The Left will start a civil war, though they shouldn’t

A few weeks ago I wrote that the Left will provoke a civil war due to their hatred and stupidity.

They really shouldn’t, though. The left can’t allow a civil war to start. The reason: Once a serious civil war is underway, this country will become a dangerous and unpleasant place to live. That means that invaders immigrants will leave by the millions.

The left, dependent on an ever-rising flood of immigrants for votes, can’t afford that politically. They need this country to be a safe and pleasant place to continue to draw immigrants. As soon as it becomes less pleasant, immigration will stop and the ones already here will go back home.

And it’s not enough for it to be a little bit more pleasant than the immigrant’s homeland. It has to be significantly more pleasant to overcome the chore of moving, the risks of moving, for those coming here illegally, and – for those who don’t plan to just stay in their own ex-pat community – the costs of learning a new language.

By the way, some non-leftists will also hasten this by going after the sources of welfare once the chaos of civil war is underway. I predict they’ll disrupt and destroy welfare payments in various ways, and the benefits of being here will plummet while the costs and risks skyrocket.

This will be fairly easy to accomplish once the civil war has broken out; cops and army guys dealing with a rain of bullets from rooftops at city block A are not going to prioritize that fact that someone broke into a welfare office at block B ten miles away and destroyed all its computers.

However, I doubt there are still any people on the left who have thought all this through. If not, then they’ll keep provoking the civil war they think they want, they’ll get it, and a significant amount of the expulsions that will be part of the war and its aftermath will already have been done by the “immigrants” themselves.


The Left Will Provoke a Civil War

Continuing my previous post about the infeasibility of a “national divorce.”

You have to understand the Left is going to provoke a civil war.

One, their leaders, e.g., people in the Deep State, think they’re bullet-proof. I’m sure Rand Paul and Steve Scalise thought so too, and those incidents happened in non-war times. You’d think this would give the leftist leadership pause, but leftists aren’t known for adjusting their beliefs in response to reality.

Two, the powerful leftists are absolutely willing to “accept casualties” that will occur in a civil war. These people are psychotically evil; don’t think for a moment that millions of people dead is a bug to them. It’s a feature. Think I’m exaggerating? Ask yourself this: Did these people eagerly support the U.S.S.R., even after Stalin’s genocides were known?

Three, their left-wing followers farther down in the power structure – everyday lefties – are mostly incapable of believing a civil war can actually happen (they have no imagination in that respect) so they won’t back down to avoid one.

Four, the few everyday leftists who can believe a civil war is possible actually seem to believe that the immigrants they’re importing into the US (and every other western nation) will fight for them. Yes, they actually believe that immigrants are going to put their lives on the line protecting white liberals! LOL!!! Meanwhile, back in reality: As soon as the bullets start flying, the immigrants will scram for home! Jesus! White leftists may literally be infinitely stupid.

Five, many lefties in the universities, government, and media actually think that we don’t know that they’re our real enemy, and so they think that if a civil war does happen, it will consist of people on the right fighting with ISIS-type invaders, etc., while lefties sip latte in the Faculty Lounge of the Sociology Department. God, lefties are stupid. That immigrant thing is fooling almost no one on the right. Seriously, lefties, actually look through the comment trails of right-wing blogs some time. Everyone knows who the real enemies of western civilization are. On the rare occasion that someone says something assuming the invaders are the real enemy, other commenters jump in and correct them, pointing out that it’s actually the government and the media, etc.

The “Divorce” Thing Won’t Work

Recently the proposal for national divorce between Left and Right is bandied about more and more. Here’s the most recent example.

I’m glad to see that people on the right, judging by the comments at Vox Popoli, for example, are not falling for this delusion.

The divorce idea won’t work, for many reasons.

1) The Left doesn’t want it to work. Their entire thing is that they’re sado-control freaks. They don’t really believe in global warming or that it’s morally imperative to call a man in a dress a woman. Their thing is that they want to rule you against your will. That’s the whole point of leftism. They want to do things to you that you hate but are powerless to stop. That’s why we have to fight and defeat them. Please don’t think that they actually believe the things they say, e.g. that anyone who disagrees with Barack Obama about anything is a racist or whatever. What they want is to rule you against your will, without your consent, over your helpless objections. That’s their fantasy and their goal.

There is no other explanation for their insanity. Every other potential explanation fails. In their world you should not be allowed to call a male-to-female transvestite “him”… but you should be allowed to infect him with HIV without his knowledge. (See the movement to decriminalize knowingly infecting others with HIV without telling them.) Now ponder: Is there any way that a sane person could actually believe either of those things? Let alone both of them? That laws should prevent you from hurting someone’s feelings, but it’s OK to kill them? Please! Stop falling for the Left’s pretense that they believe whatever they claim to believe. They don’t.

A quick review of history reminds us that the bullshit rationales frequently change, but the last line of the argument is always the same:

“… therefore, it’s necessary to create an all-powerful totalitarian government and put me and people like me in charge of it.”

