Miscellany 17: “Miscellany” is an anagram of “slimy lance.” Really makes you think.

(1) Happy New Year, bitches!

(2) Me March 2018: Trump will not be impeached over “Russia.”

They can’t and won’t impeach the T-Dawg on “Russia.” They’d have more luck with some parking ticket, something that he actually did. Or they’d have more luck alleging that something legal that he did, is actually illegal. What they can’t and never will do is introduce articles of impeachment about the utterly insane “election fixing” horseshit.

Note I’m not saying they won’t try to impeach him over something – of course they will, if they have the numbers in the House; Trump’s election has them absolutely frantic. I’m saying that it won’t be about the retarded “election meddling” thing.

Called it!

Also: In the “impeachment investigation” vote of Oct./Nov. 2019, not one Republican in the House of Representatives voted for the investigation.

And in the actual vote to impeach, not one GOP House member cucked.

They’re wising up.

(3) Hypothalamus smaller in users of the Pill:

You have to be careful about believing academic research these days due to the replication crisis. But it’s plausible that messing with natural bodily processes could have bad effects. In fact that should be the default assumption.

(4) Antifa-linked defendant gets 6 years in brutal baton attack in Portland:

We are not yet in a state of complete lawlessness.

(5) Yet another reason libertarianism is doomed: As has become obvious in recent years,

Individualism is not a war-time ideology.

“The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”
—Kipling, The Second Jungle Book

(6) Evolutionary psychology:

Genetic Ties May Be Factor In Violence in Stepfamilies
by Jane E. Brody, Feb. 10, 1998

A WOMAN’S live-in boyfriend murders her child fathered by another man. A woman neglects her young stepsister and punishes her so viciously that she dies. A stepfather sexually abuses his wife’s daughter by a former husband.

As these examples drawn from news articles over last year demonstrate, the Cinderella story is hardly a fairy tale. Researchers are finding that the incidence of violence and abuse is vastly greater in stepfamilies than in traditional families in which the children are biologically related to both parents and to one other.

Of course, most stepfamilies do well, despite potential stresses. And plenty of families in which all the children are the progeny of both parents are fraught with violence and despair.

But stepfamilies are at much higher risk than are traditional families. For example, Dr. Martin Daly and Dr. Margo Wilson, evolutionary psychologists at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, found that the rate of infanticide was 60 times as high and sexual abuse was about eight times as high in stepfamilies as is in biologically related families.

“We demonstrated a very large excess risk to stepchildren, an increase of thousands of percentage points,” Dr. Daly said in an interview.

Link via Jim’s blog, August 2016: https://blog.jim.com/culture/why-women-are-sleeping-with-chads/

(7) (6) A good quote from Moldbug here:

The lesson of history is quite clear. Whether you love the W-force [leftism] or hate it, surrendering to it is not an effective way to resist it. There is no stable point along the left–right axis at which the W-force, having exacted all the concessions to which justice entitles it, simply disappears. Oh, no. It always wants more… The persistence of this delusion [that leftism can be placated] in Anglo-American thought is quite remarkable.

I’m not a fan of Moldbug, but this at least, is a good insight. Everyone on the right now knows that leftism cannot be appeased, but Moldbug got there early.

Yet Another Holiday Memo


From: Steven Brenner, High School Music Director
To: Michael Porkwit, 9th grade
Re: The Winter Holiday Concert


In the carol Gloria in Excelsis Deo, your version of the refrain,

Gloria, in an Exxon station

would not be regarded by anyone as an improvement on the original.

And again, the line in “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” is “God and sinners reconciled.” Your rendering, “Deion Sanders reconciled,” does not even mean anything. I am given to understand that Mr. Sanders was a professional football player some years ago; he certainly was not a public figure at the time this carol was written.

Comment on backstage behavior:

Mrs. Stokes, the mathematics teacher, wasn’t wearing black boots with high heels so she’d “look more domme.” It’s simply practical and stylish footwear given the kind of weather we’ve been having.

She told me about this later and said that, when she firmly corrected you on this point, your response was, “Does this mean no blowjob?” That was way out of line, Mr. Porkwit. I didn’t hear about this until after the concert, or I would have sent you home right then and there. As it is, you are hereby removed from the chorale lineup for the rest of this academic year and will not be receiving course credit for chorus this semester. I am assigning a course grade of F.

