Cave in to Campus SJWs, Lose Enrollment

You might recall the horrid U. Missouri prof Melissa Click who tried, in 2015, to exclude reporters from campus protestors and called for “some muscle” to remove them.

(She also did this on video, suggesting she’s not too bright. Speaking of which… trying to exclude reporters from a protest, that’s interesting. Last time I checked, the entire point of a protest is to get publicity for your cause. But not in Click’s mind! In her mind, it’s “We’re having a demonstration! Make sure no one knows!”)

Well this was too much, and she had charges filed against her and eventually got fired.

But Ol’ Mizzou should never have hired someone like this in the first place, and it should have dealt with Click with firmer measures when it first happened. You see, there’s this thing called the Internet now. Yes, that’s actually real! Not science fiction! Students thinking about applying to your college will, get this, punch its name into a search engine. Turns out, people aren’t too amped about attending a Stalinist boot camp. Who knew!?

Mizzou scrambled to find enough students…

…but couldn’t do it: Mizzou likely to cut hundreds of positions amid expected 7 percent enrollment drop.

“Mizzou has already said it is expecting its smallest freshman class in two decades. The enrollment drop discussed Monday is the first estimate pertaining to the school’s entire enrollment. The loss of students would result in about $16.6 million less in revenue.”

In fact, it turned out to be much, much worse than a 7% drop in enrollment: Mizzou enrollment down 38.5% from 2015!

It will be fascinating to see how colleges and universities deal with the New Transparency. Either they’ll start limiting the ultra-left extremism of their faculty, or they’ll slide into irrelevance. Either way, it’s looking better for people on the right.

Another example: The Evergreen College BS from May 2017. This is the Washington state college that wanted to have a No Whites On Campus Day. Yes, seriously. When one white prof objected and actually dared to show up on campus, all hell broke loose.

Follow-on incidents at Evergreen provided great examples of SJWs eating their own, in that a wussy college administrator was verbally attacked by the very minority SJWs he enabled, and a mixed Hispanic/ Native American student was threatened/borderline assaulted by a(t least one) black student.

That link also contains this very funny bit:

The thugs targeted the police and the student code for inhibiting their abuses. They lobbed bizarre politically correct charges at the police. “Black trans disabled students are actively being sought out and confronted by campus police constantly.”

Uh-huh. Right.

Of course, every High School Junior and Senior starting their college search will see this when they punch Evergreen College into a search engine from now on. Congrats, Evergreen! You’ve just reduced your potential clientele, from now on, to SJW minorities!

Right on schedule, Evergreen experiences a “slight decline” in attendance after the racist thugs rioted. Inter alia, “On Monday, staff and volunteers began calling about 1,200 students who were admitted and haven’t enrolled in classes yet.”

How “slight” was the decline? We need to know the number of students, but I couldn’t find that directly at the school’s web site. So I had to figure it out indirectly. According to this page at Evergreen’s web site, Evergreen’s undergraduate student–to–faculty ratio is 23 to 1. That page also refers to “Evergreen’s 232 faculty members.”

So if all faculty teach at least one undergrad class, and there are 232 faculty, then the number of undergrads is 232 x 23 = 5,336. So a reduction of 1,200 is 1,200/5336 = 22.5% of the (undergrad) student body! The enrollment decline is midway between a fifth and a fourth of the student body!

And it’s going to get even worse… because some students no doubt hate the place but just have another one or two semesters and have decided to stick it out. Once they’ve gone through the pipeline, Evergreen’s enrollment situation will get even worse.

Not to mention the effects of all this on recruiting faculty. Imagine Evergreen trying to hire any white faculty member now that job candidates can see video of a professor being all but physically assaulted for showing up to do his job.

Have fun, Evergreen!

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