It used to be socialism, then it was briefly environmentalism, now it’s “You’re racist!” But the “conclusion” of the “argument” never changes.

This takes me to my next point.

2) The Left does not voluntarily let go of power.

They have stepped down, e.g., Obama leaving the White House in January 2017, because they knew there was no alternative. But when they think they have enough power to continue holding onto that power, as in the U.S.S.R., they don’t relinquish it until they have no choice, until it’s wrenched from their grasp.

And you think the Left is going to voluntarily let the Right walk away. No, not in a million years.

3) The Left is the parasite class. We, the hosts, will thrive without them. But they will not be better off without us. Parasites do not voluntarily let their hosts cast them off and escape.

The high-functioning ones who aren’t themselves directly dependent on welfare – Democrat politicians, e.g. – have parasites as their main constituency. And they can’t promise an ever-increasing rain of welfare goodies to a country composed of 90% parasites. There won’t be enough non-parasites to pay for it all!

4) If we did manage to break the country up into Right-Wing U.S.A. and Left-Wing U.S.A., they’d immediately start the subversion process against us, just as the U.S.S.R. did, and as many hostile foreign powers have done. They wouldn’t just leave us alone! People like them never have before! They always make it necessary to fight and defeat them.

5) Plus, we’d have even longer borders to defend. The invasion situation is an existential disaster for our country now. How would we survive if we had to, e.g., defend the entire border between California and the rest of the nation, in addition to what we’re trying to defend now? Be realistic.

6) Plus, how the fuck are we supposed to actually accomplish the ejection of leftists without civil war? Leftists aren’t going to voluntarily self-deport, for all the reasons I just mentioned. Additionally, you can’t tell a left-winger from a white right-winger just by looking, and they love infiltration and subversion from within. You know what leftists would really love? Staying in the Right-Wing U.S.A. and subverting its laws, culture, and new constitution right from the get-go. That would give these people screaming orgasms!

So we’d have to eject them after a period of naked violence. But the entire point of the divorce idea is to avoid a civil war, right? But implementing it would require a civil war! I’m not saying a civil war is avoidable. Au contraire, my entire point is that it’s not. It’s important to be realistic about that.

7) If the Left got a piece of the U.S.A., that would just be another advance and a secure base of operations from which they would launch their crusade to carve off even more of the U.S.A. That’s what they’ve always done for the last century or so. Victory doesn’t satisfy them; it just encourages them and sets up their next offensive.

E.g., the day after the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is mandated by the Constitution (WTF?), the New York Times ran an editorial saying, Now on to the next campaign for gay rights.

It’s hard to think of something that would encourage them, energize them, and jack up their morale more, than carving off a piece of the United States of America itself. This nation, with its limited government, individual self-reliance, and gun-owning, freely-speaking people, has always been the Number One Enemy of the Left. If we lose a significant piece of our territory to them, that would be extremely bad for us in terms of the way it would energize them.

Furthermore, it would be just another instance of left-wing incrementalism. That’s how they try to accomplish all their goals, ever since they realized that outright Communist revolution was not going to happen in the U.S.A. Incrementalism is how they’re trying to kill off the Second Amendment, for example, as you might have noticed.

They want you to think that if you just appease them by carving off a chunk of your nation and ceding it to them, they’ll go away. Trust me, they laugh every time they read a right-winger write something like that. They’ll laugh at your naivete. Then they’ll take another piece. Then another…

No, the only way this ends is with a pile of bodies.

I don’t like it either! I had an entire life plan, and it did not involve a civil war started by power-mad psychotics! But we need to accept the hard fact that it’s now absolutely inevitable.

FISA Memo: FBI Lied to Obtain Wiretap Warrant on Trump Campaign

The just-released FISA memo can be read at innumerable links on the Net. (It’s only a few pages.) Here is one link:

The memo tells us this:

The FBI obtained a warrant under false pretenses to overturn the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election.

The FBI officials knew the allegations they used to get the warrant were at best unreliable, biased opposition research, and at worst total fabrications.

They knew the so-called Steele dossier was funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign, that is, by the political enemies of Trump. The FBI deliberately withheld this information from the FISA court when it asked the court for a surveillance warrant.

To surveil Trump, the FBI only needed to wiretap one member of the Trump campaign who would be communicating with Trump and other members of the campaign on a regular basis. The warrant for surveillance was for Carter Page, an advisor to the Trump campaign. Page communicated with people in the campaign, so all those people—including Donald Trump himself—had their communications heard by the FBI.

This happened in October 2016. The FBI’s hope was to obtain damaging information that could be used either to prevent Trump from being elected, or to have him impeached or distracted and politically hobbled if he won the election.

This is obvious because there was no legitimate basis for an investigation, as the FBI knew. And at least two FBI agents have said they wanted to keep Trump from being elected. At least one of those was participating in Mueller’s investigation until his anti-Trump statements became public. Additionally, then-FBI Director Comey protected Trump’s political opponent Hillary Clinton, even though she was known to have violated national security laws about the handling of classified information. Comey let her walk while his FBI was investigating her opponent, who was known to be innocent.

