Burqas, Political Correctness, and the Surveillance State

The Hill, May 31:

“Denmark on Thursday became the latest European nation to ban garments that cover the face, such as Islamic veils including burqas or niqabs.”

This is good movement of the Overton window on resistance to Islamization.

Even though it’s obviously just a surveillance state thing:

In December 2016, German Chancellor Angela Merkel [of all people] said that “the full-face veil is not acceptable in our country,” and called for it to be banned. France and Belgium have enforced bans on burqas and other garments that cover the face. Local governments in Italy, Spain and Switzerland have also imposed bans, many of which have been challenged in court.

The reason it’s obviously just about the surveillance state is that European governments keep flooding Muslims into their nations and protecting them when they rape European women and girls.

But regardless of motive, this shows that the powerful can easily swat political correctness aside when they want to – e.g., to preserve facial recognition’s effectiveness – which shows that political correctness only keeps making inroads because the powerful want it to, not because it’s irresistible. Put different people in power, and watch PC be stopped dead in its tracks and turned back.