam said…”

OK, well thanks for not getting too grandiose or anything.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell refuses to be outdone in terms of breathless rhetoric:

“The NFL family is proud of Carl for courageously sharing his truth today,” Goodell said in a statement. “Representation matters. We share his hope that someday soon statements like his will no longer be newsworthy as we march toward full equality for the LGBTQ+ community. We wish Carl the best of luck this coming season.”

“The NFL family.” Ugh. Shut up, Goodell.

“is proud of Carl” For what? Being homosexual? How is that an accomplishment?

“for courageously sharing his truth” It’s not courageous! Nothing is safer in CURRENT YEAR than announcing that one is homosexual! Stop lying!

Since being homosexual is not an accomplishment (as admitted by the “gay community” themselves, since they say they’re born gay and can’t help it) there’s no way to praise being homosexual other than by pivoting, i.e. changing the subject. In our society in CURRENT YEAR, the pivot is to claiming that it’s dangerous to announce that one is homosexual (as if) and so such announcements are “brave.” Ugh. Just shut up, you intelligence-insulting douchebags.