This is treason. Intelligence services conspired to, and attempted to, overturn the outcome of an American Presidential election.

The people involved should go to trial for treason, and if found guilty, should be subjected to the penalty the law provides for that crime.

George Washington’s Church Says Plaque Honoring Him Must Go

George Washington’s Church Says Plaque Honoring First President Must Come Down

Leaders at the church that George Washington attended decided that a plaque honoring the first president of the United States must be removed.

Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia will take down a memorial marking the pew where Washington sat with his family, saying it is not acceptable to all worshipers.

“The plaques in our sanctuary make some in our presence feel unsafe or unwelcome,” leaders said, a reference to the fact that Washington was a slaveholder.

“Some visitors and guests who worship with us choose not to return because they receive an unintended message from the prominent presence of the plaques.”

First of all, bullshit to that last line. I can just see someone going up to the pastor and saying, “I was going to be a member of this church, but I’ve changed my mind because I’m convinced that the Washington thing means you’re going to try to enslave me.” Right.

Secondly, even if anyone said that, it would only prove that they’re insane, and that you don’t want them in your church.

To even bother engaging with the left is to engage with insanity, overt insanity.

Via Vox Day. Day’s headline:

Tell us again how they are real Americans.

Will we ever get away from identity politics?

I don’t think so, not in the long run.

Identity politics is the assertion “Because of my genetic characteristics” – genitals, skin color, whatever – “you owe me. You owe me affirmative action in job applications, welfare $$$, and you should ‘step back’ and defer to me.” (Fuck you, assholes.)

In terser form:

“Not because of anything I have done to earn it, but merely because of what I am, you owe me whatever I want.”

In totally terse form:

“I exist, therefore you owe me whatever I want.”

This is the ultimate dream of rabbits. It is rabbitry stripped down to its core, with all rhetorical obliqueness removed. The ancient dream of the ages, for rabbits, is just precisely this:

“I exist, therefore you owe me whatever I want.”

Once they have tried that assertion, there will be no going back. Anything else is weak tea compared to that.

They are eventually going to precipitate a civil war and people on both sides are going to be killed in large numbers. And yes, after that, fear of death will shut a lot of them up for a while. But it won’t be for as long as the naive will expect. Surprisingly soon after the civil war ends, a few rabbits will tentatively start in with the “You owe me because I exist” stuff again. We’ll defeat it, of course, but it will never go away. Like socialism (itself a less-overt expression of rabbitry), identity politics is too attractive to too large a set of people to ever really go away. I suspect it will be like herpes: Controllable to an extent, but once you’ve got it, you’ve got it forever.

Sad attention junkie calls for Trump’s resignation: Why now?

Hopeless loser Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (Dumbass – NY) is tweeting that Trump should resign due to sexual harassment claims against him. We’ve known about these accusations since before the election, so why renewed calls about it now?

(1) The most obvious: Democrats have really been taking a beating on the sexual harassment issue for the last couple of months, and they’re desperate to “even up the score” by taking out a Republican or three. The more high-profile the better.

Also, as of yesterday, when she flung the tweet out, the polls about Alabama were looking bad for Dems. That was even before one made allowance for the standard leftist bias. The implication is that the Dems will remain in a weak position in the Senate come 2018. They were hoping to move things a little in their direction by replacing a Rep with a Dem.

(2) Gillibrand is an attention whore; also, she’s testing the waters for a 2020 Presidential run. Nothing plays to the left-wing base right now like calling for Trump’s removal from the White House. God, how unhinged are you people? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you? There was an election. You lost. Jesus, get over it.

(3) It’s starting to dawn on some of the less moronic lefties that the Russia thing is a total wet firecracker. The “investigation” – an absolutely partisan, unfair, biased witchhunt – has been going on for months and they’ve got absolutely nothing whatsoever. Their big, huge bombshell was getting a former Trump associate (Flynn) to admit that he lied to the FBI about something that had nothing to do with Trump “colluding” with Russia over the 2016 election. (This whole thing has been so transparently baseless that I almost wrote “Trump” “colluding” with “Russia” over the “2016” “election”.)

This bullshit has been going on since before Mueller’s witchhunt. Recent revelations have uncovered the fact that people in the FBI are biased against the President. They really want to find him guilty of something serious. If there were the slightest hint of a scintilla of an iota of evidence, they would have uncovered it by now. It is hysterical, and not in the sense of “funny.”

So the less unhinged leftist politicians are getting ahead of the inevitable sad (for them) conclusion to the Russia thing and trying to find another way to get Trump out of the White House.

Hey assholes, I know how to have a chance of doing that: In 2020, repudiate your most extreme, insane, hate-filled whackos – the “trannies in your daughter’s high school bathroom, force people to bake gay wedding cakes at gunpoint, all whites are racist and should be genocided” psychotics – and run a campaign for normal, sane people.

“No way! We really like the insane psychotics! We really want to be evil and crazy, and to stay in power anyway! Making sure that innocent American girls are killed by illegal immigrants means a lot to us!”

And they wonder why we loathe them.