Moldbug Again

The Humbug from The Phantom Tollbooth. Included in this post for no particular reason.

I might as well appoint myself the official Moldbug contrarian. I think you people (NRxers) are all on drugs to find this guy so interesting/important and it’s driving me dotty.

Can you name one proposition asserted by Moldbug that has all three of the following features?

1) True
2) Important
3) Original

On that last one, originality: I can’t bash anyone for belaboring the obvious, since my blog’s current tagline is basically “Belaboring the obvious.” But I can blame y’all for treating obviousities as if they’re mystic eldritch insights of supernatural wisdom.

Like, Democracy doesn’t work in practice the way it works in theory. NO SHIT! Everyone already knows this! GAAAAAAH!

Don’t piss on my foot and tell me it’s raining, and when someone says “Two plus two is four” don’t tell me this is some superadvanced Jedi shit straight from the mind of Yoda.

Jesus, people. All the man does is (a) say things that are nonsense, and (b) say things that are obviously true, but in 1,000 words where 10 words would do, and with reference to ancient Zoroastrian history where a reference to familiar 20th century history would do.

Moldbug is worthless. Yeah, fight me.

Reddit deletes 300,000-member Qanon forum

The title is self-explanatory. Obviously this is important enough to be its own post. But there isn’t much to add, which is why it’s a short post.

(I’m a Q skeptic, but that is really not the point.)

Commentary at Vox Popoli:

If you’re on the right and you can, I’d signal boost this. Let’s see if we can Streisand the Orwellian shitbags.

Trump’s Presidency: Hysterical Bitches Need to Calm the Fuck Down

Two links via Vox Day:

Audacious Epigone: The day the Trump presidency died (for fuck’s sake, dude):

This is probably the beginning of the end of Trump’s presidency. [Oh, for God’s sake.] The midterms are shaping up to be a bloodbath. The markets now put the odds of Democrats re-taking the House at 68%. [Just like they showed 7-to-1 odds against the Brexit vote! Just like they showed a 98.5% chance of Corrupt Hillary winning in 2016!] The odds of Democrats gaining control of the Senate is 40%, an astoundingly high figure given Democrats are defending 25 of their seats–more than half–while Republicans are defending just eight of their own.

Ya think? Yes, it IS an astoundingly high figure… because it’s total bullshit designed to fuck with your head! They manipulate polls and they manipulate markets in order to demoralize you! And you’re falling for it completely! WE’VE SEEN THIS MOVIE BEFORE, FOR CHRIST’S SAKE! WILL YOU PLEASE LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE?

John Derbyshire: Deep State Rolls Trump On Budget, Immigration. Is This the End? (Yes, he actually wrote “Is This the End?” as part of his headline.)

This budget bill is, in short, a middle finger to President Trump. Its larger message: populism is no match for the Deep State. …I’m afraid we can now see that the populist victories of two years ago that filled us with so much hope were in fact a false dawn, a mirage. For all its spirit and vigor and successes, the populist movement is amateurish and uncoordinated. It’s no match for the seasoned, hardened operatives of the Deep State, with their decades of experience at gaming Western democratic systems.

FOR FUCK’S SAKE! Jesus, people, you’re writing what looks like Deep State propaganda designed to demoralize us… except that Deep State agitprop operatives are probably more subtle and professional than to write stuff like, “the populist movement is…no match for the seasoned, hardened operatives of the Deep State.” Dear Lord, if you were a CIA operative who wrote that, you’d never get it past your superior; he’d tell you it’s too clunky and unsubtle.

Seriously, it sounds like Soviet propaganda: Capitalist running-dog imperialist warmongers will be no match for the strong, brave, and virtuous Soviet Army resolutely defending Socialist Homeland!!!

Yeah, he should have vetoed it and yeah it’s good to call him out on that. But with proportional response. A quick reminder of actual reality:

WE’VE HAD THIS HYSTERICAL DEFEATISM NONSENSE SINCE LITERALLY BEFORE THE ELECTION OF 2016! It’s always “We’re doomed! We’re doomed!” Then we keep winning and winning and winning…

As I said in April of last year,

All this panic, with members of the right running around with their hair on fire, would be hilarious if it weren’t so stupid and counterproductive. Guys, haven’t you learned yet? The man is extremely intelligent and he’s on our side, the side of the nation. He’s been damn perceptive so far about what moves he can make at what speed. Don’t demand total victory within five minutes of his taking the Oath of Office; you’re gonna give yourself a heart attack.

Ah, I fondly remember how one week into Trump’s Presidency, the C-3PO crowd was screaming, “We’re doomed, R2!” because Trump hadn’t totally solved 100% of our problems in the first week.

It’s a good thing I have common sense and contact with reality and can just laugh at you doofuses, or listening to you would be exhausting.

Which takes me to another thing. It’d not just that this “doom!” stuff is wrong, it’s that it could be demoralizing for any naive young person who might accidentally take it seriously. Cut it out.

Furthermore, I don’t know how much spare time the Prez has to sweep the Net, but if he does, it can’t help him to see his ostensible supporters shrieking defeat every time we have a “two steps forward, one step back” moment.

So for God’s sake, quit acting like a bunch of leftists. Use your gray matter. Don’t bloviate without thinking about all the victories we’ve had.

And you ever have any doubts about whether President Trump is firmly on our side, ask yourself this:


That’s right, stark terror and rage! If reviewing all the advances takes too long – and it might, there have been a lot of them! – just remember that. They wouldn’t HATE and FEAR him so much if he were secretly on their side (WTF?) or a wussy pushover (LOL).

And President Trump, on the one in a trillion chance that you read this, most of us are not hysterical, emotionally incontinent children. We understand that politics is politics and we’re on your side as much as ever. As long as the Deep State is thrashing about desperately and newspaper editorial pages are in hysterics, you know you’re on the right track.