I must say I find your behavior discouraging, especially since you’ve ignored the two gentle requests for better comportment that Mrs. Stanton in the Middle School sent you in previous years. Do better, Mr. Porkwit, or it only gets worse from here.

(I also heard a rumor – though I suppose it’s technically none of my business – that you recently attended a breakfast hosted by the local Jewish Community Outreach group, and complained loudly about the lack of bacon on the menu. I don’t know if you thought this was funny, or if it was simple ignorance, but in either case, Michael, you are really testing the limits of everyone’s patience.)

Very sincerely,
Mr. Brenner, High School Music Director

Pro-Natalist Ben Gadwin

I just serendipitously found Ben Gadwin’s excellent pro-natalist Twitter account, https://twitter.com/sovereignfamily

Update: Some of his stuff is actually kinda weird, like his notion that he’ll give all his wealth to his first-born son and nothing to any of his other children. WTF? And I don’t trust this:

Four dates a day? On average? Hard to take that seriously, even if he’s independently wealthy and doesn’t have to work.

A random selection of good stuff from it:

1) https://twitter.com/sovereignfamily/status/1194155323252256768

If your religion doesn’t build healthy, loving, ambitious, and large families that want to spread life to the stars, there’s something wrong with it.

2) https://twitter.com/sovereignfamily/status/1193526079807508480

Dates in Western Europe vs Eastern Europe (I wish I was making these up):
Western Europe: “I’m studying political science. It’s fascinating. I’m learning about critical theory and how capitalism oppresses all of us.”
Eastern Europe: “Feminists are crazy. Why would I want a job when I can stay at home, cook, and raise kids?”

3) Some stories still have happy endings:

Son of psychotically evil woman, who tried to turn him into a girl, will be allowed to attend school as a boy. Next step: Applying the death penalty to his “mother” (who is not even his actual, biological mother).

4) A sad case:

Creator of Sex and the City, single at 60, regrets choosing a career over children as she is now “truly alone.”

5) Normie/Rebel


Not sure I’d even fuck the girl on the left. Holy moly, would I fuck the girl on the right, and I’d cum so hard I’d blow the top of her head off like a shotgun.

How to Ice Skate Repost

Reposting this today because it’s October first, a good date to put up stuff about skating. If your local rink isn’t open for the season yet, they will be soon. I think I’ll repost this every year in October (until I forget or get bored).

Aright, bitches, ’tis the season, so listen up.

Ice skating is awesome. When you’re going fast it is the closest a human being can get to flying. The American Psychiatric Association defines “not liking ice skating” as a mental disorder. It’s in their diagnostic manual.

I always see a lot of n00bs ice skating, which is great! Here are some tips.

(1) You will fall. Get used to it.

(2) Ice skating is not walking on ice. The physics is different.

When you walk, you push backward with one foot. (See Figure 1.) If your foot has good traction on the ground, it can’t slip back, though, so instead you are pushed forward. (Newton’s third law of motion, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”)

Figure 1

You cannot do this on ice skates, padawan, because you are on a blade that’s like a sixth of an inch thick. If you push your foot straight back, there is not enough area of the blade making contact with the ice to produce good traction. (See Figure 2.) Instead of being planted on the ice and thus propelling you forward, your foot will simply slide back. Then, because you’re a n00b, you’ll fall down. (Newton’s lesser-known fourth law of motion, “N00bs fall down.”)

Figure 2. The thin black line is your blade’s contact with the ice.

How do you deal with this? Well, plainly you need more area of the blade making contact with the ice. Simply turning your foot somewhat sideways does it. (See Figure 3.) This gives your foot enough traction, so when you push it back, the only thing that can happen is that the rest of you goes forward.

Figure 3. (The extent to which the foot is turned here is exaggerated for clarity.)

Meanwhile you are pointing the other foot in roughly the direction you want to go, so you glide forward on that foot. (As per Newton’s fifth law, “Ice is slippery.”)

Then the feet switch roles, with the gliding foot becoming the foot you’re pushing back with, and the pushing foot becoming the gliding foot. Repeat.

Once you learn this, it really is easy and natural.

(3) On falling: One of the problems is that your instincts about righting yourself when you’re off balance are all wrong. Moves that help you regain your balance when you’re on terra firma don’t necessarily help you, to put it mildly, when you’re skating on blades on ice. You have to learn new reflexes (if learned reflexes isn’t an oxymoron). I can’t re-wire your neural wiring that handles these reflexes, so I don’t know what to tell you here, except that you have to practice.

