An Insight about SJW Psychology

I just realized something in the wake of the child-targeting Ariana Grande murders. It’s an answer to this baffling question:

Why do SJWs in the Western world double down on immigration every time there’s a Religion of Peace bombing?

I mean, aside from the fact that they’re just fucking evil.

There’s another reason, and it’s an implication of a fact often noted on the Alt-Right: SJWs see concessions as a weakness, which for them is a signal for a redoubled attack… so they assume we would react the same way!!!

They don’t understand that our psychology is totally different from theirs: If they, the SJWs, make the invader problem go away we’ll stop fighting them. At least, we’ll stop fighting them on the immigration front. Why would we continue to fight if the reason for the fighting has vanished? Why would we continue to fight if the problem has been solved? That would make no sense. At least, that’s how a healthy, sane person thinks.

But that is not at all how SJWs think or emote or react. They are by nature mindless attack-bots. Their existence isn’t much but a search for targets to attack. They see any concession as blood in the water, which for them is a signal for an attack swarm. So, in the assumption that we’re like them, they are either scared to moderate their positions, or they think they’re showing “strength” by not moderating them. Or both.

This explains their utterly bizarre insistence on doubling down on the immigration invasion after every terror attack, even when it’s plainly hurting them politically. Look what happened with Brexit, the US election of 2016, and the recent Italian vote: The Left took damaging hits because they wouldn’t just moderate their freakin’ positions! But they see moderating their positions as baring their throats to our knives.

Oh no no no, you stupid idiots. It’s NOT moderating your positions that is baring your throats to our knives. Is this really not obvious? If you put me and my family, friends, and nation in mortal peril, I don’t have much choice but to fight you. And I have nothing to lose by fighting you, since everything I value will be gone if you win. If you’d just quit it, I’d have no incentive to fight you, and I’d just go have a beer.

For fuck’s sake, morons, just think about it: You know that – until we learned better recently – people on my side would often apologize and make concessions in the face of attacks by your side. If we thought like you, we wouldn’t have done that. After all, you don’t. This proves that our psychology is different from yours.

You might as well try abandoning the invasion thing and going to something else, like environmentalism. Surely, even people as crazy as you can see where this is headed if you don’t back off.

Build the Wall, Donald

Nothing else matters. As you know, the recently negotiated budget deal has no funding for a new wall, just some money to repair existing stretches of wall where they’re decaying. And we don’t even know if it’s enough money to keep up with the rate of decay.

Stop listening to Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, who try to scare you with the threat of a shutdown. It’s too late to avoid a crisis. The country is already in crisis.

The situation is serious. This isn’t “politics.” Your Administration is our last chance to save the country without a literal civil war.

Build the Wall.

Ivanka Must be Removed from Positions of Policy Influence

From the Today show, via Chateau Heartiste:

Assistant to the president and first daughter Ivanka Trump said allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. “has to be part of the discussion” of how best to help those fleeing Islamic State militants and Syria’s long-running civil war.

No. We didn’t elect her. As Heartiste says, she has failed the “doe-eyed suffering child” test. She’s too easily swayed by propaganda operatives playing on her heartstrings. Remove her from advisory positions, Mr. President.

The people who put you in power basically want one thing: that you defend the country.

The Left hates you. The establishment Republicans despise you. Your base – that means your allies – consists of people who understand the urgency of defending the nation.

Ivanka, and people like her, whisper counsels of surrender in your ear. The force of such counsels might be magnified if you think the media will say nice things about you if you cave in on this. I’m pretty sure you have the contempt for the media that they deserve, but just in case:

(1) No, they won’t say nice things about you. They hate you and will take great delight in dragging you over the coals even after you have surrendered to them. That’s what they always do. More conventional GOP politicians than you have learned this the hard way.

(2) Infinitely more importantly, remember that we are at war. You don’t let the enemy sway you, you don’t heed the enemy’s praise or their insults. You are a war President. That’s why we elected you. Your time in the White House must be a time of strife, conflict, fighting, battle. Discard now any thought of playing nice with enemies. Abandon any thought of even the tiniest unnecessary concession. In war, you defeat your enemies, you don’t try to make them like you.

