Red Pill in Fiction: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

The female porn Romance novel Every Rose has its Thorn has the following description:

Amanda has a problem: She’s attracted to a guy who is all wrong for her! Why does this keep happening!?

Amanda always seems to attract the wrong kind of man. She’s a leather-clad biker chick who deals drugs for a living. Bob is a mild-mannered actuary in a life insurance company. But Amanda just can’t resist HOLD IT.

You’ve never read anything like that on the back of a “Romance” novel, nor will you. (I made it up.) If you’re a red pill denier, ask yourself why.

Women being attracted to bad boys, to dangerous men, is a real thing. It’s not a crazy theory that some nutter PUAs made up. Thus we have the standard Romance description that is, of course, the reverse of the way I wrote it, something like

Amanda has a problem: She’s attracted to a guy who is all wrong for her! Why does this keep happening!?

Amanda always seems to attract the wrong kind of man. She’s a mild-mannered actuary in a life insurance company. Bob is a leather-clad biker who deals drugs for a living. But Amanda just can’t resist his rugged good looks and aura of excitement.

But things come to a head when Bob is accused of killing a rival drug dealer. He swears to Amanda that he’s innocent and was framed. But Amanda’s not sure she can trust him, especially after he cheated on her and lied about it.

The police don’t believe him either, due to his previous arrests, and now Bob says he needs Amanda’s help to prove his innocence.

Is Amanda’s lover a killer? The stakes are the highest as she is unwittingly drawn into a world of increasingly dangerous blah blah.

Anyway, you get the point. You could write this stuff in your sleep. One of these fictional book descriptions speaks the truth about what attracts women. The other is so far off that when you read it you blurted “Wait, what?”

This is why the red pill will become the conventional wisdom sooner or later (it’s already made huge strides in that direction). Sooner or later, the truth will out.

Red Pill in Fiction: Bridget Jones’s Diary

The “bad boy” thing from the horse’s mouth, in this case Helen Fielding, in Bridget Jones’s Diary:

• Sunday 15 October: Bridget and one of her friends compare Mark Darcy to the fictional Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice: “…we had a long discussion…both agreeing that Mr. Darcy was more attractive because he was ruder…”

• Saturday 11 November: “…Jerome, henceforth to be known as Creepy Jerome (it was going to be Heartless Jerome but we all agreed that sounded too interesting).”

• Monday 25 December: “Every time I’ve met Julio he has been clean and coiffed beyond all sense and carrying a gentleman’s handbag. Now he was wild, drunk, unkempt and, frankly, just the type I usually fall for.”

Red Pill in Fiction: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

Chapter 55: The magician Jonathan Strange is talking with some fairie chick he just met at a fairie house (in fact the house of his enemy, the Gentleman in Green). In short order she shit tests him, natch:

“Do not pretend that you know what I mean,” she said sharply. “When it is as plain as Pendemonium that you do not.”

Strange was once again perplexed as to what to reply. She seemed so bent on being displeased. But then again, he thought, what was so unusual about it? In Bath and London and all the cities of Europe ladies pretended to scold the men they meant to attract.

Then he bends her over and fucks her until her ears bleed. No, just kidding. Then the Gentleman in Green shows up and there’s a literal rain of blood. Fun book, btw.

Feminism Is Something New, Really, it Totally Is!

No, it really is not. Does this seem familiar?

In the common law of crime in England and Wales, a common scold was a type of public nuisance—a troublesome and angry woman who broke the public peace by habitually arguing and quarrelling with her neighbours…

The offence, which was exported to North America with the colonists, was punishable by ducking: being placed in a chair and submerged in a river or pond. Although rarely prosecuted it remained on the statute books in England and Wales until 1967.

Note that last date. If we’d kept this law and enforced it, a certain destructive modern political force would have been terminated ab ovum. The Infogalactic article continues,

In the Commentaries on the Laws of England, Blackstone says of this offence:

“Lastly, a common scold, communis rixatrix, (for our law-latin confines it to the feminine gender) is a public nuisance to her neighbourhood. For which offence she may be indicted; and, if convicted, shall be sentenced to be placed in a certain engine of correction called the… ducking stool, because the residue of the judgment is, that, when she is so placed therein, she shall be plunged in the water for her punishment.”


A scold’s bridle, known in Scotland as a brank, consists of a locking metal mask or head cage that contains a tab that fits in the mouth to inhibit talking. Some have claimed that convicted common scolds had to wear such a device as a preventive or punitive measure.

