Red Pill in Fiction: Bridget Jones’s Diary

The “bad boy” thing from the horse’s mouth, in this case Helen Fielding, in Bridget Jones’s Diary:

• Sunday 15 October: Bridget and one of her friends compare Mark Darcy to the fictional Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice: “…we had a long discussion…both agreeing that Mr. Darcy was more attractive because he was ruder…”

• Saturday 11 November: “…Jerome, henceforth to be known as Creepy Jerome (it was going to be Heartless Jerome but we all agreed that sounded too interesting).”

• Monday 25 December: “Every time I’ve met Julio he has been clean and coiffed beyond all sense and carrying a gentleman’s handbag. Now he was wild, drunk, unkempt and, frankly, just the type I usually fall for.”


Trump the Ultra-Chad

To be quite honest, this is a level of Chadism that I thought was theoretically impossible.

You gotta read this:

The rest of this post is a selection of choice quotes from this excellent piece. Edited for brevity.

Upon witnesing President Trump’s CNN smackdown tweet today, I was left making much the same facial expression Laurence Fishburn makes at the end of The Matrix when he realizes Neo truly is The One.

Trump is not just a Chad, he is The Chad, in much the same way top-level Taoists claim to become the Tao. If you were to combine every star high school quarterback and Ray-Ban clad summer lifeguard into one, you still would not be scratching the surface of the Pure Chadism that flows through Donald Trump’s veins.

When you see Trump – the President of the United States of America, lest we forget – retweeting a meme of (real, actual) himself delivering a WWE Raw smackdown to the bugman hive that is CNN, you’re watching a completely autonomic response; trolling comes as easy to President Trump as breathing comes to the rest of us.

Many here have spoken at length of Trump’s anti-fragility in the vein of Taleb; I propose that Trump exists outside of the fragility continuum altogether.

When you’re watching Trump troll, you’re not merely watching a maestro at work; no, you’re seeing the very essence of trolling given human form… Trump is essentially delivering public, extrasensory wedgies and swirlies over the air to millions of bugmen at any given moment; to be quite honest, this is a level of Chadism that I thought was theoretically impossible.

Canadian Parent Wants Baby’s Sex Omitted From Birth Certificate

Canadian infant Searyl Doty used remorselessly for parent’s attention whoring:

God, this poor kid. The “parent” is some sort of gender-unspecified dumpster fire, and at first one can’t discern if it’s male or female. However, it’s eventually stated (see below) that the “parent” gave birth to the child, so the parent is a woman. If you check out some photos online, though, she has facial hair. She’s obviously undergoing some sort of hormone therapy to get that. Sick fuck. The photos of… her … are really disturbing. To see her holding a baby is horrifying. She should not legally be allowed within 50 miles of a baby.

This narcissistic asshole is going to fuck up her kid for life just so she can get five seconds of positive attention from other SJWs. Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with these people?

In one link (which I can’t find again) the parent said, “I don’t know Searyl’s gender, they haven’t told me yet.”


God, I thought the 1990s were Heinlein’s Crazy Years. I really did.

Remember how completely sane the 1990s were, in retrospect? It didn’t seem like it at the time, what with “President” Bill Clinton shoving a cigar into Monica Lewinsky’s vagina in the Oval Office and so on, but in retrospect all that stuff was solid, good old-fashioned sanity.

From The Blaze:

Canadian parent Kori Doty, who identifies as a walking cloud of mustard gas “non-binary trans person,” is fighting to make newborn baby Searyl Atli the first to be registered as “gender unknown.” Doty wants to allow Searyl to decide his or her sex, CBC News reported.

Doty identifies as neither male nor female, preferring the pronoun “they,” and wants Searyl, whose sex has not been entered into any government records, to have the same option. Doty gave birth to Searyl at a friend’s home last November.

So the parent is a female. In some technical sense.

So far, Doty said British Columbia is refusing to issue Searyl a birth certificate with no sex listed. The province has, however, issued the child’s health cards with a “U” for “undetermined” or “unassigned,” so Searyl would have access to medical services.

Doty’s lawyer, barbara findley, who refuses to spell her name with capital letters…

These people defy satire.

…said British Columbia allows for only male and female designations on birth certificates…

“When I was born,” Doty explained, “doctors looked at my genitals and made assumptions about who I would be, and those assignments followed me and followed my identification throughout my life.

“I’m obviously completely fucking insane,” she added, “and plainly I belong in a mental hospital.”

Okay, I may have made that last part up.

According to findley, the government does not need to know the child’s sex.

“Certainly, our culture is obsessed with [if a baby is] a boy or a girl, but the government doesn’t have any business certifying that information when they don’t know it to be true,” findley said.

I know it’s been said before, and I’m sorry to belabor the obvious, but the western world has become the asylum of the planet.