(4) “Crossover,” logically enough, is the term for when you cross one foot over the other. You’ve seen this: It’s that thing a skater does where it seems like his feet are moving independently of the direction his body is traveling in, so it looks like he’s moonwalking or something.

Crossovers function best when you’re turning at high speed and really leaning into the turn. You do this naturally when you turn while running on ground, but when you do that your foot is planted. When you’re skating, in contrast, you continue to glide on that foot as you shift your weight into the turn, so that for a moment the foot is actually moving in a different direction from your body’s center of mass.

Crossovers are a great way to add speed with relatively little effort, because gravity is doing some of the work for you. When you change direction you lean in the direction you want to go in. So you start to fall in that direction. Before you fall very far, though, you put a foot out under yourself so you glide in that direction instead of falling.

By the way, when you take a turn with a fast series of crossovers, it actually is as fun as it looks. Hell, it’s much more fun. There’s a power and smoothness that is like nothing else. Cf. comment above, in re: “flying.”

(5) Control: As long as you’re not going too fast, turning is so easy that it’s practically subliminal. (No crossovers for the moment; I’m not talking about that level of speed.) What is actually going on, of course, is that you’re shifting your weight ever so slightly in the direction you want to go in. But it feels like you’re just thinking yourself into changing direction. Telekinesis!

(6) Efficiency: Another way you can tell n00bs, even after they’ve learned to not fall much, is by how much energy they waste. In extreme cases it looks like they’re expending half again as much energy as they need to per foot-pound of work accomplished.

If this is you, don’t worry; this takes care of itself over time. Your body’s natural reluctance to waste energy will quickly make you adjust so that your motion is economical.

(7) Stopping. Several n00bs at rinks have asked me for advice, particularly about how to stop.

The correct answer is: Stopping is for the weak and timid! Are you a wuss!? Are you!? Huh!? Good, I didn’t think so. Let’s have no more nonsense about stopping.

If you insist, though, you can just point yourself at a wall. That usually works.

All kidding aside: There are basically two ways to slow yourself down, and if you keep slowing long enough you’ll stop.

The first I call the two-feet method: Just point your skates toward each other, while keeping your legs stiff so your feet don’t actually come together. If your feet bump into each other you’ll fall, obviously. But if you hold your feet apart at that angle, the blades will scrape against the ice, slowing you. And if you keep doing it, stopping you.

You can feel and hear the scraping, at least if you’re not at a rink where they constantly blast fucking country music over the sound system at full volume, what the actual fuck, not that I’m complaining or anything, but what the fuck? Don’t they know that playing that shit voids the warranty on your speaker system? Anyway…

The second method of stopping is the much-admired “hockey stop.” That’s the one you think of when I say “how to stop,” where they turn sideways and kick up ice shavings.

Just turn sideways and dig the blade of your leading foot into the ice. You’re also using your trailing foot, of course, but more for balance than friction, at least the way I do it (YMMV). Also, you’re doing some rapid adjustment of your balance, naturally.

When you first try this you’re going to think, “I shall now attempt a hockey stop.” That’s well and good, but you learn faster if you just think, “Shit! I need to stop!” and imagine what you’d do if you really needed to stop suddenly. This makes it more instinctive and less cerebral.

(8) Sharpness matters so your blades dig in. You need this (a) for acceleration, so your pushing foot can bite into the ice, (b) to slow yourself and stop, and (c) to execute a crossover. (Probably for six other reasons that I’m not thinking of at the moment too.) When you’re doing a crossover, the gliding foot has to bite into the ice to a certain extent or the foot will just slide out from under you. This happened to me once when I was trying to take too steep an angle with my gliding foot. Foot shot backward, rest of body went, “Hello, ice!”

The blade has some thickness; it’s not a knife blade. It’s the blade’s edges that are sharp. Once I actually drew blood from my hand accidentally with the edge. But that was probably right after they’d been sharpened; normally blades aren’t that sharp.

(9) Miscellany:

(A) Little kids on the ice are cute, but DANGER DANGER DANGER!!! Partly this is because they can’t control themselves yet, and partly because even the ones who can control themselves have no social awareness whatsoever. If they see Mom over there, they will simply turn with no warning in that direction, and if you’re behind them you’re going to be doing some fancy dancing to not hit them. This leads to hilarity and occasional bruises, because of course you’re going to steer yourself into a wall or shift so that you fall, instead of plowing into a little kid.

