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Though I am curious about what they used for lube in Mississippi in the 1800s

Here are some quotes from the USA Today article “5 books not to miss”, January 2, 2021. I present the entire list of books from the article with some of its commentary on the books, and the whole fucking thing is leftist cultural propaganda. You’d think that a tiny saving grace would be that, every once in a while, leftists would get bored of constantly spewing propaganda. Nnnnnnnope. They fucking love it!

  1. “The Prophets,” by Robert Jones Jr.

What it’s about: Jones’ powerful debut novel centers on a forbidden love between two enslaved gay men on an antebellum Mississippi plantation.

The buzz: Kirkus Reviews calls it an “ambitious, imaginative, and important tale of Black queerness through history.”

So two men fuck each other in the ass. Yeah, so?

  1. “Outlawed,” by Anna North

What it’s about: It’s 1894, and Ada is an outlaw. After a year of marriage and no pregnancy, in a town that hangs barren women as witches, the teenage wife joins the notorious Hole in the Wall Gang, a new safe haven for outcast women.

The buzz: “It’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ meets ‘True Grit’ in the best sense…”

  1. “A Lie Someone Told You About Yourself,” by Peter Ho Davies.

What it’s about: A family has a child after terminating an earlier pregnancy that yielded catastrophic test results and grapples with the decision made and the unending work of parenting.

  1. “Bone Canyon,” by Lee Goldberg

What it’s about: Eve Ronin, the youngest female homicide detective in LA, always feels like she has something to prove, but especially when a cold case heats up…

  1. “The Push,” by Ashley Audrain

What it’s about: Blythe never wanted to be a mother but changes her mind for a man she loves. But motherhood turns out to be everything she feared and her conviction that there is something deeply wrong with her daughter tears her family apart.

Summarizing: “Black queerness through history” plus “slavery!” (the Emacipation Proclamation was in 1863, more than 150 years ago) plus “Yay, abortion!” plus other forms of anti-natalism (“the unending work of parenting”) plus “women, oppressed by the Patriarchy as they are, have something to prove.”

Apropos of nothing, here’s a quote from Orwell’s 1984:

Winston turned a switch and the voice sank somewhat, though the words were still distinguishable. The instrument could be dimmed, but there was no way of shutting it off completely.

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Abusive Relationship Chart

Does any of this sound familiar?

You may be in an abusive relationship if they…

  1. Stop you seeing friends and family.
  2. Won’t let you go out without permission.
  3. Tell you what to wear.
  4. Monitor your phone or emails.
  5. Control the finances, or won’t let you work.
  6. Control what you read, watch, and say.
  7. Monitor everything you do.
  8. Punish you for breaking the rules, but the rules keep changing!
  9. Tell you it is for your own good, and that they know better.
  10. Don’t allow you to question it.
  11. Tell you you’re crazy, and no one agrees with you.
  12. Call you names or shame you for being stupid or selfish.
  13. Gaslight you, challenge your memory of events, make you doubt yourself.
  14. Dismiss your opinions.
  15. Play the victim. If things go wrong, it’s all your fault.
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Reflections on the Currrent Situation

Something I wrote on January 9 but am just getting around to posting. I don’t think much has changed since then.

Weirdly, happily, I’m not in despair about the current situation.

Maybe I’m insane or maybe I’m still numb. Or maybe stoic masculine serenity somehow snuck up on me. Though my reaction when I’m stuck behind someone driving 45 mph in a 55 mph zone suggests otherwise. Maybe it’s just that I’m old enough to realize that nothing lasts forever, that “this too shall pass.” Indeed, that was my first post on this blog, which was simply a one-sentence quote of Bertolt Brecht: “Because things are the way they are, they cannot stay the way they are.” And this is especially true of things that set themselves against Gnon, which is the basic nature of the left.

Or maybe it’s that illusions are stripped away. After Trump’s surrender, we have learned that we cannot put too much trust in any one person. We learned this lesson at enormous cost. But those are the lessons you don’t forget. Indeed, when he was still sane, back in the GamerGate days, Vox Day repeatedly admonished people on the right not to have identifiable leaders, because that’s an easy attack point for the left. We must be decentralized and robust. And while being able to coordinate is very important, obviously, decentralization and robustness are too. (I wish I could say “I told you so” about this, but while I’ve thought this a lot in the last couple of months, I don’t think I ever said it on the record.)