By the way, notice the amused mastery aspect of these punishments. The scolds are not even being ceded enough dignity to punish them in a serious way; it’s more the legal equivalent of being turned over the knee and given a spanking. But of course, no one wants to do that to an ugly woman; only cute babes get spanked. This is echoed in Jim’s comment on how Russia handles disruptive attention-whoring women: “I really love the way Russia deals with Pussy Riot… Recall the wonderful video of them breaking up a Pussy Riot event with whips, not arresting them, just chasing them away like stray dogs.” Seriously, it should be legal for any man to give a woman who acts like this a nuclear wedgie or something.

Of course this isn’t practical, because who’d want to grab the underwear of a pigtank feminist? Ugh. Fanciful notions about wedgies aside:

Women like this really are a problem for any society. Their modern variant, feminists, have affected our society to the extent that First Amendment protections and the presumption of innocence for men accused of rape are being dangerously eroded.

We tend to think of feminism as an ideology, and of course it is, but it is also, and originally, a female personality type. It has been known forever, and encoded in the law for centuries, that some women are inclined to go around accusing all and sundry of various sins, and causing general strife for no reason.

They do this, though they don’t admit it to themselves on a conscious level, to attract attention. Indeed, almost 100% of them are ugly, old, and/or fat. (Relatively bangable ones who participate in this do so in a lukewarm, do-the-bare-minimum way for career reasons or to go along to get along.) Accusing someone of some sort of crime is an effective way to capture attention because it’s hard – indeed, it can be personally costly – to ignore it. That is why attention-seeking losers moved from “You, sir, are a bounder with no manners!” to “You’re a rapist!”

From H. L. Mencken’s “The Uplift as a Trade” (i.e., presuming to uplift others’ morals as a profession), Baltimore Evening Sun, March 2, 1925:

One hears that “the women of the United States” are up in arms about this or that; the plain fact is that eight fat women, meeting in a hotel parlor, have decided to kick up some dust.

Mencken adds,

The eight fat women, meeting in their hotel parlor, find it easy to alarm the politicians, who are not only dreadful cowards but almost unbelieveable asses. Something thus gets afoot. Governors jump; legislators rush through new laws; judges respond to “public sentiment.”

Plus ca change, plus c’est la motherfucking meme chose. Mencken wrote this 92 years ago, and everything “modern” is here: The ugly sexual marketplace loser women trying to attract attention and spread their misery to everyone else via totalitarian minding of other people’s business political activism, the absolutely spineless elected officials, and the judges, invertebrate and venal, obediently interpreting the law to be in compliance with this week’s loudest-screeching rabble-rousers. And as Mencken also observes (though I didn’t quote it), even back in 1925 all this was facilitated by a cooperative press.

Feminism’s appeal is now almost entirely gone even among women, thank God. The last shreds of its appeal will vanish completely when the last shreds of its costume of being something new have fallen off. Feminism is not something new. It is old, old product in new packaging.

Second Exchange Between Diabolus 31,506 and Diabolus Apprentice 19,751

Diabolus 31,506 to Diabolus Apprentice 19,751:

Apprentice 19,751:

In my previous missive I promised to discuss the worst example in recent decades of humans finding truth in the midst of lies. In fact, in this example they found truth because of lies.

The example has to do with human female sexual psychology and sexual behavior. As we will see, the important part here is their behavior, since the science that men created is ruthlessly empiricist.

Here is a rough outline of events:

1) Beginning in the 1960s (in the usual human dating scheme) we had great success spreading feminism. (Of course you’ll have learned about that in your basic propaganda class.) A major feminist lie was that women are more attracted to men who are nice to them (“nice guys”) than men who treat them with indifference or disdain (“jerks”). We had a good rationale at the time for spreading this lie: By convincing men that women liked nice guys, we gave men motive to accommodate the demands of feminism.

2) The men were bound to see through this utter nonsense in time. Naturally the Low Command anticipated that, but the Command made two mistakes in spreading this particular falsehood.

The first mistake was to forget just how important sex is to humans. When the men tried to be nice to women and were cast into involuntary celibacy as a result, we didn’t predict the human males’ reaction. The torment roused them from the bed of lies that we’d prepared for them and spurred them to think independently about human female behavior.

The second mistake was to fail to foresee the Internet. As in so much of life, the Net has drastically hurt our attempts at disinformation. As men quickly learned the truth, they quickly spread it.

As always, independent thinking was a disaster for us.

The first thing the men did was resolve to ignore everything that women, especially feminists, said about human female sexual behavior, and instead to observe that behavior for themselves. And of course, the moment they learned the truth, their incentive to be accommodating to feminists’ outrageous demands vanished.

