Red Pill in Fiction

My “Red Pill in Fiction” series of posts reliably gets more Likes than any other kind of post. Here’s an index to this series of posts, in chronological order; I’ll update as appropriate. A good entry point might be the Suddenly Royal one.

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26. Red Pill in Fiction: LibraryThing’s Name That Book

Red Pill in Fiction: LibraryThing’s Name That Book

LOL. In this thread about movies that pass a reverse Bechdel test, Banksiman’s comment is fuckin hilarious:


1. Are there at least two male characters with names?

i. Kyle Reese ii. Does ‘Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Terminator with living tissue over a metal endoskeleton’ count as a name? There are bit-part cops named, but wouldn’t count that more than a nametag.

2. Do they have a minute of conversation with each other in the movie?


3. Is the conversation about something other than women?

Its all Sarah Connor this, Sarah Connor that …

A much better chick flick would have had lines like ‘Cyberdine … , you look sad. What’s wrong? If Kyle can’t see beyond the living tissue over the metal endoskeleton he’ll never know the real you, and then its him you should feel sorry for.’

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