It’s worth dwelling on this very important point. Especially since we now have no choice anyway. Any emergent leader who supports real democracy and freedom, from now on, is going to be very quickly neutralized by the left. He’ll get the Trump treatment, but faster. The left is now in power in the government, the media, the educational system, the Internet, and the culture in general. Obviously they are not going to simply allow someone like Trump (or what we thought Trump was) to rise to lead us again. We are going to have to fight the fight without a single leader, at least for the time being.

The black pill faction accepts this and whines, “Wah, we have to give up because we don’t have a leader.” If you are part of this faction: Bitch, please. Snap out of it and act like a man. Are you a right-wing man with a decent level of testosterone, or are you a whiny bitch-boy? Look, we all have pessimistic moments. I have them too. But you can’t take those moments and turn them into policy in your mind. You have to get past them. I’ve had moments since the night of November 3 when I was freaking out. I didn’t post at those times so I wouldn’t risk dragging others’ morale down.

It’s OK to have down moments. It’s normal. But you have to let them happen and get past them. Whether it’s fear or other negative emotions, the Litany Against Fear from Dune is apt on these kinds of topics:

“I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.”

Sometimes you have to let yourself experience a negative emotion so you can get past it.

As I wrote on December 23:

“I can’t tell whether Trump is going to do anything outside the system, even though it’s obviously too late to work within the system… If he concedes, don’t react emotionally. (I admit I’m going to have a hard time following my own advice here, but it’s OK to freak out for a couple of days. After that, time to think about how to proceed.)

Remember, if that happens it will just take us back to the scenario that most of the right has been expecting for decades.”

Remember that we never had any reason to realistically expect someone like what we thought Trump was to get into the White House. That was our crazy holy-shit-I-can-hardly-believe-it best-case scenario. Indeed, that it was so unbelievable is the whole reason he was able to win in 2016: The left couldn’t believe it either, so they didn’t do enough electoral fraud.

Don’t slit your freakin’ wrists, OK? If you want to keep your head down for the foreseeable future, that’s reasonable; it’s what I’m planning on doing.

And remember: The basic nature of the left is spitting in the face of Gnon. You can’t do that and get away with it. This a group of people whose moderate wing has the official position that men and women are equivalent! Their middle-of-the-road faction says that it’s good for women to act masculine and for men to act feminine (WTF?), and their extreme wing denies that men and women even exist! Nothing about this level of insanity is remotely sustainable. The left is always, even in their best-case scenario, in the position of a cartoon character who has walked over the edge of the cliff and hasn’t looked down yet. There is no such thing as a leftist regime that isn’t living on borrowed time. They know this too. You can see it in their eyes, even when they win. Have you ever known a leftist who was genuinely relaxed? I haven’t. At best, some of them act relaxed for show. (They do understand the value of propaganda… they have to, since they deny the value of reality.) The question is never whether they’ll fail; it’s only what the particular failure mode will be.

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January 20: The Unimaginable Date

The shitstorm that we’re in only has two basic outcomes, either Trump fights (for real) or he doesn’t fight and walks out of the White House, and both outcomes are unimaginable to me.

On the one hand, I can’t imagine Trump fighting.

He has a tendency to wing it instead of preparing, a tendency which has been obvious since his debates with Hillary Clinton in 2016.

He also is laboring under normalcy bias, which has become most evident since the election of November 2020. He really seemed to think the courts would side with him, merely because he has logic, reason, fact, justice, truth, law, and common sense on his side. What planet has the man been living on? This is a Supreme Court that just a few years ago “found” that the Constitution mandates recognition of homosexual marriage.

As I noted in my last post, he whines on Twitter about the brazen corruption of it all. Yes, Donald, everyone knows it’s corrupt, but what are you going to do about it?

Furthermore, he seems to not understand that his supporters in government must be physically protected if they are to do the right thing and support him. When the leftist mob is threatening to kill election officials and their families who don’t cave in to the left, does Trump not understand that some of them will require armed, physical protection to be willing to do the right thing? It’s all well and good to own a firearm, but people have to sleep sometime… and Trump’s average supporter doesn’t have a hundred guys with sniper rifles on the roof of his house protecting him. Does Trump really not get this? He seems not to. And then he whines that people who are being threatened with death aren’t supporting him to the extent that they should. Trump, send federal marshals to protect key people, and arrest those who make the threats. Yes, of course the left and the courts will say this is illegal. Who cares? They say everything you do is illegal. Ignore them. No normal person is going to condemn you for protecting people and prosecuting those who threaten to kill them.

