We’re Past Peak Leftism

Not that Brexit and Trump didn’t already make it plain, but…

Glenfilthie in the comments here, refuting some pathetic defeatists/ trolls:

The media is no longer relevant. Consider: they hated Trump with the heat of 1000 suns; but you annoying peons and peasants voted for him anyway – in spite of the prepared hoaxes, the cooked polls, and the fake news. The media is deader than a dodo.

When the left marches through an institution they inevitably destroy it. The NYT can’t sell a subscription to save its life, our universities are laughable intellectual wastelands, and city states where they rule are going the way of Detroit. Leftism is dead – you boys are grossly over-estimating their power. Watch them – they are turning on each other as their money and influence drains away!

The slitting of Harvey Weinstein’s throat, and Donna Brazile tossing Hillary Clinton out the car window a couple of days ago, are just two recent examples, of many, of that last part.

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