And worse – much worse, Ap. 19,751 – they learned that feminists lie, relentlessly and with no shame, hesitation, or guilt. This has caused immeasurable damage to our attempts to spread more lies via that conduit. The false rape statistics, the 76-cents-on-the-dollar absurdity, and on and on: all of these wonderful lies had their useful lifespans drastically shortened by the wakened skepticism of the male half of the species.

An even worse problem is that it ignited an excited interest in empiricism as such in a broad swathe of human males – this is such a setback that it could be our undoing. It’s cruelly ironic: We spend decades creating and spreading feminism, establishing Women’s Studies departments, etc., only to find that all these efforts are counteracted by some facts that young men learn at bars and parties! It’s as if You Know Who is deliberately mocking us!

That also incited a wave of observation and experimentation in other areas such as political rhetoric and diet and exercise, to name just a couple of examples.

Diabolus Apprentice 19,751 to Diabolus 31,506:

Why was this such a disaster? I mean, why was it more of a disaster than the uncovering of our lies in other subject areas?

Diabolus 31,506 to Diabolus Apprentice 19,751:

Shrewd question, Ap. 19,751, to which I was just getting. A couple of reasons:

First, unlike say, ecological science, understanding female psychology is not a topic that requires expensive scientific equipment or years of scientific training. A man simply ventures out into the world and interacts with women, and observes the results from various approaches. You see the problem here: Unlike trends in global temperatures, e.g., women are a topic that is easily accessible. Indeed, they’re unavoidable; a man can hardly avoid interacting with women on a daily basis.

The second problem is one of interest: Since men naturally desire sex, they are intensely motivated to study this particular topic. It’s not some abstruse boring subject like the energy storage capacity of lithium batteries or whatnot.

Furthermore, due to the changes in the sexual marketplace which feminism brought about, men can’t ignore female psychology even if they wanted to. When women were more dependent on men for economic support, a man had the luxury of remaining ignorant of women’s attraction mechanisms and relying on his provider status to at least acquire a wife. That works much less well now that women are economically independent. In the current world, a man can’t afford to ignore the realities of women’s gut-level attraction triggers.

So we told the men a ridiculous lie and gave them an enormous incentive to uncover the lie around the same time. And the punishment for refusing to acknowledge the truth – involuntary chastity – is a severe punishment indeed for men. And the reward for apprehending the truth – sex – is an enormous reward. Which is to say, the incentive pressures on men to get to the truth were enormous.

And we ourselves created those pressures!

It’s even worse. Men who are studying women for their sexual behavior will also notice other aspects of female psychology as kind of a bonus. So now the men have noticed things like the tendencies to rationalization and self-deception which affect human females more than the males. Aside from being very useful to the men as they deal with women, this also has created another arena in which feminists are exposed as rank liars. It has, therefore, reduced one of our formerly most-valuable contingents to the position of screaming “Two plus two is thirty-seven!” at the top of their lungs. Many (if not most) men have realized that their default belief about a feminist statement should be that it’s a lie, unless there is a specific reason to think it’s true. Immeasurable harm, Ap 19,751.

Obviously feminism was bound to self-destruct due to its dishonesty and hatefulness, but we thought we had 15 or 20 more years than we did. Who would have thought that a collection of seduction techniques developed by an LA-based magician would be the final stake in the heart of feminism? And yet that is just what has happened.

All of this exemplifies my lament from my last missive, that reality in general just isn’t practically censorable, because everything is interconnected, and in unexpected ways.

Infernally yours,
Diabolus 31,506

Amusing Red Pill Quote

“Women want to have sex with the highest status men available (as women perceive status, which is similar to the way a small evil child raised by cannibal head hunters perceives status).”

No, it’s not literally true, but it has enough of an element of truth to make you laugh. It makes me laugh, anyway.

Red Pill in Fiction, part like, whatever

Here is a set of blurbs for an erotic fantasy trilogy, Alpha Trio by Ana Vela. Alpha Trio refers to a trio of brothers who hunt vampires or whatever; each book in the trilogy centers on one of the brothers.

Judging from the summaries, the central theme of these books is that a woman finds an alpha male – defined by physical toughness, elite status in a particular skill or profession, and the ability to bed lots of women – and makes him infatuated with her, the one special snowflake.

Particularly interesting is the admission of the desirability of social proof. As you can read below, two of the summaries explicitly state that the hero bangs lots of other chicks before the oh-so-special and irresistible snowflake heroine arrives and captures his [redacted] no, not that body part, his heart.