The man seems extremely confused about who the proper first mover is in this scenario. He’s the freakin’ leader. Properly, first he demonstrates that he will fight – not just that he might fight – then the rest of us start fighting. Trump seems to think that the appropriate sequence is, all his supporters start fighting, even if we don’t know that he’s even going to try to protect us or lead us into battle, and then he starts fighting. WHAT THE UNHOLY FUCK?! It’s hard to believe that any functional adult could be so stupid, but it’s also pretty hard to read his recent behavior any other way.

On the other hand, I can’t imagine Trump NOT fighting.

He knows better than anyone that the left cheated. He knows Biden did not win the election. He knows that if he simply leaves the White House on January 20 then he will be letting someone who did not win take the White House.

He must know that this contest is for all the marbles forever. If the left cheated once and got away with it, why wouldn’t they cheat in the future? That they cheated proves they don’t have moral qualms about cheating. That they won proves to them that there is a benefit to cheating. And if they’re allowed to get away with it, it will prove to them that they will suffer no punishment for cheating. Why WOULDN’T they continue to cheat forever?

In fact, they’ll have more incentive to cheat in the future than they did this time, because the risk is proven to be zero. When they cheated this time, they would have (if rational) figured that there was some small probability that they’d be caught and punished. But they judged it was worth the risk and went ahead. Now that they haven’t been punished, even that small probability of punishment has vanished.

Surely all of that is obvious to Trump. It would be obvious to a retarded two-week-old baboon.

Trump certainly knows about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and all the rest who are openly calling for enemies lists of people who supported him.

Leftists are calling for persecution of him and his family after he leaves office. They’re calling him a “traitor” and accusing him of “treason.” For my non-US readers, the punishment for treason in the US is death.

Trump knows about Epstein, who was brazenly murdered in a planned murder in prison, with the guards who turned off the cameras, or allowed the assassins to turn off the cameras, suffering no punishment. And Trump knows the left regards him as a higher-value target than Epstein.

Trump obviously knows about all the assassination attempts against himself that we know of, plus (presumably) more that weren’t made public because that might have exposed vulnerabilities in his security arrangements.

Surely he has advisors who have told him what happened to King Louis XIV during the French Revolution and what happened to Czar Nicholas II during the Soviet Revolution. Surely he has someone who has explained to him what it means when leftists are openly referring to him as a “Romanov.” And even if none of his people caught any of that, he obviously knows what happened to Epstein!

So even if he doesn’t care about democracy – and I’m pretty sure he does – he certainly knows that for him it has come down to only two possibilities, (1) fight and win, or (2) die.

But he’s not acting like he knows it.

What will happen?

The philosopher Celia Green once said that either the universe had a beginning or it didn’t, and either way it is inconceivable to the human mind. This is how I feel about our current situation. On or before January 20, either we will be in hot civil war or we’ll have given up our democracy forever. Each possibility is unimaginable to me, yet one of them is going to happen.

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The Bad Outcome is Possible, So Emotionally Brace For It

I can’t tell whether Trump is going to do anything outside the system, even though it’s obviously too late to work within the system. Thus some thoughts on what happens if he walks away without fighting. If he concedes, don’t react emotionally. (I admit I’m going to have a hard time following my own advice here, but it’s OK to freak out for a couple of days. After that, time to think about how to proceed.)

Remember, if that happens it will just take us back to the scenario that most of the right has been expecting for decades. Recall that discussion has always occurred in right-wing forums about what would happen if the left ever really Went For It. (E.g., Eric Raymond’s blog is one place where this discussion has taken place occasionally.) In all those discussions that I recall, it was just assumed that the left wouldn’t try it until a Dem was in the White House. It has been easy to forget that during the Trump years.

And then there’s 2012’s What I Saw At The Coup by Matt Bracken.

Never before 2016 did we even envision the possibility that someone like Trump would actually get to the White House! So if he pussies out it’s just back to how we were thinking about things up until November 2016. Occam’s Razor says to me that Trump wussing out is more probable than not, so we must take that possibility seriously for planning purposes.

What prompts that last sentence? Steel yourself for a black pill before reading, OK?

Here’s Trump’s recent (December 16) tweet about a high school changing its name from Abraham Lincoln High School to something else (because Lincoln was a white supremacist or whatever):

“So ridiculous and unfair. Will people never make a stand!”