– – – Postcript – – –
By the way, while the news is almost 100% bad, it’s not entirely bad. There is one actual silver lining here, and one possible silver lining:

(1) Actual silver lining: Every incident like this advances the average person’s realization of how insane the left is. This can only help the right politically.

(2) Possible silver lining: If this push for genderless ID prevails – I hope it doesn’t, because sanity, but if it does – it deprives the state of a key piece of info about people. This sets a good precedent, now that the surveillance state is one of our biggest concerns. Also, when children under such a regime get old enough, it can have good consequences. E.g.: Should an 18-year-old be forced to register for the draft? If the state doesn’t even know if you’re male, how can it enforce this? (And if everyone has to register, that will make the average woman less amped about “equality,” which is also good, but I digress…) And it can only confuse SJW attackers about whether false rape accusations should be taken seriously. When the anti-male institutions can’t tell if you’re a man or a woman, they can’t tell whether to assume you’re guilty of a BS sexual assault accusation, or to assume you’re innocent. Obviously this isn’t foolproof, but anything that muddies the waters helps.

Eerie Foresight

A passage from Alfred Bester’s The Computer Connection. The book was sci-fi, written 1974-5 and set in 2080:

The bods at Union Carbide, our local university, were mounting their ritual protest. It was the traditional daily rioting, with screamings, burnings, and killings. The only thing that changed was the cause… Jacy said he was going down to the campus to see if he could stop it. He was all for the kids’ goals but he didn’t like their methods.

“You don’t understand,” I told him. “They love their tradition of death and destruction. They don’t even ask what it’s for. They’re issued posters and scripts and then they have themselves an orgasm.”

The narrator and his buddies soon get to the university:

The campus was the traditional mess: missiles, lasers, firebombs, and burnings, so everybody was happy. They were chanting and shouting jingles. “One, two, three, four,” and something that rhymed with four. “Five, six, seven, eight,” and another rhyme with eight. They couldn’t go much higher because arithmetic was no longer compulsory.

CNN Sticks its Dick into the Beehive

CNN threatens to dox the person who came up with the “Trump slams CNN” vid meme. (See my previous post if you just got back from a trip to Ophiuchus.) Notably, they didn’t dox him and reveal the info or dox him and not reveal the info. They doxxed him and threatened to reveal the info in the future if he did anything they didn’t like. This is at least morally disgusting, punching down, bullying, and thuggish, and it is quite possibly legally actionable blackmail and/or extortion. It seems to me the guy would have a good case on at least the blackmail charge.

This was their attempt to say, “We’re tough guys, and you don’t dare mess with us!”

As a result, of course, seemingly the entire right-wing Internet started creating “beat down CNN” memes. For example, the Hulk/Loki scene from The Avengers, Trump/CNN style.

Jafrillions more are available elsewhere and more being created at a rate of a zillion per second. My humble contribution:

MemeShotgunEditThe entire Net, including left-wing commenters, has lit up with revulsion at CNN’s thuggishness. The hashtag CNNBlackmail hit Number 1 in the world on Twitter.

Here are some articles:

‘#CNNBlackmail’ trending No. 1 on Twitter

#CNNBlackmail: Outrage after network appears to threaten Reddit user

‘CNNBlackMail’ #1 Twitter Trend As Network Threatens to Reveal Reddit User’s Identity

CNN does not even understand the kind of war it’s in.

Contemplate the sheer stupidity and incompetence: CNN is apparently a media organization that has never heard of the Streisand Effect.

They’re literally that stupid.

As of this writing, all public-facing CNN Twitter accounts have gone silent and the offending page has been blanked.

From one of Vox Popoli’s posts on the imbroglio, Alice De Goon in the comments:

“Could CNN have stuck their dick any further into the beehive?”

I don’t know, but they’re probably trying.

Trumps Beats CNN Down

Trump tweets clip from old wrestling show, altered to show him giving CNN a brutal beat-down.


It’s less than 30 seconds, so go ahead and give it a watch.

Bonus: At the end, there’s a modified CNN logo saying

FNN: Fraud News Network.

The media is in full-bore fainting couch mode over this. (“Something something encourages violence against journalists,” spews the NYT.) They’re still in shock that a right-wing politician is actually fighting back. They still can’t believe that not only have they been identified as an enemy, but that he is treating them like an enemy.

Paraphrasing someone at Vox Popoli (wish I could remember who) from the last couple of months:

It surrenders or it gets the memes again.

God-Emperor, if you chance to read this, note: The Left is screaming at you to drop your Twitter account because it’s working. They’re begging Twitter to close your account because it’s working.

Of course, as a master of engaging your enemies, you already knew that. But it’s fun to say it anyway!

CNN delenda est!