I recently cracked my elbow into the wall of a rink because I had to dodge a little one who seemed to execute a right-angle turn right in front of me with no warning. I had to do something to avoid smashing into him and ended up saying Hi to the plexi-glass. He didn’t even realize it had happened, but I did get a sympathetic look from someone on the other side of the glass.

They can also turn quite suddenly because their centers of gravity are so low. It’s like they’re equipped with little inertialess drives.

Just remember this:

Little kids on ice = Brownian motion + inertialess drives.

(B) Use your ears as well as your eyes to help maintain awareness of other skaters in your vicinity. Thus you can avoid pulling a “little kid” and turning suddenly just when someone’s coming up behind you.

Caveat: In the corners of the rink, noise bounces around weirdly. Sometimes it sounds like someone is coming up behind you and just about to smash into you. You’re like “Gah!” but when you look around there’s no one within ten yards.

(C) Downhill skating. Sweet! But why didn’t they have this when I was 19? You kids today don’t know how good you have it, let me tell you, when I was your age I had to skate 40 miles to school, and it was uphill both ways! By God!




(D) This is a politically incorrect blog, so an observation about the sexes. Normal people, continue to read; shrieking feminist shrikes, go somewhere else (permanently).

Still with me? OK, a fun observation:

All good skaters have both power and grace, strength and fluidity. But there is a difference between good female skaters and good male skaters. Good female skaters have power – you can’t be a good skater without it – but they have more grace compared to male skaters. And good male skaters have grace – you can’t be a good skater without that, either(*) – but they have more power compared to female skaters. Just a nice little “the world is gendered” observation to affirm normality and freak out the screaming SJWs.

If you’re like most people, i.e. psychologically normal, you understand (there was a time when no one denied this!) that the sexes are different and that the differences, in so many ways, can be a source of delight to everyone. This is just a small example of that.

* Even the most brutal hockey player, 190 pounds of muscle and missing three front teeth, who starts throwing jabs at the slightest provocation, has grace on the ice. If you don’t believe me, Youtube is your friend.

(10) Have fun!


Miscellany 16: Miscellany All Night, Every Night, Baby

(1) This news story has a bad immigrant AND a good gun. Double the political incorrectness!

Police in West Virginia say a man was trying to abduct a child at a mall when the mother stopped him by pulling out a gun.

News outlets report 54-year-old Mohamed Fathy Hussein Zayan of Alexandria, Egypt, was arraigned Monday night in Cabell County Magistrate Court on a felony charge of attempted abduction.

(2) From “Dirk Manly” in the comments at http://voxday.blogspot.com/2019/09/creepy-joe-is-done.html#comment-form

Perhaps you have seen or heard of a book from some years back: People of the Lie… Some people will gladly lap up any lie rather than the truth.
The “there’s at least 57 genders…maybe even millions!” crowd is a perfect example.

They know it’s a lie. They know that you know it’s a lie. But they’re going to continue spouting until it their last dying breath, because nothing warms their miserable hearts more than making you angry by dint of having to listen to their lies. Doubly so if you are coerced into silence and can’t voice an objection.

And if they can coerce you into repeating the lie….or ANY OTHER of the implausibly stupid lies coming from their camp, for that matter, then that makes their cold, blacker-than-coal hearts grow 3 sizes larger… for among other things, they are also emotional vampires…. what really picks them up is seeing someone who is feeling helpless, especially if they are the cause (in any way, large or small), for that person to feel helpless. What energizes them is running you down.

TL;DR: They GET OFF on creating misery.

(3) Flashback to July 2018: Victor Davis Hanson starts to notice the concept of a holiness spiral.

Hanson notes what the left wants these days—open borders, etc. —and notes that it’s not a winnable political program.

…progressives fear that their base will not allow them to move to the center to capture the old blue-collar white working class, or the Perot, Tea-Party and Blue Dog voter. Nor can they afford to move much further leftward, given they are increasingly dependent on Obama-like identity politics candidates without an Obama-like charismatic candidate.

Democrats privately acknowledge that Obama wrecked the Democratic Party—losing Congress, the presidency, state and local offices, and now the Supreme Court. But they must praise the forces of that wreckage and seek to trump them by becoming the party of hyper-identity politics. In other words, the Democrats know what sort of agenda might bring them back into power as it did in 1992. But they feel that Clintonesque cure is worse than the disease of being in the purer political wilderness without power.