He’s the President, and he’s whining that someone should do something.

God help us.

So that’s why we must plan realistically for a Trump concession. By the way, he might leave the White House without officially “conceding,” as if that matters. So…

If God forbid I read a headline like “Trump concedes,” or “Trump leaves White House,” even I will be put on my back foot. But after that, it’s time to dust yourself off and think about what you’re going to do. Are you going to give up? I can’t blame you if you do. One of the thoughts that’s been ringing through my head in the last week or so is, “If even the President – a guy with a security detail and a fucking army – won’t fight, then why the fuck should I stick my neck out?” Mr. Someone Should Do Something seems to think that those of us who don’t have a security force of dozens of guys with machine guns should take risks that he himself is not willing to take. What the fuck?

I don’t even know what I’m going to do in that case. It might be time to just pull your head down and think about personal survival during the Left-Wing Reign of Peace and Happiness.

I’m just saying, don’t make the decision emotionally; let it ride at least a few days.

And God willing, the headline we’ll actually read will be, “Trump has Biden and Harris arrested for electoral fraud,” or something like that.

Whether or not he calls up the militia or whatever, it’s time to start thinking about self-defense and related topics.

Civil war Leftism Politics

Trump, just make a f—ing decision

(1) I hope you’re not thinking, “I can’t go kinetic because then normies will think I’m a dictator.”

Normies don’t matter. Anyone who hasn’t chosen a side by now will never choose a side.

And if the left is allowed to get away with massive vote fraud this time, they’ll do it forever, so if we lose this, we lose forever.

(2) I hope you’re not thinking, “I don’t have enough military guys on my side.”

You have tens of millions of armed and chomping-at-the-bit American citizens who know the left stole the election and are looking to you for the order to start fighting.

(3) I hope you’re not thinking, “I just need a few more days/weeks to get some pieces into position…”

General Patton: “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

And the morale of your troops is crucial in war, and bleeding away awfully fast as we watch your inaction.

(4) I hope you’re not thinking, “Hey, they can’t do that!” Yes, everyone knows the election was fraudulent. The question of our age is whether whining “TOTALLY UNFAIR!!!” on Twitter is going to change anything.

The risk calculus is extremely simple: If we fight, we might lose; if we don’t fight, we definitely will lose.

(5) I’m not assuming you’re going to concede, but if you are— God forbid!— you owe us a concession now. You have a moral obligation to let us know, immediately, that you’re giving up so we can start planning for survival in the New Regime.

But I hope you don’t give up. It’s time, and beyond time, to go to the Outside the Box option.

But one way or another, you are obligated to make a choice.

You’re the President. Who else are you expecting to make this decision?

(6) Leftists are now openly referring to you as a Romanov. Comprehension question: Did the czar’s abdication save him or his family? The answer may surprise you!

I guess if that doesn’t convince you that you have nothing to lose by fighting, then nothing will.

(7) I am the humblest private in your army of millions. It’s sad that I have to tell you this, but:

Jesus, man, just make a fucking decision.

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A Question for President Trump

If this isn’t a blatantly illegal seizure of power by the Left, then what would be?

Civil war Leftism Politics


Yesterday the Supreme Court rejected—by 7 to 2—the last realistic legal option for overturning the electoral fraud.

The left has now said to Trump and everyone who voted for him, “We’re going to blatantly cheat and deny you legal redress. What are you going to do about it?”

This is it. This is The Moment of this phase of American history.

What will Trump do?

Civil war won’t be fun, but what will occur if there isn’t a civil war will be worse.

Civil war Leftism Politics

Power-Siezing Ideas vs. Governing Ideas

A recent exchange at Jim’s blog:

Stanon says:

“The most powerful ideas in history have gotten their power not from asking men to bow but to stand up. Not from subverting their natural power drive but by dovetailing with it.”

The Cominator says:

“Yes and no. Men want to have purpose and use masculine energy for that purpose, but men also want to be a part and submit to something greater than themselves.”

We need to distinguish between revolutionary ideologies and governing ideologies. Or if you like, ideologies that are useful for seizing power and ideologies that are useful for keeping power (what evil people care about) or for maintaining a well-ordered, successful nation (which is what decent people care about, but note this requires keeping power).

Marxism is the canonical example of a revolutionary/power-seizing ideology. It said, as I think revolutionary/power-seizing ideologies always do,

“Some bastards are attacking you; fight back against them!”

In Marxism the details were

“The capitalists are sucking your blood; fight back against them!”