People who urge surrender, even if it is from mistaken good intentions, must be removed from positions of influence before they irrevocably damage the country.

So as to Ivanka: Beloved daughter, sure. Policy advisor, NO.

Video: Prominent Dems call for controlled borders

Via Heartiste:

Some choice quotes:

Bill Clinton:
“All Americans… are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. The jobs they hold might have otherwise been held by citizens or legal immigrants. The public services they use impose burdens on our taxpayers. …
That’s why our Administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more by hiring a record number of more border guards. By deporting twice as many criminal aliens as ever before.”

Hillary Clinton:
“There isn’t any sensible approach except to… secure our borders (with) technology, personnel, physical barriers if necessary…
I voted numerous times when I was Senator, to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. And I do think you have to control your borders.”

Chuck Schumer:
“People who enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who enter the U.S. legally. When we use phrases like ‘undocumented workers’ we convey a message to the American people that their government is not serious about combating illegal immigration.”

B. Hussein Obama:
“We all agree on the need to better secure the border and to punish employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants… We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, and unchecked…”

Admit Refugees, Get Slaughtered

Vox Day at Vox Popoli:

Last summer, a number of normally sensible people were shocked when I said that the European governments would be wise to sink the refugee ships that were crossing the Mediterranean… But my opinion is not based on any heartlessness or cruelty, it is based on knowledge of history. As it happened, I’ve been reading Charles Oman’s The Byzantine Empire, and the following incident caught my attention…

Day quotes from an account, set during the Roman Empire, of Visigoths under devastating attack from Huns. The onslaught eventually pushed the Visigoths against the Danube River, which formed the border of the Roman Empire at that point. Desperate, they appealed to the Empire to let them cross the river into Roman territory. As described by an observer of that period:

All the multitude that had escaped from the murderous savagery of the Huns—no less than 200,000 fighting men, besides women and old men and children—-were there on the river bank, stretching out their hands with loud lamentations, and earnestly supplicating leave to cross, bewailing their calamity, and promising that they would ever faithfully adhere to the imperial alliance if only the boon was granted them.

Day remarks,
Who among you would be so heartless, so cruel, as to deny hundreds of thousands of desperate women and children refuge from some of the most savage warriors ever to slaughter the innocent in the recorded history of Man?

Emperor Valens decided to be charitable and – he thought – prudent. He told the Goths they could cross into Roman territory if they would surrender their weapons and provide hostages to the Romans. Soon after they had crossed the river they started refusing to surrender their weapons. Hungry Goths attacked a marketplace and when Roman soldiers tried to repel them, they killed the soldiers.

As to the hostages,

The Goths drew their swords and cut their way out of the palace. Then riding to the nearest camp of his followers, Fritigern told his tale, and bade them take up arms against Rome. There followed a year of desperate fighting all along the Danube…

Eventually things came to a head in a battle against the Goths, led by the Emperor himself.

The Romans were slaughtered.

More than forty thousand of them were killed, including the Emperor who had so mercifully allowed the Visigoth refugees to enter his land.

38 years after the Goths crossed the Danube, Alaric the Goth sacked Rome itself.

The lesson here is too obvious to require mentioning. Wait, unless you’re a leftist. So, to be so clear that even lefties get the point:

And that, my dear bleeding heart moralists, is why you always sink the damn ships.

Hungary swears in first group of border hunters

The Daily Mail:

Hungary swears in its first batch of ‘border hunters’ who will patrol the country’s razor-wire fence alongside soldiers to keep migrants out.
New recruits will support police officers and soldiers in border protection… They will carry pistols with live ammunition…

The resolve of the West to defend itself continues to increase.

(Via Anonymous Conservative.)

Oh Canada!

After Trump’s victory, many U.S. lefties have said they want to emigrate to Canada. In significant part this is because they abhor Trump’s desire for more selective policy on immigration to the U.S. However, Canada doesn’t just admit anyone; they have standards:

So, many of these doofuses won’t get into the society they want to go to, to flee the horrors of a country with limited immigration, because it won’t take them due to its limits on immigration.

This isn’t just funny, it’s like, self-referentially meta-funny.