From the above Amazon link:

Vol. 1 – Cats & Dogs
Among the hidden world of the supernatural, the secret Shifter police squad known as the Alpha Trio is renowned for their fierce expertise. Only the best fighters ever rise to join their storied ranks.

Emilian Lupei and his brothers are the best of the best…

While sampling the night life… a gorgeous young woman stumbles into Emilian’s path and it’s just his luck that she’s being chased by a vampire.

…will he be able to keep his hands off Cat, the luscious human woman…?

Vol. 2 – The New Girl
The undisputed captain of the secret Shifter police squad known as The Alpha Trio, Andrei ‘Drei’ Lupei is not used to being ignored.

Everyone, from the new recruits, to his brothers, to the women he beds and forgets, fall in line. Everyone, that is, except the gorgeous, redheaded, and very human bartender at his favorite club. [See, the special snowflake refuses to fall into the alpha’s bed at the drop of a hat. Thus she captures his interest with her mysterious Yikes I’m gonna hurl. Be right back. Where was I? Oh yeah. This is a very common motif in female porn romance fiction: The hero prongs megatons of chicks, but falls for our heroine because she’s immune to his charms. Ladies, this is the most astoundingly ill-advised strategy. The problem is all the girls you’re competing with who will happily jump into the sack. Furthermore, a guy knows that other guys are getting laid, so if you say, “Yer not gettin’ any, pal!” he knows he’s being ripped off and will go elsewhere. At least, that’s what I always have done. (Then they try to get back with you. Every. Single. Time. Women!)]

Cassandra knows more than she should about the Lupei brothers and the shadow world they inhabit… Drei should be worrying about what the vampires have planned… but all he can think about is the alluring and mysterious Cassandra. And she knows it.

Will his new obsession bring danger to the Alpha Trio…?

[Alpha men who get tons of pussy don’t get one-itis. Honestly. Ladies, your fantasy that an alpha with a notch count well into the double digits will get one-itis for you is like my fantasy about boinking Adriana Lima: Fun as a fantasy, but don’t expect it to happen.]

Vol. 3 – A Special Taste
Grigore Lupei is the youngest member of Alpha Trio, the secret Shifter police squad. He’s always been the joker, the charmer, the fun one.

Lately though, seeing with his older brothers with their gorgeous Mates, wallowing in happiness and reeking of sex, is starting to take its toll. It’s getting harder for him to pretend he’s happy with a string of meaningless conquests when what he really wants is something like what Drei and Em have found.

[Will no one save me from lots of sex with a constantly-refreshed string of hot chicks all the time? Why does this keep happening to me!?]

But spending time at the bottom of a bottle is a dangerous prospect for a someone in Grig’s line of work, especially with the vampires plotting to kidnap Cat, Em’s human Mate, to use for their nefarious purposes…

[Nefarious. Nefarious. Nefarious. Nefariousnefariousnefarious. The word has lost all meaning.]

Until a vision with silky black hair, plump red lips, and a deadly blade [OK, I admit this is kind of turning me on] shows up to save him. Kall says she can help Grig and his brothers stop the vampire threat once and for all – but can he trust the mysterious, dangerous stranger?

[Please tell me she’s dressed in tight black leather. BTW, mysterious stranger is fine, but mysterious dangerous stranger is pure female projection. Men are not attracted to dangerous women the way women are attracted to dangerous men. That’s not a thing in a typical man’s headspace.]

Will she bring peace and safety to the Alpha Trio…or something else entirely?

[I’m guessing she’ll bring… sex. Could you go back to the part about the silky black hair and plump red lips?]

Well. What does this sort of thing tell us? Women are often remarkably revealing (intentionally or not) about their desires when they write fiction for other women. In particular, you can see major themes of female attraction here: social proof, social dominance, etc. One major warning: In much of this kind of fiction, the ending has the unattainable alpha male breaking down and falling helplessly in love with the one special snowflake. See, e.g., the absolutely vomit-inducing scene between Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder at the end of Reality Bites. WOMEN DO NOT REALLY WANT THIS; SOME JUST BELIEVE ON A CONSCIOUS LEVEL THAT THEY DO. Here is where experience must outweigh women’s words. (And it is why material like the above must be used only for illustrative purposes, NEVER as the primary source of knowledge about women.) In reality, if a man becomes a woman’s emotional love slave or whatever, she has only contempt and disgust for him. As Roissy once said, “Women do not understand their own attraction mechanism.” Empiricism uber alles!