So, for now, they rant, they rave, and they stew, accepting that they cannot do what might save them and therefore they only do more of what is destroying them.

They really are stuck in a holiness spiral.

The Dems contesting for the party nomination know that, e.g., taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants is lethal political poison in Middle America. But they also know that they’ll never get to the general election if they don’t win the primary battle, and to win the primary battle they have to cater to the Democratic base. And the Democratic base is now vertiginously insane.

(4) What Knuckling Under to the Left’s Rhetoric Gets You:

Ivanka Trump on Twitter, August 4, 2019:

“White supremacy, like all other forms of terrorism, is an evil that must be destroyed.”

Hard-core leftist Reza Aslan in response:

Ivanka adopted leftist rhetoric (“white supremacy”), and that’s the result.



(5) The ideology doesn’t choose the person. The person chooses the ideology.

I used to think that ideas are determinative: An idea goes airborne in the intellectual environment. It latches on to someone and forces him to believe in it, unless he has a good enough critical faculty. Memetic infection, in other words. And that does happen sometimes.

But the reality is at least as much the opposite: Bad people seek out or create ideas that justify their badness. Some people are born parasites who want to grab your stuff. Thus they embrace Marxism or any other ideology whose last line is, “…therefore, you have the right to grab their stuff.” Relatively few people start with no desire to grab your stuff and are really convinced by Marxism to want to do so.

Thus refuting bullshit is a necessary condition for saving the world, since it can convince the convinceable, but not a sufficient one, because most of the enemy are not convinceable.

(6) On Civil War 2.0:

“A Theory of Power Wars,” by Herrera, Morelli, and Nunnari

Abstract: This paper provides a theory of how war onset and war duration depend on the initial distribution of power when conflict triggers a reallocation of power but the loser is not eliminated. In the model, players take into account not only the expected consequences of war on the current distribution of resources, but also its expected consequences on the future distribution of military and political power. We highlight three main results: the key driver of war, in both the static and the dynamic game, is the mismatch between military and political power; dynamic incentives usually amplify static incentives, leading forward-looking players to be more aggressive; and a war is more likely to last for longer if political power is initially more unbalanced than military power and the politically under-represented player is militarily advantaged.

Stop Talking About the Anthropic Principle, Idiots

There’s a thread at Slate Star Codex about the Fermi Paradox and the Great Filter:

Don’t Fear The Filter

In the comments, the “anthropic principle” comes up several times. The notion is well summaraized by the Infogalactic article’s second sentence: “Some proponents of the anthropic principle reason that it explains why the universe has the age and the fundamental physical constants necessary to accommodate conscious life.” I’m getting really tired of this as an “explanation” of anything or an “answer” to any question. It’s a testament to the stupidity of so many people who consider themselves “wonks” or whatever. Very plainly, people:

Say you have an enemy who is an expert marksman. One day he shoots at you and misses. You might be interested in why he missed. Saying, “If he hadn’t missed I wouldn’t be here to ask the question” IS NOT A FUCKING ANSWER TO THE QUESTION! One wants to know WHY he missed. Was he on drugs? Was he sick? Nervous? Just bad luck, e.g. he was he distracted at the wrong instant? That is, this is about cause and effect. The effect was him missing. We want to know what caused that effect. Your being alive to ask the question is not the cause. It can’t be, since it’s happening after the event it’s purported to explain, fucking duh! So unless you claim to have a time machine, STOP CLAIMING THIS IS AN ANSWER TO THE GODDAM QUESTION!

Robert Heinlein once said that a touchstone for how intellectually serious a person is, is what they think about astrology (he wrote that in the 1970s, back when astrology was a fad). I’m about ready to use mentioning the anthropic principle in the same way. If you mention it, unless you’re being ironic, YOU ARE AN IDIOT. YES, LITERALLY, AN ACTUAL IDIOT.

Suppose your kid asks you, “Hey Dad, how did you and Mom meet?” and you respond, “Well, if we hadn’t met, you wouldn’t be here to ask the question.” Seriously? Anyone who says with a straight face that this is a satisfactory answer – or any kind of answer at all – should be forced to wear underwear made out of steel wool and given a nuclear wedgie.

Cut it out, morons.