But it could be anything. In the western world right now it’s

“White people are murdering you; fight back against them!”

Marxism is utterly brilliant as a power-seizing ideology. At communism’s height, it ruled over a third of the human race.

Of course, what works for seizing power is not necessarily what works for keeping power or creating a successful nation. Thus communism, while certainly the most successful power-seizing ideology in human history on the time scale of 75 years, didn’t get beyond 75 years. And once it started to collapse its collapse was breathtakingly fast. Boiled down to its essence, without the self-flattering bullshit, the official economic part of communist ideology (as opposed to the power-seizing part) was “We’ll grab all the capitalists’ stuff!” Obviously that’s not a recipe for long-term success.

Those of us trying to oppose the current leftist/SJW holiness spiral and replace it with something tolerable must keep the crucial distinction between revolutionary ideologies and governing ideologies in mind.

Our best revolutionary ideology is simple enough, since all we have to do is tell the truth: There is a large number of people who hate traditional western populations and are planning to get rid of us by various means.

A governing ideology must satisfy a lot of desiderata, obviously. But it cannot have “Some bastards are attacking you; fight back against them!” as a major component.* This is because it must provide a large stake in social stability to a majority of people. Fomenting civil war obviously won’t work.

* A governing ideology must explicitly warn against parasites, the power-mad, and holiness spirals. It must also explicitly warn against the “high-and-low against the middle” revolutionary strategy. But saying “Be watchful for these dangers” is not the same as saying, “We’re being attacked; start spraying bullets in the streets right now!!!”

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Managing the Overton Window

Trump said something suboptimal about “Yay, legal immigration!” in his 2019 State of the Union speech. When I read it I said to myself, “That’s bad management of the Overton Window, Donald.” That may be a good way to look at it: Managing the Overton Window. No one person controls it, of course, but each person can influence it. Especially the President.

Indeed, it’s important to stretch the Overton Window in political debates, and not to try to just stay within the current Overton Window. The left won over the last half century by stretching the Overton Window, not by operating inside it. They won by saying things that seem insane today, and making them then debatable, then undeniable (e.g. if you want to keep your job) a decade later.

If we try to stay within the current Overton Window, while letting the left define the Overton Window, we will lose.

The left’s propaganda/rhetorical strategy is entirely different from ours. Ours is based on persuasion, on showing reality to people. Theirs is largely composed of various forms of compulsion. In a sense, the left doesn’t really have a propaganda strategy (other than outright lying), if by that you mean trying to convince people. Rather, they infiltrate the information-disseminating professions then start yelling in unison to indicate what the current party line is. Then they enforce it by e.g. trying to make unemployable anyone who deviates from it.

You can’t totally ignore the current Overton Window, of course: not even the left does that. But you must be mindful of the degree to which you can and must contribute to stretching it in your desired direction, as well as staying to a certain extent within it.

A major difference between us and the left, of course, is that they’re shouting insane things while we are shouting sane things.

The strategy of shouting insane things and then enforcing rhetorical compliance works well for the left because individial leftists are the kind of people who love to monitor what the herd’s leaders are saying and repeat it. They do this quite naturally. Thus NPCs, attack swarms, etc.

This is extremely effective for the left on the time scale of decades. But: it makes them vulnerable to holiness spiralling. Every individual leftist wants to make sure that he’s a little to the left of the leftist average to stay safe, but of course that’s not possible; thus the leftward spiral. This is the failure mode of leftism; it’s a major reason that leftism didn’t take over the world millennia ago.

I’m tempted to define leftism as power-hungry people engaging in holiness spiralling.

That is consistent with the memetic drift in the left over the last century. In the early 1900s and until the collapse of the USSR, the core idea of the “left” was socialism. Accusations of e.g. “racism” were just frosting. Now the core idea of the “left” is hating white people, and socialism is merely the frosting. Notice that in the 2016 and 2020 Democrat primary contests, the mainstream left energetically attacked Bernie Sanders and “Bernie Bros,” even though they were more (overtly) socialistic than the other Democrat contenders. That would have been unthinkable 40 years earlier. I imagine Sanders was surprised to find himself no longer protected by pas d’ennemis à gauche. “But I’m to the left of you!” one imagines him crying to the mainstream Dems. “I’m allowed to attack you, but you’re not allowed to attack me!” Poor Mr. Sanders. He failed to understand that socialism is no longer the defining feature of “the left.”